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Bank of Faye Resnick? Is that where the money went for the books and not Nicole Brown Simpson’s kids as promised?


Remember that scene where Camille says;



Go watch it here again and pay close attention to what Camille says.

I promise, it will be worth your time. You can even catch glimpses of Kyle’s face. I bet you she didn’t practice these poses!

K K8

Go watch!

So, Camille calls her the morally corrupt and Kyle says Camille shouldn’t throw stones, Camille threw a boulder. bla bla bla bla

In that video; Kyle says Faye is like family. (ugh) Also in that video;  Camille said she in fact was in Playboy; Camille made a good point to say that it wasn’t during or after a murder trial. (Of Nicole Brown Simpson’s)

If you want to see those nasty photo’s go here and see them:

The reason Faye got naked did Playboy?

Soul searching?

Of course, it had to come to this. Resnick has already written two books off the murders and has made countless paid appearances. Now, she peddles her flesh to Playboy for a rumored six-figure fee.

But the decision to disrobe wasn’t an easy one for the former coke addict.

“I did a lot of soul-searching,” Resnick tells Playboy readers on the first page of her 10-page, 10-picture spread.

What better way to soul-search than in a mock leopard coat draped casually off the shoulder?

Or lying on her back on the beach looking skyward? Or kneeling in bed with a sheer scarf about the midriff?

See Resnick searching for her soul while leaning over a wrought iron gate. Or perhaps most revealing, pressed against a full-length baroque mirror.

Resnick says she had been in somewhat of a funk before Playboy offered her the opportunity to front its March issue.

“I had lost my sense of joy,” she explains in the magazine. “It was part of my reawakening.”

Read more here:

Faye also wrote two books;

The first one she writes about her ALLEGED best friend Nicole Brown Simpson etc.

Hmm, best friend? According to the Brown’s;

“Even the intensity of her friendship with Nicole Simpson is in dispute. Mrs. Simpson’s father, who has called the book “T-R-A-S-H,” has said that Ms. Resnick “wasn’t that close” t, we knew all of Nicole’s friends,

NOTE: To be fair; who really wants to introduce your “coke friends” to your family? Those kind of friends, you know, you just hang around for them “special” kind of moments, you don’t shop with them or do stuff that best friends do together. 

We have never even met this Faye person claiming to be her best friend, who is she?”

Read more:

What was the “self-confessed alcohol and drug abuser”reason for writing the book?

“She said Resnick decided to publish the account “to vindicate her friend, to set the record straight.”

Read more here:

Faye's other book Click to see on Amazon

Faye’s other book Click to see on Amazon

In other interviews, Faye was quoted saying, “it was a self help book” or “to give D.V. violence the strength to come forward”

Sound Familiar?



Funny, Nicole’s family didn’t know about her “BFF” Faye, it looks like since Traylor Trash has been up Kyle’s ass; Traylor Trash has since re quoted things Fake Faye has said! 

SEE WHAT O.J.’s attorney, Kardashian  had to say about Faye:

While Faye admits that they were coke buddies; some how while partying all the time with Nicole, helping Nicole care for her kids…GOLD DIGGING and….

“Resnick details the night she claimed tequilas led to a lesbian encounter with Nicole:”At one point we were facing each other. Nic suddenly leaned over and started kissing me. My first reaction? It just felt so foreign. A woman was kissing me! . . . I thought, I don’t feel disgusted or upset, but can I really let myself enjoy this? Am I going to be uptight? Am I going to break away now? And then I thought, No, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to let my feelings lead me . . . see how it goes.”


Resnick writes that she told Nicole she had a premonition they would both be murdered, but Nicole told her that her perceptions were distorted by drug use.

Days before the slayings, Simpson enraged his ex-wife by threatening to report her for tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service, Resnick writes.

Resnick says Simpson explained that since Nicole made it clear she did not want to reconcile with him, he wanted her “to face all the pain she’s made me face.”

The threat, carried out in the form of a letter from Simpson’s lawyer the next day, marked a low point in their increasingly bitter relationship, Resnick writes.

“Please, let’s just get out of here. Let’s go to Europe,” Resnick recalls begging Nicole.

Nicole refused, saying Sydney’s dance recital was a week away, Resnick writes.

“Damn it, Nicole, you’ve always got some excuse. Your safety’s more important than going to the recital,” Resnick writes. ” . . . We’ve got to get out of here. We’re being followed.”

O.J. and Nicole had a showdown earlier on the night of the killings at Sydney’s dance recital, when Nicole objected to his presence, Resnick says.

Resnick quotes Nicole as saying, “I told him there was no way I could force him to leave, but I didn’t want him sitting with us . . . Nicole finally screamed: “F – – – off! Get away from us! Get out of my life! You’re not welcome in this family anymore!”

Resnick writes that Nicole told Simpson that night: “O.J., that IRS letter you sent me proved, like nothing else could, that you have no interest in your children.”

The author spent the night of the killings in a drug-treatment center

because of a cocaine problem. Resnick says she called Nicole at about 9 p.m. on June 12 – just hours before the slayings.

“Throughout the phone call, she sounded more happy, confident and upbeat than I’d ever heard her,” Resnick recalls. “But she was speaking of O.J. with a sense of finality, as if he really didn’t count any more.”

How credible is the drug-plagued Resnick?

Nicole’s friends say her credibility is in the toilet. They describe Resnick as a manipulative, self-promoting druggie who seduced a vulnerable

Nicole so she could cash in on her.”

Read more here:

This is a must read below; It’s the “secret to her success”

If you can’t read it below then read here: in GOOGLE BOOKS or just click the image!

Secret-to-Resnick's success

…having a “fling” with her new wealthy “BFF” Faye managed to journal their whole friendship..

Resnick wrote the book based on notes she kept during the last year of her friendship with Nicole Simpson, according to Vicky Preminger, a spokeswoman for the publisher.

Faye wrote a second book!



Faye-ATTEMPTED-to make-it-all-about-her

Faye-ATTEMPTED-to make-it-all-about-her

Faye claims this wasn’t for financial gain; in fact she planned to have the proceeds go in to a “trust” for Justin and Sydney

(Faye had said this in several interviews as well)




Remember how Faye said her “stepson” dated Adrienne Maloof’s brother? Wonder if that same stepson has the same opinion of Faye as the “step daughter” does;

“DRAGON STEPDAUGHTER? Jackie Resnick has nothing nice to say about her former stepmom. “She had long straight black hair and bangs and the red lipstick and the heavy makeup and her long nails,” Jackie says of their first meeting. “She looked the classic dragon lady that you would see in the cartoons . . . so that’s what we used to call her, the dragon lady.” THE ungracious Ms. Jackie tells “A Current Affair” that Faye wrote her bestselling Nicole bio for only one reason: “It was about money. She chose to make money off her dead best friend.”

Lots of people wrote books AFTER the O.J. trial

“THE O.J. OEUVRE * Christopher Darden’s In Contempt is the best-selling O.J. Simpson book to date at Barnes & Noble, according to figures released last week by the 431-bookstore chain. Through Feb. 15, the former Los Angeles prosecutor’s book sold 166,157 copies. No. 2? Simpson’s I Want to Tell You, which sold 92,496. The bottom three: Marc Eliot’s Kato Kaelin: The Whole Truth (13,783), Alan Dershowitz’s Reasonable Doubts (11,707), and Faye Resnick’s second Simpson offering, Shattered (8,240). Resnick’s first, Nicole Brown Simpson, sold 68,369 copies. Johnnie Cochran’s Journey to Justice sold 27,881 copies. The big mover since Feb. 15 has been Mark Fuhrman’s Murder in Brentwood, No. 1 on today’s New York Times best-seller list.

Note: That list I’m sure has at least doubled since; however, Faye WAS THE ONLY vulture to write a book before the trial!

Source :

Just when you think Faye couldn’t be more of a, “Morally Corrupted OPPORTUNIST and a Gold Digger; Faye claimed the proceeds of her book would go in a trust for  Nicole Brown Simpson’ s kids.. SO FAR THE CHECK ISN’T IN THE MAIL YET!

No check in mail


To this date; Sydney or Justin Simpson have yet to see a dime of the proceeds from FakeFaye.  Nor has any charity benefited; unless of course Charity Starts at home with Faye Resnick.

What do you think Faye’s excuse will be?

Trust of Faye


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Kim Zolciak- The tenant from hell!


The article I linked to straight from the A, a ratings ploy (see below) , I will admit; I didn’t read it thoroughly, I was in a hurry.  I want to say on record; I do think this was a ratings ploy HOWEVER, I don’t think Kendra knew or was given  a heads up!   Why would Kendra want to participate in a media war like this.  She ‘s not trying to be on T.V., Kendra was just helping  Kim out.  Kendra is a talented decorator who has more than enough business to keep her busy and is married to an NBA player; she’s  financially secure, how would this benefit Kendra?

  Also, THERE WAS NEVER NO AGREEMENT FOR KIM TO BUY THE HOUSE.  As I said earlier; it makes no sense to rent a house for a year that you plan on buying.   If Kim tries to turn around and say she was showing Kendra’s house to get a buyer, then that’s  another lie! Why say that if you were going to “buy it”.  After Kim dragged Kendra through the mud via social media and twitter, Kim had the nerve to try to ask Kendra to buy the “over priced Haunted house” (Notice that’s in “quotes”)  after Kim started this shit!  This is why friends shouldn’t do business! Hmm, well KIM shouldn’t do business with anyone, look what she did to her own family. (see below original content)

Kendra Davis’s Beautiful Rental House

I have a friend who lives in Georgia, with the economy some houses did take a hit as far the value, but just b/c an independent appraiser  says one thing, doesn’t mean that’s the value.     But I don’t need to explain that b/c you all know how that works!  The best part is;  KIM’S DREAM HOUSE IS EMPTY! LOL! Kendra makes me L-O-L! She could move anyone it if she wanted too.  Poor lady is probably afraid to rent or sell to anyone after this b.s.  Follow @IamKendraDavis on twitter and give her some love.  She’s very nice but don’t take no crap, why should she?

Tweet from @IamKendraDavis


#LIAR #LIAR Kimmies wig is on fire!

Ever since the DREADED Don’t be Tardy for the Party which in my honest opinion, is the lamest show on Bravo for the simple fact that Kim Zolciak used her own MOTHER/FAMILY for drama  b/c her show lacked… Oh I’m not going there! Really, WTF is so interesting about watching Lazy ass Kim freak out over getting married while acting like a damm dictator and giving orders while Kim really did nothing? Then again,  she did sell out her alleged Child hood BFF for T.V. so why am I not surprised. 

READ: Kim uses her KIDS AS PAWNS with her MOM

What I am surprised (not really) about is; Kim! Kim decided to create more drama  <-read Michelle Brown’s take from straight from the A) for her boring ass show and decided to shine Kendra Davis;  her landlord, in a bad light, yes, the Kendra Davis who busted her ass to get her house decorated in record time for Kim’s ungrateful ass.


I think it was the first episode, (I’m lucky I watched what I did, it was hard to get through, feel free to correct me right or wrong) Kim,  the IMMATURE  home wrecker  twat person she is, when asked about an UNPAID INVOICE THAT KENDRA WAS ENTITLED TOO,  instead of Kim being a responsible adult, Kim avoided Kendra! By avoiding Kendra, Kim decided to make it look like Kendra was harassing her and said; “Everyone else gives me 30 days to pay an invoice. I don’t have time for this”, then had her staff deal with Kendra.   Uhh, Kim do you say that to all your creditors? They don’t give a damm if it’s X-mas!  Then Kim had the NERVE to get mad when Kendra’s husband showed up and wanted to inspect HIS property b/c IT’S WASN’T KIM’S PROPERTY, there were big ass trucks in Kendra’s back yard and gawd knows what the hell they were digging up! (like we can trust BravoTv to show what was actually done) AS A LANDLORD I can tell you they had a right to inspect the property, they gave notice but Kim wanted to play a f’ing game with them.  Truth be told, I bet if the Davis’s would of made a big deal and called the cops they would of got in despite her weak ass security team.

Was Kim pulling a  Jill Zarin  and forgot to give Kendra a heads up?

Of course Kendra Davis spoke up. Media take out has some of the tweets.

FYI: Kendra is  @IamKendraDavis on twitter

Kendra Davis defends her self

You would think that would of shut Kim up, right? No…Twat Kimmie decided to say that Kendra and her husband were looking for publicity. What?  What ever Kim has been smoking to say something so ridiculous, I never want none! Some of Kim’s tweets below in slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note to Kim: Uhh… You were the one running around saying you were gonna be homeless you twat! 

Remember Kim last season said she was moving in her dream house, even her youngest daughter  CRIED when she saw her bedroom, Kim was in heaven in her newly decorated rented house.  I did think it was odd that Kim decided to rent first v/s buying, since she bragged she found her dream house.  She said it was in escrow? Unless rumors are true that BravoTv put up the bill for her to live there while shooting DBTFTP.

After Kim tweeting that Kendra was looking for attention and no one believed her b/c anyone in Kendra’s situation would defend their selves,  Kim went crying to TMZ <–( Read full article) and said: (Kim is the source)

“The sources say the real housewife was renting a giant Georgia mansion with her NFL star husband Kroy Biermann with the intention to buy … but 86’d the plan when an appraiser told her the $3-million list price was overvalued by a million bucks.

When Kim decided to walk away from the deal we’re told the landlord was pissed and took out her anger by publicly trashing the housewife online … claiming she was kicking Kim to the curb.

Kim claims she has never missed one rent payment and the entire ordeal is an attempt by her soon to be ex-landlord to use Kim’s name for her own 15 minutes of fame.

We’re told Kim — fed up with her landlord’s antics — has now decided to voluntarily move out altogether, pay out the rest of the lease, and rent a different house while building the dream pad she really wants.”

Read more: here

Kim’s lame tweets!

Then that crazy ass Kim even was tweeting things like her dream house was haunted:

Again.. Kendra had no choice once again to defend her self and smack TMZ AND KIM <–  (read & see excerpt below) in the face with the TRUTH! As it turned out, TMZ called Kim a liar b/c KENDRA WAS HONORING KIM AND KROY’s notice they gave.  Kroy sent Kendra an email/letter in April saying they would be moving out in June:

Yes Kim, YOU WERE AN ILLEGAL SQUATTER IN KENDRA’S HOUSE, the agreement you signed stated that if you for some reason decided to not buy the property and if you stayed after June 1st- after your lease was up, then you would have to pay a fine of $600 a day!  You signed it!

That’s called Karma Kim, b/c as you were bitching that Kendra and her husband were “throwing you out” you didn’t even the decency to let the HOME OWNERS KNOW there was a  fire on May 25, 2012 and you wonder why Kendra didn’t extend your lease? Good thing you still have that house Big Poppa bought you to live in that you now live in with your husband & kids. Ugh, she’s gross! 

You’re crying to the press after you made an ass out of your self on T.V. b/c you couldn’t be bothered to be a WOMAN and discuss your invoice with Kendra (Michelle Brown got it right; a Ratings Ploy ) after Kendra busted her ass to have the house decorated and paid for everything (Feel for Kendra to correct me if you read this if I’m wrong, no one can believe a damm word Kim says)  then you go against the agreement and decide not to buy the house for what ever reason; you said it was over priced. Let’s say it was,  what the hell gives you the right to act like an irresponsible asshole like that on T.V. ?  Then have the audacity to say that Kendra was looking for publicity? Publicity for what? She was defending her self against you and BRAVO!

How “eviction” came up was by your actions.  You were telling anyone who would listen that Kendra is throwing you out. LIE! She was honoring your email-notice.  Then after the dastardly things you said about Kendra & her family, talking about Mug shots (Yes, Kendra does have one, she got called the N word and Kendra threw coffee at her car, as Kendra said in a tweet, 12 of my peers found me not guilty, can’t say that about you). I’m not even gonna touch on what an asshole you were on R.H.O.A. last night, let alone how ANNOYING you were! But you really expected Kendra to extend the lease after you acted like the asshole you are? Then you’re crying b/c Kendra tweeted you had 48 hours to get out after your media stunt didn’t work?  You’re disgusting! I know you’ll read this KIM  b/c you have google alerts on your  set up, Kim! Your friends and family you once surrounded your self with are dropping like flies, everyone is wrong but you’re right? NOT! Don’t say it’s b/c people are jealous of you, what the hell is there to be jealous of ?  As a property owner, this pisses me off!  Then you sell out your own parents for fake drama on T.V. and get your kids involved? WTF is wrong with you?  You had the nerve to call your own mother a convicted felon, your immature husband has been nothing but rude to your parents, how the hell would he like it if you talked to his parents like that?

I can see it now, if  you get that awful spin off,  I bet you’ll demand your parents if they want to see their grand-kids then they have to reconcile with you on camera.

I did intend to make this more of a detailed post, but I can’t think of that Kim anymore let alone blog about her.

Show @IamKendraDavis some love after putting up with the tenant from hell!  Kendra, I hope you sue this twat! 

The picture that got me blocked by @KimZolciak ! So this is why Kim never revealed her real hair before.

The picture that got me blocked by @KimZolciak ! So this is why Kim never revealed her real hair before. and has more detailed info on The tenant from hell!

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What is the tie with RHOM, Teresa, Andy, Adrianna and Lea Black?

****UPDATE 2*****

The site got the same email.  They did a post but took it down!  Cache Version below!


Fame Whorga’s and Faux Reality received the same email! 

Something tells me someone at Bravo wants Andy exposed!


I got the strangest e-mail today, here are a few excerpts:

“Andy never really wanted to cast Adriana, let’s face it; she’s not the Miami “Socialite” she sets herself out to be and doesn’t have an enticing story line.”
“Adriana is your typical married her “Sugar Daddy” type of (reality tv) gal. Matter in fact; your previous posts on her past had Miss Andy livid.”

Me:  I agree about Adrianna. What previous posts? I never did any posts on Adrianna? I posted this picture on Twitter and on the  Pictures that never made the posts

“At that time; we were getting so much heat for the Atlanta Gals. R.H.O.M. as you know was never to be a part of the Housewives Franchise.
Remember the horrific; “Miami Social””

                      Me: Yes, I remember Miami Social but I never watched. 

“Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows Miss Andy can’t stand Teresa. Look at Bravo TV website, still has “Teresa’s 15 minutes of fame” and not so nice head-lines about Teresa from the dish section; Again; Andy approves EVERYTHING!”

Me: I believe that.

“Andy hates Teresa so much; he took it up a notch a couple years ago and continues with his game he plays. Andy got Adriana and Lea from R.H.O.M. in on one these games he plays. Sadly it has involved poor little Audriana 😦 You will have to go back and look through Teresa’s bravo blogs; I have to have you do some work.”

                    Me:  I did, I went back to Season 2 & found  MeetBabyAudriana ?

 “Audriana Giudice was born September 14, 2009, at 5:56 p.m. She weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20-1/2 inches long. She doesn’t have a middle name. None of my daughters do. Neither do Joe or I. I made up the name Audriana (I’m sure I’ll hear from a bunch of Audrianas now!Hi! Love love love your name!) I never heard anyone with the name and I liked Adriana, but I wanted it to have the Italian sounding “u” in it, so I just added a “u.” I like pretty and unusual girls names that end in an “a” of course! Audriana is the light of our lives. She just brought so much extra love into our family. The girls just love on her all day long. And she’s such a happy baby!”

“Clearly Adriana knows her name isn’t “Audriana” but she goes along with Andy calling her that and why do think you that is? Other than Adriana (desperately) wanting to be on T.V; it helped Adriana stay around for Season 2 believe it or not. Re Watch the WWHL episode with Adriana on; watch how he calls her “Audriana” more than he would call a person by their name, you’ll notice some other things as well. For Andy; as silly as it sounds and is, when Andy asked Adriana asked if he could call Adriana “Audriana” of course Adriana agreed, Andy’s eyes lit up; he has the mentality of a 6th grader. Notice in Season 1 (and Season 2) Lea Black awkwardly calls Adriana, “Audriana”. Lea has known Adriana before filming “Miami Dinner party”, ( now R.H.O.M. ) Lea knows; “Audriana” is not “Adriana’s” name. Since Teresa thinks she made up the name “Audriana” by Andy calling Adriana “Audriana” it’s one of Andy’s childish ways of getting back at Teresa. It’s really sad that her daughter is used in Andy’s game.”

Me: Interesting……


“Don’t you love how Miss Andy blames “interns” for comments not posting? Imagine going to school in New York, scraping pennies to get by, suddenly you land a chance to intern at NBC; to only monitor a website? Don’t imagine it; it would never happen. Not only would it never happen; it’s preposterous excuse Miss Andy uses when he is asked why some comments aren’t posted. Fact: “interns” are permitted to handle the bravo website ? For the graphic art aspect; Yes! Comments; No! If you’re on “Miss Andy’s “up my ass” list and follow his directions; AN EMPLOYEE is assigned to monitor the comments, which means; Majority of the comments that “Miss Andy” sees fit; gets posted and that employee is considered to be doing a “good job”!”
Me: Old News. 
See Evil Andy in the Background

See Evil Andy in the Background

Now that I do think about it, I do think it’s strange that Andy calls Adrianna “Audrianna” and I can see Andy doing something so evil.  I am surprised that Adrianna never corrected him and told him her name is “Adrianna and not “Audrianna” This is fucked up for Andy to bring in a child on his games. #Asshole

I really hope this isn’t true that Lea calls Adrianna “Audrianna” to please Andy!

To be continued.. I got some work to do.

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Housewives buying followers!

If you can’t see this all here then view post here in pages.




Make sure you read them all! Enjoy!


Click to see this app


There was never a doubt in my mind that that Bravo’s Housewives (Including Andy Cohen and Bethenny) , Celebs, Wanna Be Celebs  don’t buy  twitter followers.  What makes allot of ppl like myself upset is, when confronted or asked, they either lie, act like they’re shocked to hear such a thing.

Prime Example: JILL ZARIN

When Andy Cohen asked her on #WWHL if she bought twitter followers, she (tried too) look stunned and said, “Are you kidding, I didn’t even know you could” Meanwhile, people have been on her ass for some time now lol.

(underlined text are links)

When I did this post shortly after someone got a hold of me and let me on a few things on how new programs are working. In that same mail message, he told me that you could actually buy face book likes, friends, YOU TUBE VIEWS, RE-tweets etc. I really didn’t think you could buy all that, but when he showed me this google search, I couldn’t believe it. Don’t believe me about people who pay for  Retweets  <- check out that app and the google search link above. I always wondered why  when a certain Wack-o would go on her twitter tantrums and tell all, she would tweet something then, a second later it would say RETWEETED 150 times. lol! Exactly! That’s what it’s for, other people will THINK oh, that many people tweeted it, I should too. FYI, a good way to tell if the RT’s are real, say like if you see 100 RT’s and the person JUST TWEETED IT SECONDS AGO, click on the part on the tweet where it says how many times the tweet was tweeted, it will show you a list of who tweeted it 🙂 

That's why I delete tweets later on.

They are even started to make apps and putting them on i tunes and google play.  You can buy instagram followers too. 

There are some changes that this person informed me as well. One second..

Side Bar:When I did the above posts, this post Chris Laurita joining twitter and got exactly the same amount of followers per minute/hour and all Jac-o did was tweet let’s see how many followers I can get Chris.,, oh.. And Lauren Manzo tweeted, “Follow @Chris_Laurita now”

I thought it was hysterical that Jac-o really thinks we’re dumb and she’s smart. She was aware that we were tweeting pictures of his new followers that all looked like this.

Typical Egg accounts, 0-10 followers, no profile picture. minimal tweets and  usually only followers verified accounts.  At one point b/c Jac-o couldn’t help her self, she tweeted;


She kinda told the truth, Chris may not of paid for them, maybe since her & the Manzo’s gave them good business they may have either comped him 25k followers or (she had) someone in the family bought them, not Chris though.  As far as real, yes, apps and programs are starting to hand make them b/c twitter is trying to weed out the spam bots.

Uh huh..

Yes, let me just say this to you, did you ever wonder how a certain housewife or their KIDS got verified accounts but another housewife didn’t?  @BravoTv markets allot of money with twitter! I read an article similar to  this one that @tweetersmarter tweeted out a while back, this was before I learned all about this stuff and it makes sense. UPDATE-ARTICLE FROM TWEETSMARTER!

Back to the new hand made followers.  It’s important to celebs, wanna be celebs and bravo’s real housewives to make their selves appear popular than what they really are, Just look how the apps advertise why it’s important to look popular (I know it’s crazy) there is a huge market for it and twitter would be stupid to not allow it.  However, with the spam bots twitter couldn’t have that. Remember when KathyWakile last year dropped 100k followers in one day? Twitter suspended allot of bots that day.  There are still fake/bot accounts out there that will auto tweet things every so often, then you have eggs, then you have paid follower apps that will load a profile picture and tweet up to so many times a day.   Now those ones are expensive. This so reminds me of when I was in high school and you were considered cool if you had a pager and ppl would have their older friends who graduated;  page them while they were at school.  I always thought that was stupid.  There is allot more to this but this is all I can say now. The article about verified accounts now having to market at least 5k a month, note, I did find that before I found all this out. But as I started to hear more from someone else, it was like the dots were connecting. If you don’t  believe me, all I can say is, “Look Around and pay attention”!. 

Others app companies came out with programs to tell if you have fake followers or not. In the next series of these pages, this is the parent page, I dedicated a page so you can keep track of it all, I’ll show you what their results are for each process. I have been working on this for some time.





There are a few programs out there that claim to be able tell if a person has fake followers or not.  I can’t say it’s 100% correct b/c it said 1 % of my followers are fake.  I then got the stats on quite a few of my followers (and people who I no longer talk too just b/c ) and it showed they had fake followers also, but with a low percentage rate but higher than mine.   After I scrolled through my followers, I did see accounts like, OMG Funny Tweets, but I didn’t scroll through each and everyone.   Everyone will attract them at some point, but not at these rates.


Now that these companies are actually making the accounts & selling them for premium prices b/c they have a profile picture and tweet so many times a day and may even follow a few stray accounts b/c of these apps coming out it really is hard to detect. But what I can say is, they are on to something.

Example. Fakers. Let’s Use @BravoAndy @JillZarin  @Bethenny and @DanielleStaub for example.

Twitter Audit         and      Fakers (orange)

(IF hard to see above, Just click through slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What fakers failed to realize when they set their app up is when companies started to hand make the account, they showed up as inactive b/c most egg accounts don’t tweet.  Not saying all “inactive” accounts are paid for b/c there are tons of ppl who just take a break from tweeting.  But what most normal ppl don’t do, is open up an account and know to follow only verified accounts.  It took me a couple months to figure twitter out.  You can always go <— Put the persons username in and get their stats, see how many followers they gained in a day etc.  With Danielle, obviously 0% of her followers aren’t fake, BUT Danielle did just add a shit load of followers to her account, I’m talking a 1/4 million followers. See more here at StoopidHousewives





This slideshow requires JavaScript.








JUST A FYI! Porsha’s follower list! Look who those accounts follow, ALL VERIFIED MAINLY! 

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Trash Bag Camille!

While reading a post on  STOOPID HOUSEWIVES 












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Just some pictures.. Happy New Year! Bye



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Pictures that never made the posts Part 1

Word Press has a mind of it’s own today, I realize some of these did make it to some posts. but I would select a picture and it would pick another one! The best one is save for last! There is a series of pictures from “MAX” Thank you Max!
























I gave this to someone else to post but they never did! They don’t even answer my tweets 😦

This is why you shouldn't take pictures of your self and publish them, then I GET A HOLD OF THEM!

This is why you shouldn’t take pictures of your self and publish them, then I GET A HOLD OF THEM!

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IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF FLATTERY, Who’s charity is going to RESTORE THE SHORE? Snooki’s or Melissa?

(Yes, “flattery” is spelled “flatery” on purpose! )

SOME ONE ELSE HAD A CHARITY to RESTORE THE SHORE! They (Snooki’s) charity is actually working with a construction company and MTV is hosting a benefit. 
Read more at: GOOD JOB STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM ! Make sure you read the comments on this post also!


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RHOCOMIX and a short message to anyone who cares lol

Please check out the site RHOCOMIX for more funny posts like this one!  

Photo Credit: RHOCOMIX

Special thanks to FAMEWHORGAS  STOOPID HOUSEWIVES and  RHOCOMIX for bringing attention to “My jetski floated away” I am so glad that others frickin GET IT! 

I am not proud of my language that I used on my last post, I can begin or even want to re hash it, but I will say, sometimes when people don’t “get it” and use any excuse or reason to try to twist it, I have no patience for that what so ever.

Just to clarify ONE MORE TIME, I never care if someone uses my stuff, the more the merrier! We aren’t taking banking information off people!   If it weren’t for some other bloggers, I wouldn’t be able to find some of the stuff! That even goes for people who like a housewives that I can’t stand!  I would never judge a person just b/c they like a certain housewife. We were just floored that so called fan site used it to shine this person in a good light. So we figured, well if they’re gonna use it for that, why not put the message on it that they are choosing not to see. I wish the link/video would of stayed the same! Believe me!  Actually one time someone took it upon their self when I did a post about another RHNJ and another blogger used what I posted, this person took it upon her self to yell at that blogger. That infuriated me. I didn’t care that blogger used it, I was happy they did! Then it means the more people know about it! I never intended this site to be blog posts, actually Mickey Mouth inspired me a bit. I even asked her first if she minded I kinda copy off her. (see her blog, she is extremely talented) I was just going to post pictures until I started to notice some things, such as: Jill Zarin selling her disgusting shoes on Ebaythen came the Wakiles and Gorga’s. FYI, I only started to support Teresa this season. I saw past the bull shit in Melissa’s blog, “I just wanted my big sister back” in her bravo blogs! Ugh, not even going there!

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Fame Whoring at a new level!

***UpDate #2***

The commented!  Once again, I want to make sure that people understand.. Just read below!

Gorga said; (in the comments at bottom of post) 

Submitted on 2012/11/06 at 9:05 pm

the video was emailed to us by a fan who found it on a twitter status and NOT ON A BLOG! so we used it..sorry it will not happen again…OUR ROOKIE MISTAKE! we deleted the post … but bashing our blog just to draw attention upon yourself is LOW..Melissa has nothing to do with our site..we are just fans..and new to all this. All you had to do was email us..and we would have kindly respected your wishes and removed the video..unlike you..we have respect for all bloggers even if we don’t agree with their posts..

My Reply: (Sorry, I had to add to it) 

First off, I’m not using your blog to draw attention to myself. I am WELL KNOWN and don’t need the FAMEWHORE Army to get attention!
Don’t get it twisted! I gain NOTHING if people come here or not! I don’t have ads on my blog, therefor I don’t get paid.
Now that we got that out of the way, Moving on! (Wait a minute…  Is that all you can up with, really?, Go Scratch!)
It was not an issue that you used someone’s content, the was issue was that you used it to shine Melissa in a good light! [Look Gorga fans, Melissa calls in to E.T.]
So, someone emailed it to you?
I would imagine you watched it, yes? You can hear her calling Melissa a bitch in the background! You really thought it was a good idea to post it on her fan page? If I were Melissa, I would of begged you not to post it! Why you ask?
Melissa tweeted that night make sure you tune in to ET bla bla  I call in, then goes on how she walked down the street to tweet her tweet! Lucky for Melissa that 15 million people in her area didn’t have power that night!
Then she is whining the whole fucking time that she is cold (hello, she still has her house, how does she think the people who lost their house feel sitting outside that day in the FREEZING FUCKING COLD?) Then she went to say they just used the rest of the hot water (the day after Sandy hit, does she know how damn lucky she was to even have water?)
Her jet-ski floated away. Really? [ Really? , Her fucking jetski ?] She’s complaining that she can’t text the news, [oh my, she sure found a way to call, people wonder why they call her a famewhore] but she sent a picture of Joe helping someone. Really? She wonders people call her a fame whore? Really? [ See Mathew 6:1-3, everytime Joe does something for someone he tweets it, I’m not just talking about Hurricane Sandy)
She calls ET for that? DO you understand how that pissed people off? Do you know how people who LOST EVERY FUCKING THING THEY own would of killed to be in her position?

Yes, I do respect other bloggers. As I said, IT WASN’T MY FUCKING VIDEO! [ She isn’t on twitter or Social Media, I sent her a text that said, “lol, ur not gonna believe this, Messy [what we call Melissa] has this fan site and they have that video on it, OMG, famewhore]

 When my friend saw that you used the original to portray Melissa in a good light, it was fucking jarring.So she said, fine, they can use it, but since they can’t see the LOST FUCKING MESSAGE in it, I am going to edit it and put a caption on it so everyone gets it! Understand now? No one ever asked you to take it down!  When I uploaded it when she sent it, youtube gave a new link for it. SO the old link didn’t work anymore. That is why I said the old one is no longer available b/c it didn’t work. So don’t act like you took it down for me, I wish the link still would of worked so the LOST MESSAGE (in case a twat out there just doesn’t get it STILL) would of saw the lost message on the whole purpose why it was posted! Actually, since youtube gave me a new link, that is why I did the post! Honestly, I didn’t want you to take it down, I was hoping that it would of stayed and all of her (Oh, I’m not going there) could see the lost message!
Since you’re running her “fan site” now, you should let Melissa know, every time they pick up a twig for someone, they don’t have to take a picture and show twitter! Unless you live under a rock, people know by now to do what you can. Oh, if you live under a rock, people that don’t know to help, won’t know by them posting on twitter, b/c them ppl under the rock don’t have twitter.
Yes, people in #RHNJ place should use their platform to bring awareness to HELP VICTIMS OF SANDY, actually they should do it tastefully like Caroline Manzo has been. This is coming from someone who doesn’t like Caroline Manzo! Not calling ET whinging that her jetski floated away!
If you don’t get it by now, that’s your issue!


Original video had to be taken down! New video below!

My friend who sent me this video became outraged that Melissa Gorga had the nerve to use it for her fan site. The intention of the video was to show how desperate Melissa Gorga is and always was for attention.  You can hear her say in the background, “what a bitch” . Since Melissa decided to use it for her fan site, she asked me to take the original video down so she could edited it, b/c Melissa just doesn’t fucking get it!  People know that I don’t care if one uses something I upload, in this case, I didn’t record it, so it is her property and she has a right to edit it. However, I do agree, it wasn’t recorded to be put on a fan site to show how great Melissa Whorga Gorga is, as my friend said, she just doesn’t fucking get it! By all means, famewhorgafans I mean,   (now  it was can use the video, but the other one with out the captions/text/lost message where you can her say, “what a bitch”  is no longer available for use.  The one below, with the caption and text, anyone feel free to help your self.  She asked to apologize to you all, she  never imagined it would of been used to be abused- Using it to make ones self look like a fucking hero. Narcissism will do that to you. Right Melissa?For the hell of it, Gallery!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Incase Melissa (Her sisters who are rumored to own the site) decide to take the page down, I have a screen shot showing. you can see where it says #teamgorga, you know we didn’t put that shit on there!

Read Gorga’s use Charity for photo opps and more (click)

@Teresa_Giudice even caught on!

Matthew 6:1-3:  

“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do…But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”



This makes me sick. A friend was able to catch this.  I WAS PISSED AND CHANGED THE CHANNEL so I couldn’t record it, truthfully, it never crossed my mind!  A  friend of mine sent me this video and I WAS LIKE YES! Now ppl can see what a you know what she (really) is. You can hear her (my friend)  in the back ground call her a bitch when Meho Whorga talks about not being able to text the news. She also said her boss was standing over her and u can hear him breathing lol.

Keep these two tweets in mind. REMEMBER MELISSA CALLED ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, THEY DIDN’T CALL HER. IN HER TWEET she says, she is giving updates. Notice how she tweets Joe walked up and down streets with a chain saw ??? She Sure to get a picture of that & send it to ET.

Famewhoring to a new level!

Hey Joe, before you tweet pictures like this, REMEMBER, some people lost EVERY FUCKING THING!!/joegorga/media/slideshow?

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist!

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Past-Present-Retired Hurricane/Tropical Storm names

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This gallery contains 31 photos.

If you don’t have a fucking sense of humor, HIT that “X” or “Back” button! Taking a break from them Housewives!  Part 2 is next! Part 1 .gif pictures which means animated. If these don’t animate for you, go to settings … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 27 photos.

If you don’t have a fucking sense of humor, HIT that “X” or “Back” button!  Taking a break from them Housewives! Below is a gallery of pictures, if gallery does not work on your device then Scroll on down! Hope … Continue reading

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Jill Zarin: A gift that won’t stop giving!




This started out as a twit-longer, but I don’t know if a twit-longer will be able to handle this much html tags.

We were discussing train wreck Jill Zarin (again)!  Lately Jill has been on a tweet and delete sequel (what else is new?!) while campaigning  a return to #RNHY  suggesting that Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomas and Avivia Drescher ALL  should be fired ALONG WITH WHO  EVER DECIDED  TO GET RID of her [Jill].

Let’s first take a look at how Jill TRIED to convince everyone that Andy Cohen invited her to be on W.W.H.L. — no, Jill didn’t want to be on to be on, it was Andy who “insisted” (wink)


One of many deleted tweet(s) that everyone saw (I think).. Hell with it.. for shits and giggles here you go!


THE EVE WEEKEND of what Jill called the “BIG EVENT”



THEN JILL DECIDED TO TWEET EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER  TELLING THEM TO WATCH HER ON #WWHL. In Jill style; after the episode aired — you guessed it; JILL DELETED ALL  THE TWEETS! (lol)  Jill, when are you going to learn it’s worse to delete tweets than leave them up? You know if you tweeted something; I WILL FIND IT!

What shocked me at the time, Jill  had the nerve to tweet it to Cindy Barshop after Jill got Cindy bumped off on an appearance of the Wendy Williams Show! Jill claimed that she had more “going on” than Cindy did, what a bitch. I mean really, we all know Cindy was boring, how dare Jill make a request like that, shame on Jill and shame on Wendy Williams for allowing it!  Take a look at the tweets to MANY people that Jill tweeted for them to watch.

NO, these are NOT altered. You can go to my backup account @MissAmiaSays2 to see the original tweets.

SOME ONE IS TALKING TO their self. (@skweezcouture is jill lol)

Oh Jill, you have some nerve, you threw a fit when @PinkBerry wouldn’t deliver to you!

TIME OUT! You all heard that Jill secretly recorded the interview, right?   Isn’t it funny how Jill allegedly wanted to sell the whole recording of her appearance on #WWHL to gossip blogs and Avivia’s guest was allegedly kicked out of the reunion for the same thing ? LOL, the gossip blogs according to Wendy Williams turned the tables on Jill and told Andy! THEN JILL’s plan BACKFIRED b/c she wanted to make in to a 90 min segment and answered questions with long answers. #EPICFAIL

(See Video: Length 3 mins and 56 seconds)  ———

Video Credit: The Wendy Williams Show

ME THINKS  Someone was chirping in Avivia’s ear. In #jillusional’s mind, Avivia was her ticket back to #RHNY! Remember before the season started, she said all new #RHNY could dm her if they need help and/or advice? Then she turned around and put up a  Poll (read) on her Facebook Page asking who their least  favorite New Housewife was. (What a bitch) Since then, Jill has been saying that who ever made the decision to get rid of her (and Silex, Kelly and Cindy Barshop) they should be fired. Huh? Really Jill? Did you forget that while #RHNY was running, #RHNJ the never ending season was still running and things like, The Olympics, Presidential and VP debates were going on?

Need a good laugh? Look at the dirty disgusting shoes Jill Zarin had for sale on Ebay!

Uhh Jill, Darling, allow me to explain. Viewers tune in, like they do every weekday night,  to see ANDY COHEN! Sure we wanted to watch you, MAKE AN ASS OUT OF YOUR SELF! You excelled!

Jill also re  tweeted articles about how it was a ratings stunt with her fight Bethenny! So that means the part where she cries when Bethenny is asking her to forgive (her books says according to JIll, I never read it, that you should forgive-read below #1 Reviewer on AMAZON had to say)  her were FAKE TEARS when she said, ” I can’t take the toxcitity (sp) in my life no more”  On #WWHL Jill admitted THE WHOLE THING WAS A STUNT FOR RATINGS! She said she went to Andy’s office and said she was going to make Television history (stop laughing) while Andy advised her that was not a good idea!  She forgot one small thing, SHE FORGOT TO LET BETHENNY IN ON IT! She wonders why B won’t forgive her. I am no B fan either. So all the crying about BAWWBY was fake too.

Nice move Zarin!

While Jill Zarin brags about how she does doesn’t pay for followers and how she has more followers than All or just the new (I forget if it was ALL or just the NEW ) RHNY

FYI: Inactive, when you have a ton of “EGG” accounts like  
Chris and Jac Laurita have a ton of egg accounts that have very little tweets and only follow verified accounts mostly! and like this; 

Did you notice how Jill Looked STUNNED that Andy would ask her if she bought followers? Hmm, that’s funny,  Watch What Crappens (they talk about Jill here, funny you should listen)  Where they mention “paid followers”
Whatever, Jill! Like I said, too bad those eggs never bought your book! While you suggest that the the new #RHNY should be fired and claim you have more paid  followers than they do.. Let’s go down #Memory-Lame on #AmazonGate where you got BUSTED REVIEWING YOUR OWN BOOK!

The review that the  Amazon #1 Reviewer (Poor lady) gave jill. (Updates are included)
1,332 of 1,465 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 starsWhat I expected to be warm and fuzzy was cold and calculating, April 15, 2010
This review is from: Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love (Hardcover)

6-11-10 Jills Blog update: She said “J.Samples is not me on Amazon.” No, we never said J.Samples was, though some speculated. “SUSAN SAUNDERS”, most now know, was the pseudonym you’ll read about below that was found, via website investigators, to come from Jill Zarin’s Amazon account & was used to threaten negative reviewers and post positive reviews. No denial there.

Former update: The website Zap2it just published a great article about Jill Zarin, the author threatening honest reviewers (including me, both here and in a private email threatening me and my cat as insane as that sounds), as well as the websites who busted her writing her own 5 star reviews. If you go to that website just search for “Jill Zarin Amazon-gate” and it should come up. I can’t post links here.

Original update: much has happened after I wrote this review. As you will see in my comments section under my review, someone going by the name of Susan Saunders threatened to have my pet taken because of the bad review and also in a threatening email. Since then, it was uncovered by others that this reviewer was actually Jill Shapiro Zarin herself and she then, coincidentally, removed the 5 star review(s) she wrote for the book (all 15 of them, uncovered as family and friends). Someone took screen shots prior to deletion of her threat and five star review and it can be found on the website called RealityTea as well as many others. How the websites found out? She changed her profile name but forgot to change her personal information in her wish list from 1999 and beyond mentioning that she is the very Jill Shapiro (name when account was created in her maiden name before 99) with birthday November 30th (she just changed her birthday today on her Facebook) in NY NY mom of Ally Shapiro, wife to Bobby Zarin with many gifts for them added through the years and added family member David Zarin. (There’s more damaging info in my next update, below.) So I now know I was threatened by the author. After this, someone else (and later, me) researched any full name of the five star reviewers and you can see in their comments sections most were determined to be relatives and close personal friends via family pictures on the internet etc, (update: many were deleted after I wrote that sentence.) In all of my years of reviewing, I have never seen this happen or been threatened, much less by an author.

Fortunately, although we are now up to 15 five star reviews erased to try to cover this, there is still proof of this on several websites such as gawker and reality tea. Look in my “comments” section under this review and you will find the comments by Susan Saunders. This was the account she used, created on or before 1999 when the first wish list items were added by Jill under her maiden name. The two items she reviewed (one 3 years ago) coincidentally, is the Real Housewives dvd set which she reviewed back in 2008 (this profile is not something new just created by a “crazy fan”, unless they knew in 1999 when she added the first gift for Bobby Zarin on her wish list, that she was writing a book in 2010) In her review of the Real Housewives DVD she said Jill Zarin was the only reason she watched the show and they’d better keep her on it, and you can also see where she reviewed this book the day of its release then erased the review after all this came out and she was busted. Interestingly, the only 2 things she ever reviewed. Trying to erase the evidence, did not erase this, fortunately.

Now then, back to the original review:
I assure you I went into this with an unbiased review. I did my research and read cover to cover.

First, the relationships chapter basically relates that one should settle…IF he has money. Seriously??? That is a strong premise of the book in many areas…you should marry someone not who you love equally but who “loves you more than you love him”, you “should be in charge of the purse strings or you will never be happy”, etc.

Ironically, on friendship in the book the author suggests that if something happens to hurt your friendship, you should ask for forgiveness 3 times. If that doesn’t work, you need to move on because the sin is on the person who wouldn’t accept your apology and you’ve done all you can. I agree with that. Yet it’s not hard to read about the main author (according to font billing size, Jill Zarin) being down right dirty to a friend who tried to apologize/discuss a predicament and was refuted coldly and rudely by Jill 3 times on camera. Interesting. The sin is on Jill. However, now that the book is out and there are book sales to be made, Jill said she now wants forgiveness for not forgiving (yes, confusing, I know). She is saying she can’t believe this friend will not accept her happily now that it’s convenient for Jill to befriend her again and Ms. Zarin mentions her “hurt” over that…Your book advice says someone in her shoes should move on, Jill. (she asked 3 times and now the sin is on you because you refused her outright tearful begging.) You said “We’re done” 3 times. Plus you called her a “moron” in an interview last week for asking why she was on speaker phone. That doesn’t show that you really want forgiveness, especially because you also said today in an interview that next year will be better without Bethenny on the show because she sucks the oxygen out of the air when she is in a room. Probably two reasons why she doesn’t think you are sincere. Just sayin. How can I follow this advice you write if you yourself think it’s bogus and won’t follow it or openly treat people not in a way a loving “mom figure” exudes to others?

Also, she said in an interview that her daughter is only allowed to fall in love with/or date a certain category of person. I had a hard time with that one too. I don’t think that’s a loving Jewish mother who should, instead, just want her daughter to be happy and find someone who adores her, works hard, doesn’t cheat, doesn’t have addictions, and is a great dad and her daughter adores too? What happened to wanting that for your kid instead? But she isn’t even allowed to DATE someone like that if he doesn’t fit YOUR main goal on what you say will make her life “easier”? For shame.

The book on bulldozing what your child wants in a mate in order to get what you want in a son-in-law, for example, from Lisa: “Of course, my kids would never let me fix them up — they’re still too young to be desperate enough to have their mother set them up on a blind date. But not to worry … I’m out there looking any­way. Who said I needed their permission?”

I hate giving undeserved one star reviews so I had to see for myself if all I read about their “do as I say, not as I do” approach was true as everyone seems to note….because if they actually put together some advice that’s untried or they themselves don’t even believe in, it knocked the book down a notch. So I did research this.

Now back to advice: Her dieting overview just isn’t healthy, nor does it really address the underlying issues of weight gain since she suggests pouring your drink on the food you don’t want to overeat. Not only would most in this economy not see the beauty of that (you COULD also ask the waiter to just box up half in a to go box before it’s served), but I can imagine this one when eating out. Don’t want to be tempted by the rest of your fries on that big order? Pour your glass of wine on it…money is no matter on what that costs…and let the waiter wipe it up, y’all! Wipe away before it gets on your dress! Zarin lovingly dubs the “empty your glass onto your plate or bowl in a restaurant diet” in the book as “Killing your food to stay thin”. I am guessing there won’t be a popular diet book to follow this one or waiters across the US will retaliate, as will all the 5 star restaurants who have to clean all those white tablecloths after Zarin’s food-killing-eating-out suggestion. Bad manners, unkind to waitstaff, disgusting for fellow tablemates to observe, unhealthy eating advice.

How to attract and nab a man? Zarin says it’s not gonna happen unless you wear bright colors. I kid you not. Give the readers some credit here that they are a notch above peacocks or fish because:

1. Ms. Zarin, I respectfully beg to differ. Inner beauty should be worked on first since a mean, negative, dirty and spiteful person dressed in hot pink isn’t gonna fool anyone. If all you had to do to woo someone was to distract them with bright colors then women should wear glitter and all men would be hypnotized. Silly.
2. Angelina Jolie wears mostly black. Enough said.

They are so adament about color that the book says you should NEVER wear black, ever, to anything. Yet everytime they come on tv to talk about the book, one of the authors is in solid black. I don’t get it. Do THEY buy into anything here?

Some of this stuff simply makes no sense to an educated reader.

The book is actually very negative though as well. The authors fight amongst each other and use personal stories to illustrate points…all which seem to be laced with martyrdom. Because of this, I don’t feel it an appropriate motherly pleasure to read or gift..

I wanted to find this warm and loving but it seemed more like a doctrine in many cases that isn’t loving and could be detrimental on several levels. Not to mention it’s been widely reported that it’s for show rather than actual advice the authors themselves believe. Too, the one who worked on getting it published billed her name in larger font size on the book than her mom’s name which was kind of supposed to be advice mainly from her mom, Gloria. Although the book denotes advice from all 3 authors, Zarin notes that it is garnered from all her mom taught her and her sister and then all the writing was compiled and put together by Zarin’s sister, the third author. I would have expected her mom’s name to be billed largest, or her sister’s because of this, yet the name “Jill Zarin” is about 3-4 times the size of mom or sister on the book cover…Ah well…I guess this book isn’t meant to be seen as an equal effort by the 3 writers.

Or someone just feels a bit more “special”.

I’d say be leery and don’t make your daughter marry a rich guy she isn’t attracted to in spite of this advice. If you marry for money, you earn every penny of it because it won’t be easy in any other way other than financially. And learning to eat healthy could be a better skill than wasting wine and the half of steak left on your plate. Nor is it very classy to do that practice in public or at dinner parties. And don’t put out a book and publicly do everything important in an opposite fashion than you preach.

Now there’s some advice backatcha. 🙂

Also, don’t look for insights into Zarin’s show in any way herein or the public drama we’ve seen or heard about. It’s not here. The book concentrates on the 3 author’s experiences not what you see occuring now.

The book price was cut more than 50% after one day (and this is a hardback cover too) after the advance reviews in the papers were out and the book was actually found prior to it’s release in the discount bookstores and now the publisher has dumped what they are already forseeing as an “overstock” of what they printed on the Overstock website. I looked and it is indeed on the Overstock website which is normal to go there after the book has been out for months–but when it happens 3 days after it’s release, while the authors are still doing publicity book tours, the price is sure to go down more—I’d advise waiting if price matters in this economy since the publisher is already expecting to have a large overstock from it’s first printing by the looks of dumping it there after 3 days. I think readers have a bit more clarity than was initially expected into this being filler material rather than eye-opening and believable, I’m sorry to say and that’s the REAL secret.

Ok, to be fair I’ll add some positives: It goes into good detail teaching the Jewish religion to those who may not know, and does give you a glimpse into the lives of the authors, and is a bargain price for a new hardcover.

And a final update? At the website thedailybeast Jill asked the REPORTER to post a glowing review under a pseudonym. This was before “Amazongate” ever happened. She reported on it.

I already have my proof that Zarin is Susan Saunders. Now she says she isn’t some random other reviewer? Red Hering. The name on her account was SUSAN SAUNDERS. And so she says she isn’t J. Samples? What did I tell you months ago? That she would probably create another account after the Susan Saunders Amazongate was uncovered, bring attention to it by behind crazy, (which happened under the J Samples name all over the net) then say “I am not this second account, J. Samples”— but never address nor deny the original account, Susan Saunders?”

Reply that Susan Saunders aka Jill Zarin left. (has since been deleted)

Other reviews below  that have since been deleted that were done by JIll “Susan Saunders” 

No, but it wasn’t Jill…
This goes back to 1999 and early 2000’s!


“Jill Shapiro” Zarin has since took down the ‘Susan Saunders”

Jill/Susan Saunders Wish list

See more:

The best of it all is, when Jill published the blog, then deleted, then put it back up, she mentions Dynasty and compares her self to Bobby Ewing (lol, yes she did) Here, read the deleted blog here she talks about “Dallas” Jill/Susan Saunders Wish list

The reviews have since disappeared! After that happened, Jill even had the balls to ask at the Huffington Post to review her book. read lol

A message to Jill!@

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LuLu and Johnny Depp?

This is about as close as LuLu will get to Johnny Depp.
Which Would be LuLu dreaming,, For the hell of it.. LuLu is a weekend MOM

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Oh Gorga

Hell with it, I said I wasn’t gonna blog about her (again) but she likes the attention so, I’ll give it to her!

Dear Melissa Gorga,

Here is the tweet I sent you!

@MelissaGorga hey @realitytea did a gr8 recap (called all hw out)
“Also for all Melissa Gorga’s insistence that she is the “victim,” that is nonsense. Melissa is no victim; she clawed her way onto this show and allowed jealousy and quest for fame to lead her to a dark place. She did contact Danielle Staub and conspired with her! That’s some dastardly behavior, right there! Soap opera level.

All housewives were called out.
Read More:

I had this in my drafts. I don’t want to do (another) blog about you. I have given you too much attention, like others have. I couldn’t believe my stats. Of course T’s is always higher, but they are only high when she is involved if you’re involved.

-You sure did contact Danielle Staub, you brought Danielle’s favorite cookies to Teresa’s house. Then you went on a rant how Tree threw them away.

How would of Danielle known who Joey was let along [sic] you. If Danielle would of reached out to you, (LOL OMG YOU’RE SUCH A LIAR) I’m sure it wouldn’t be through face book.

-Side Note: Just like how you and your sisters were live tweeting during Season 2 reunion when D said them things, you and your sisters were tweeting things like, “yes!” “oooo hit a nerve” etc. You realize that is all on record right?

-It was actually funny that you brought them to Teresa’s house, but sadly your lies (that you have a hard time keeping straight) are catching up to you. It’s clear that you have done nothing but LIE AND DECEIVE VIEWERS!

-You did your rant after season 1, you also bitched that you weren’t included in anything. (Yeah, your 1 st Bravo Blog.. Narcissism comes to mind)
your words exactly;

(You tried your best to make sure ppl knew who you were, you’re really pathetic)
There were 6 episodes season 1. All the drama surrounded around Danielle (which made you contact her) Funny, Season 2 Danielle knew some personal things about Tree. Plenty of family scenes weren’t showed that were filmed. How do you think those people feel. I wonder if you knew that, if you still would of been the back stabbing, lying, conniving sister in law.
Side Note- According to body language experts, when you start a sentence off with “honestly” when answering a question,( ie. Andy asking why you were moving” your answer was: Honestly,….. )sign of deception, just an FYI!

Rather T purposely chose to keep you out or not, it’s clear why she did, you have and had the vendetta to “out” her and destroy her. That is the only reason why Bravo brought you on. We the viewers know all about produced Drama! REMEMBER SOMETHING, AS YOU PLAY VICTIM, THE LAST EPISODE, WHEN YOU WERE AT THAT TABLE, SECURITY WAS AROUND YOU, NO ONE WAS JUST PERMITTED TO COME UP TO YOUR TABLE, THINK ABOUT THIS, ONLY BRAVO (AND PRODUCTION COMPANY) COULD APPROVE WHO APPROACHED YOU LADIES!

You waned to out her for what?
The issues you have with her? IT was no secret that you two didn’t get along. If anything T did you a favor by not talking about it. See excerpt from your sick blog above.

More lies.

-Your kids don’t go to the same school either. You know why you HAVE to sell that house.

-YOU and your husband got a construction loan that you used for a warehouse etc. YOU AND THE WORLD KNOWS THAT IS NOT THE REASON! DOCUMENTS DON’T LIE!

Read: Melissa says she pays her bills

Real quick, speaking of family, shame on you for bringing your daughter in this.
The best part is, you tweeted,


(Lysa, you tweeting that you changed his password? I bet you always dreamed of what it’s like to tweet from a verified account don’t you)
ONE IS HIS FIRST TWEETS ABOUT RHNJ, was misspelled and butchered. Worse than my grammar. Joe always needs you to read things to him. I think you know where I’m getting at.
If you bitch that T has a writer for her blog, but look what you and your fame whore sisters tweet from his account.

You really should for your self, not T, not Joe, not Wack-O Jack-O, ever your sisters that are trying to pry their way in through you, do this for your own sake, STOP underestimating your supporters. They are not stupid, they will catch on like I did. Remember when I supported you? I still have your dm BTW! You thanked me via dm when I called Teresa a bitch last season. Your actions uncover your lies, not Teresa.

I imagine your PR team gets commission when you do your magazines b/c no PR team in their right mind would have a client go on record and say what you did in your US WEEKLY semi cover.

All it proves is, (since it didn’t happen on camera) shows that you had the plan to (TRY) to destroy her, by you and your man saying things that happened months ago is sad. AT least T didn’t (don’t) go on blogs and trash you under other names like JPG. OR RT BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU CONSTANTLY! Her blog this week was great! As you said in your first Bravo blog, you talked about “karma” You know what I’m talking about.
Yes, she does say

-Funny, your sisters were dumb enough back then to use THEIR NAMES before anyone knew who they were. THEN IN 2008, you also commented on common ground, that you thought they made a bad choice picking Teresa and should of picked her sister in law.

Also, by you not addressing the arrest record, (which I’m surprised you didn’t blame Teresa getting out (Maybe that’s why you didn’t address it)) shows that you’re hoping everyone will just forget. So, before you try to pull skeletons out of other’s closets, you should look at your own first.

I can’t imagine living my life like you have been. You’re def On Display but think about how you got there. And yes, it was hard work, but it was hard work by bashing your husband’s family.
I really feel bad for you Melissa Marco Gorga. I really do · Reply
Report post (?)

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Now that they are, On Display! On Display!

Let’s see what Miss On Display is up to other than being a fugitive on the run, i.e. Failure to appear in court, shoplifting and lying on a passport. [Melissa sure has been quiet about that, hasn’t she?] Those of you who ask, have I ever stolen when I was 17 or under? NO! Or at Melissa’s age when she did? NO! I sure in the hell would never think I am untouchable and not appear at a court hearing. I’ve been to court one time and that was for a speeding ticket and I WON!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 













Now they got what they wanted.. Poor thing can’t make a cover unless it’s talking about her brother’s wife. Don’t know what to do with your copy? (I know you didn’t buy one right? Me either, this is just a suggestion) 


FOR THE HELL OF IT, Here is Jacqueline with out Fillers and botox and all that other shit she gets done. Have to include her or she’ll have a twitter melt down. (again)..

Look in to Melissa’a eyes…

Yeah, Melissa claims Teresa tried to ruin her family? Say what? Melissa was commenting on blogs before we knew who she was dissing Tree and the whole family. the best part is, Melissa’s fame whore sister’s were dumb enough to use their names. THIS IS BEFORE ANYONE KNEW WHO THEY WERE! THIS WAS BEFORE THE SHOW AIRED! All out of jealousy b.c. poor Melissa the shop lifter wasn’t chosen. Those of you who doubt me, then, that’s you’re issue. The evidence is everywhere on the internet. I’m a Tre Hugger right? So, why should I take the time to link you? Have I called you names for supporting Wacko Jacko or call you  Fame Whore fans? No! 
Anyhoo, We know the story from there. Bravo gave in after the Whorga’s and Wakile’s promised to bring Teresa down. That what is what you call Fame Whores! 



Teresa is not perfect at all, while Melissa bitched on face book during Season 1 and 2, according to You MISS WHORGA, T was torturing you for the last 8 years,  And why on earth would you want to be on a reality show with her then? So why would she go out of her way to bring you on the show?  Oh, that’s right, she did. But Bravo CHOSE TO NOT SHOW YOU!

You’ll Burn in hell!


Melissa is really afraid to say it wasn’t just her idea.. but we all know it wasn’t either Mego. It’s okay..



But  #FISH-CROTCH Kathy did get a new nose.. (LAUGHS)

And Lips.. Despite what Katty Pie #FISH-CROTCH says in her Bravo Blog, not doing it on the shows like some “other people” Don’t let her fool ya.. It was a free-be!


To learn all about Melissa and her fame whoring ways visit..

Damn, Rosie, I didn’t forget about ya, I know you want  more attention.. (sighs)

To learn all about the Wakile’s and Gorga’s  fame whoring ways visit;.

Be sure to say hi to MICKEYMOUTH also..

Say hi to the LynnFam also

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Guess who this is?

Guess who this is! No cheating! 

Tweet Me who you think it is or comment below.

Hint: Non housewives related!! 


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Silex on Couples Therapy

Did you watch #Couples-Therapy last night? Me neither.
There have been rumblings about which celebrities would be appearing on season two of VH1′s successful relationship rehab show Couples Therapy, and we’re happy to announce that finally, we can reveal all the participants. The new cast of couples will consist of seventeen-year-oldCourtney Stodden and her 52-year-old husband Doug HutchisonReal Housewives Of New York stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, R and B singer JoJo of K-Ci and JoJo, and his wife Tiny, rapper Too Short and his longtime girlfriend Monica Payne, and Bachelorstar Shayne Lamas and her husband, Nik Richie.”

Photo (Credits): Vh-1

Vh-1 has a blog about why Silex is on couples therapy. (Hmm, I just don’t buy this)

A lot of people have wondered why a couple like Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, who that seemingly have each others backs and went through a reality TV battlefield on The Real Housewives Of New York would appear on yet another show, especially one called Couples Therapy. And today, we have an answer. “It just got the point where we weren’t being nice to each other,” McCord explains during her appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live today. She, van Kempen, and the resident therapist of the series, Dr. Jenn Berman, were all on the morning to discuss the brand new series. “You need to be nice to your best friend.”

(Video is on the page linked below) The embedded code not working, oh well)

 “It was a matter of marriage and divorce…we both want our children to grow up with two loving parents in the same house,” van Kempen added.

Berman elaborated, saying “These two came in very aggressive, very hostile toward each other, poking at each other in ways that they didn’t even realize they were doing,” but fortunately therapy has changed them”.. Read more HERE

Of course, Bravo Style, (or is Bravo Style? Did other shows have cast members Re-Cap?) 

Alex Says:

I’m trying to think of a witty opening line welcoming our amazing followers to a new show and network, but I didn’t sleep last night and I’ve got nothing, so let’s just get to it…

I don’t think Simon or I knew what to expect from this experience; both of us came in with skepticism and a whole Kevlar suit of self-protection. I’ll let him speak for himself though on his own blog and give you my thoughts.

The day we arrived in the house, another Housewives divorce had been announced. For the previous four years we’d been dealing with shadow personalities created for us in an editing suite based on a collage of soundbites pulled at random. Was it really us? Yes and no…timing and context can really change meaning. There was enough “no” to stress us out to a breaking point. We had to turn our professional lives and careers completely inside out, and we started taking it out on each other. In an effort to protect each other and our children from the aftermath, we were taking bigger and bigger bites out of each other, and you can only do that for so long before you bleed to death. What we have is truly worth fighting for — I want to spend as many years as I have left with my best friend, Simon. Hence, therapy. Yes, it’s on TV. So what? If TV helped us make the mess, why not let TV help clean it up?

This week we met most of the other couples, and during that first meeting I didn’t know whether to laugh, run or light myself on fire. Nik had explained to us what he’d done with the pomegranate juice, and that altercation played out exactly as he described. We bonded with them and with Tiny and JoJo immediately and had jumped into a deep conversation right off the bat, when the Hutchisons arrived. It was interesting to hear Courtney say “Let’s start some drama” as they walked over. We hadn’t heard that. Doubly interesting to hear Doug ask Shayne why she wasn’t putting on a show. Yes, we were being filmed, but this experience was not supposed to be about putting on a show. I was about to get up and walk away when the fight broke out, and the mom in me launched in between Nik and Doug — we have two rambunctious boys who try to annihilate each other regularly, and these two were just a little taller. Plus I figured neither of them would hit a girl.

Someone on Twitter asked me where the boys were; they were at summer camp and our former nanny moved into our house with her son while we were in California. Being away from them was rough, but as I hope you will see, it was worth it.”

Alex-Read More

Simon Says:

So where do I start??? Each week Alex & I will be alternating blogging each episode on our own website and on the Couples Therapy page on Alex’s Blog for this premiere episode is can be read via this link.

Filming Couples Therapy was such a different experience than filming RHoNY and frankly watching last night’s premiere was such a different experience than watching either of us on Housewives. Although the first episode was mostly, both for the viewers and for the housemates, a exercise in getting-to-know-you, there was some moments mostly in the super tease at the end that were uncomfortable viewing for me. But first lets get on to the stunt casting.

Going into this show Alex & I had many discussions about what we might get out of it and above all wanted it to help right some wrongs that had crept into our relationship. We had watched a couple of episodes of the 1st season and were impressed with Dr Jenn Berman. While we had some interest in who might be cast on the show, first & foremost we were concerned with working on our own relationship. As far as who else might be on the show my biggest concern was that I wanted them too to be in real marriages, with real issues something that I felt some of the 1st season’s cast weren’t (only one couple was married) and in fact six months on none of the 5 couples are still together.

We arrived at the house in the Los Angeles hinterland with some trepidation. The first housemate I spoke to was Nik Richie, and when he mentioned his name a little bell went off in my head …ah ha “This is the guy from” I’d only been on his site once or twice but knew enough about it to know it wasn’t exactly an uplifting website for young women. During our initial discussion Nik told me about his little tantrum (my word, not his) and him pouring pomegranate juice over his mattress. That was sort of a second strike but there was also something gentle about him that seemed at odd with both’s persona as well as the hissy fit he’d just thrown. Shayne soon came up and boy what a highly strung young lady she is, and I’m sure as the season progresses we’ll see much more of that.

JoJo Hailey & his absolutely wonderful wife Tiny joined us on the terrace next and while I had no idea who they were I’ve since heard some of his songs both from JoDeCi and K-Ci & JoJo days and realized I had listened to some of them before.

Not long afterward Doug & Courtney came out to join the six of us and it is interesting to hear them say that they were coming out to “start some drama“. Talk about foreshadowing their own little agenda. I had no idea who either of them were (thankfully I’d never stumbled upon her on the internet) and let’s just say their demeanor when they joined us wasn’t exactly how in normal society one greets people for the first time. As they approached you hear Shayne exclaim and then Doug sits down next to Alex and Courtney ever so appropriately (NOT!) sits on his lap. Who does that?

In the next couple of shots, as the discussion disintegrates into ‘trash’ and ‘is she high‘and accusations of pedophilia, you’ll notice that Alex smartly moves away from the proximity of Doug & Courtney, who had been basically sitting on top of Alex as well, and joins me on the sofa on which I was sitting.

Next Doug’s out of his chair threatening to hit Nik, and Alex, the ever experienced Mom of two young boys, intercedes before punches are thrown. While she’s done this before with our two sons, I think this is the first with two grown men; although in all instances all four males have been shorter than her! ;-)

Prior to going into the first Group Session which you see towards the end of the first episode, the eight of us had tried to sit down to dinner together. Shayne & I had spoken to Courtney and asked her to dress appropriately for dinner. In our house our children have to have their chests covered at the dining table, and frankly asking Courtney to do the same didn’t seem to be too much of an ask. But it was and she refused to wear anything more than what was basically a bikini top.

In that first Group Session, that wrapped up the episode, it seems that I stay pretty quiet, however what you didn’t see is me really having a go at Dr Jenn (although to be fair she’s not the show’s casting Director) about Doug & Courtney being on the show. It’s obvious to anyone why they are on the show; they came in with an agenda to make noise and so far are succeeding in so doing. Dr Jenn states she’s amazed at our collective hostility towards Doug & Courtney but even from what little of that first day that was shown in this episode (and a lot more went down in the six hours between their arrival and this Group Session), Blind Freddy can see that they are in this to stir things rather than as Alex & I were doing trying to concentrate on their marriage.

If you haven’t yet seen this interview that Alex and I gave this week to Celebuzz here’s the video where we discus a little about being on the show.

(VIDEO IN POST) Simon- Read More 

If you’re interested in the other couples in Couples Therapy this season (I’m not, sorry, I don’t think it’s a good idea to go on National Television for things like this, but that’s just my opinion) you can read it about them below;

Read about 5 most Dramatic Moments of this season here 



All photo’s. links and video’s (don’t seem to work) are credit to vh-1. All you VH-1!~


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Jacqueline Laurita’s deleted tweets in response to Teresa showing the rest of the texts that Wack-o Jack-O didn’t show..

This is how it started (again) Teresa made an appearance on Anderson Live..

then he invited her back because he was an asshole to her

Yesterday, everyone and their mother blogged about Teresa showing the other half of the texts, but they forgot something….keep reading….

This isn’t Jac’s first time displaying private texts either. She did this last year, but claimed in the texts she was trying to help. (click)

I guess after this last time of Wack-o Jack-O published texts Teresa had enough. (For those of you don’t know why crazy Jac published private info again, read link above at this post! ) Of course, Jac only displayed part of the texts.. And  this was after she tweeted this:

  SAY WHAT JACK-o? Who doesn’t stop????????????????


These are Teresa’s

Okay, that would give me chills also…


…………oh…. okay, Jac just looks crazy…..

Of course, Wacko was pissed! How dare Teresa finally fight back against her via Social Media, Wack-o Jack-O can rant and rant all the time, hell she hasn’t shut up about Teresa for over a year now, and before that it was Danielle. How dare Teresa defends her self.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

If you go look at Wack’s time line.   here-1  here-2  here-3  here-4

But what YOU WON’T SEE, BECAUSE “Ms I keep everything Real” deleted them! 

(NOTE- If you open these links and it looks like Wack-o Jack-O has a locked account, that simply means you are blocked. Just sign out of twitter or use another browser to view them)

First, why is she fighting Melissa’s war? Seriously??

Then for her to say that Teresa’s daughter Gabriella looks like T’s ex?  I always did think G didn’t look like Gia and Milania, but when Audrianna came along, you can see the resemblance. I tweeted this:

What’s really fucked up is, as you can see, this is what made her tweet that, look again.

There is soo many things wrong with her tweet;

  • The texts are recent, recent as in the past month so how could she “edit” them out if you two haven’t been talking? Why the hell would she say that to you last month, everyone knows you would of been showing it.  Like Joe Gorga sharing what Teresa saying that she was afraid Melissa would leave him if she found a richer man, that’s her brother, she told him as a concern, but Joe wanted drama for the show, they promised they would bring her down, he did say that Teresa “has to fall to see what bad she has done” (something like that)
  • I do believe at sometime T did say that to Jack-O! They were friends! Is wacko the only one that is allowed to vent? Apparently to Jacko, yes!
  • Why Is Jack-o saying this on Social Media? WTF is wrong with her?
  • Why is she fighting Melissa’s war with Tree? If she cared about Melissa she wouldn’t tweet shit like that. Teresa never said that on T.V. or social media, just b/c she said it don’t mean we have to know about it.

Then there is this one:

I guess Wacked didn’t like the responses she got from ReTweeting that Teresa is white trash, But Poor Wacko doesn’t realize that once you tweet something it’s there forever.

If you look at the person who tweeted it, (JAC DID RT IT, THAT IS JUST AS BAD AS SAYING IT) this is what it looks like now.

And this is the person who is a voice for Autism! #Disgusing!

No, I don’t condone what Teresa and Joe did regarding their bankrupt situation. I don’t, anyone who knows me, knows I didn’t like Teresa up until this this season. What Wack-o Jack-O fails to realize is, just because their Bankrupt is through their business, fraud is fraud (<–read about Jac’s fraud) ! But Jac can pull the “I’m a Mom” card, how dare Teresa say this or that, but last year on one of many of Jac’s rants, she tweeted this as she was going through court proceeding, I hope Teresa does the same thing when Wack-o and  Dumb-Ass (read if you want) go through their court proceedings. 

What also gets me is, any time Teresa or Danielle fight back, keep in mind, that’s after they had it with Wack-O, this is always her response before she attacks  and after she tweets this, she continues to attack.  This was her response to Danielle;

And her response to Teresa, when she told Anderson that she might go to the police if Jac kept her because it was creepy… Indeed those were creepy tweets.

I bet Wacko deleted those tweets b/c she knew they would be picked up all over social media and didn’t want to be seen in that kind of light.  You know, Wacko has a job making millions (eye-roll) I wonder what this company wants a person like this representing them? No? 


Inquester , Oh no they didn’t  Cestlaviepotpourri. For all Trekkies                     The Chirping Twit  All about Truth  Tamara Tattles Absurd2Sublime  Reality Tea  Wet Paint Famewhorgas Lynn Fam Priscilla

Okay, this person (Real Faux) didnt’ blog yet, but I hope she adds the tweets to her post that everyone missed, the ones Wacko-Jack-O- Deleted!!!

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Our little @Realoldhouswife sent Avivia a post card..

Do I need to say more? No! Go to to read her RECAP!

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Chris Laurita Joins twitter and reaches a new low.



(Check out @Absurd2sublime post on her site about this insane superstar)

A look at Chris’s latest follower and twitter takes 50 eggs off Chris!


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Oh Yes, the psychopath Caroline Manzo went there Tree fans, you better let CarolMan know wuz up

My buddy at was telling me about an article that had Caroline Manzo is in talking about how she is obsessed with Monkies. LOL!  It turned out she was actually reading the magazine and not on line so I decided to google it and look what I found.

For the hell of it..

The post  is titled,

“Caroline Manzo-Caroline Manzo: Teresa Giudice Is a “Sociopath,” “Fraud”

It reads;

It’s been more than a year since Teresa Giudice‘s Fabulicious cookbook was published, and Giudice’s Real Housewives of New Jersey costar Caroline Manzo is still taking offense over Giudice calling her “as Italian as the Olive Garden” within its pages.

Though Giudice maintained that her comments were good-natured and made in jest, the 51-year-old reality star launched into an epic tirade on Sunday’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, denouncing Giudice as a “sociopath” and a “fraud.”

hings turned ugly for the duo during the final night of their Napa Valley wine country trip, when Giudice’s cousin Kathy Wakile tried to bring Manzo and Giudice together, only to drive them even further apart. “Kathy is really trying to get [Teresa] through her Fabulicious haze, letting her know these people are helping her,” Manzo said Sunday before the fireworks began.

When Manzo, 51, decided to confront Giudice, 40, about her cookbook dig, all hell broke loose. “This is why I want nothing to do with you — you are a disgrace! I’d like to admit what you’ve done to me. Tell me the truth: That you meant to do that to me in the cookbook. Tell me you hate me!”


Giudice continued to insist that her cookbook commentary was a “joke.” “I have more class than you. I can definitely prove it to you on my kids,” Giudice told Manzo. “I’m telling the truth. I don’t know how to lie. I never ever, ever, ever wrote one bad thing about you.”

As Jacqueline Laurita pretended to be asleep during their vicious spat, and Melissa Gorga and Wakile remained silent, Manzo continued to lay into Giudice. “I am just as Italian as Teresa Giudice, but she has that off-the-boat mentality, to be the best,” Manzo reasoned. “She has to look down at everyone. If she’s looking up at you, she’s thinking of a way to take you down. I’m arguing with a sociopath. In Teresa’s mind, it’s her rules. She doesn’t give two s–ts.”

(no pic isn’t included in the article, but it is here 🙂 

Attempting to intervene, Joe Giudice pulled his wife away from the situation, telling her they needed to head to the airport to catch an earlier flight. But even as she walked out the door, Giudice put up a fight against the woman who called her an “ugly human being.”

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Now listen to me, let me tell you something about Caroline Manzo, Oh phuck me, I don’t have all day and you bloggers out there rip her to shreds so much more eloquently than I can. I photoshop, you blog! What ever happened to OPUS? The co she claimed to own in Season 1?

Google: “Caroline Manzo Opus, there are a ton of links to it. Matter infact, on Caroline’s Season 1 bio it was mentioned also.

Get her bloggers!

All About TRH 

Fame Whoregas

The chirping twit 


Hey Tamara, I know you isn’t no Tree Fan, but girl, you gots to admit, CarolMan has gots some nerve here..

Tamara Tattles

You too



Oh yeah, Caroline is coming out with a book in March of 2013, I hope this don’t mean Season 5 will start around then and we the  viewers are stuck with the Manzo’s for another season, We can’t take this shit no longer. Finally after getting rejected so many times, but she is claiming her “fans’ wanted her too, it wasn’t her idea.  That lying sack of shit. Greggy Bennet and twiteer egg account that the Manzo make don’t equal fans. I’ll guess I’ll do to Caroline’s book What I did with Jill Zarin’s book  

For the hell of it, let’s look at CarolMan some more!


As usual, she wants to kill someone, because she is right and everyone is wrong.

Uh-hem, in CarolineBacker’s world that is! 

DonCaroline Managed to make the cover of PlayBoy !

She’s telling the world “F-you” and anyone who will listen..


F us, her kids are perfect! 


Can you imagine how Don Caro is going to haunt the hell out of me?

Of course Don Carol Man let’s everyone know who is in charge! 

Oh, Caroline Manzo won an award From Our President! 


Even Bravo embarrassed her! This was on Bravo’s front page one day and I captured it 🙂

Next time CarolMan cries and says her kids didn’t sign up for this, remind her of her foul mouthed daughter!

Oh, if anyone finds that article that Chirp was talking about, if there is a copy on line please let me know!

Don’t forget to check out

they are doing a good job over there!

Kudo’s to you ladies! 

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Man intervenes in the wild for a good reason this time

I got this in an email today, I don’t know who the source is so I can’t give credit, but it’s a touching story.


Published Friday, August 31, 2012

A formerly blind Sumatran orangutan can see her baby twins for the first time after undergoing cataract surgery in the first such operation in Indonesia.

Continue reading

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What I did with Jill Zarins book from our local library.

More to come on why I did what I did…

I didn’t want no one to have to read this garbage, so I checked the book out, I then said I lost it, then I paid the fee to the library and then…

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Ramona Coaster

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Update on Patti Stanger, Jill Zarin, Caroline (MAN)zo, Pam Dana and Kelly Bensimon

This post was originally intended for an update of   our #breakupsbybravo  since I am tired of linking everyone there and this one is old news, I made a separate post to add some other stuff.

First let’s get this out of the way,

I can’t believe I forgot about @BravoTv ‘s own Millionaire Matchmaker who was never married and called off her engagement  ( at age 48?)  to Fiance Andy Friedman

I present you with 

Andy Friedman and Patti Stanger

Let’s Ping Patti’s site(s) for  the hell of it and piss her off.  Oh wait, she has slaves “help” who manages her sites.

According to her her twitter profile  the site address is but when you click the page, it goes to 

According to her site, this is her new dating site is;  

On her sites, she has “Bravo’s” Millionaire Matchmaker”  Something tells me not everything is peachy. When you have someone who caters to only millionaires, oh wait, that’s right, half of the people who appear on MM are casted through Talent Agency’s, aren’t looking for dates, nor are they millionaires.  Patti claims that her real life clients she would never have of them on T.V. and her “real life clients” aren’t like the ones on T.V.! How much more fake can you get bravo tv? (: lol PING: : )

Don’t worry, Patti still has her yes that one, where she was asking a Million Dollars a year for advertising. 

For your viewing pleasure, here is a copy of her picture above before editing. (Kinda, made it in to a collage type photo) I never want to look at Patti Stank that long again. Hey, Ha Ha, the bottom left and right, don’t that look like Wacko Jac-o? (Not, Wacky Jacky, you know who you are)

It looks like Jac-o, I know 🙂 !

In Honor of Patti Stanger, I changed my avi 🙂 

In case you haven't seen my time line, I have been practicing on some aps and photo shopping. I hope you like.

Let’s check in with some of our non-housewives first and see what they are up too!

Kelly is being Kelly..

Pam Dana looks in to her Bravo Future

Jill Zarin  is showing up EVERY WHERE and I mean EVERY WHERE and she’s not happy about her Bravo Situation!


Holy Shit!

What the hell, Let’s check in with Caroline MAN Backer!  

As usual, she wants to kill someone, because she is right and everyone is wrong.

Uh-hem, in CarolineBacker’s world that is! 

DonCaroline Managed to make the cover of PlayBoy !

She’s telling the world “F-you” and anyone who will listen..


F us, her kids are perfect! 


Can you imagine how Don Caro is going to haunt the hell out of me?

Of course Don Carol Man let’s everyone know who is in charge! 

Oh, Caroline Manzo won an award From Our President! 


Stay Tuned for A Ramona Coaster Update and we will check in the Countless LuLu!

Get your Calenders Early! 2013 will give an extra month for December of 2012! 


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Crooks and love tanks

By now, everyone has seen this picture of Crooks Brooks and Vicki.

What you didn’t get to see or hear about  is the story behind it.

It’s a shower curtain. I shouldn’t have to tell you where they were when taking this picture.

The worst part is, the picture looks like they are having a good time right?

Scroll down to see what Crooked-Brooks-Crook was really thinking..




What was Crooks Brooks laughing at?





As Crooks laughed to himself…

Vicki noticed it was getting steamy…

Was it her love tank?




As Vicki  looked around, she  noticed a silhouette behind her..

IT WAS DONN! Poor guy was in the shower.

He better move the hell out of that house lol. 

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101 Ways to annoy people

1. Reply to every tweet, “What’s your twitter name”

2. In the memo field of all your checks, write “for sensual massage.”

3. Specify that your drive-through order is “to go.”

4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of “Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip…”

5. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.

6. Amuse yourself for endless hours by hooking a camcorder to your TV and then pointing it at the screen. <

7. Speak only in a “robot” voice.

8. Push all the flat Lego pieces together tightly.

9. Start each meal by conspicuously licking all your food, and announce that this is so no one will “swipe your grub”.

10. Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 98 copies.

11. Stomp on little plastic ketchup packets.

12. Sniffle incessantly.

13. Leave your turn signal on for fifty miles.

14. Name your dog “Dog.” 15. Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers running in all weather conditions “to keep them tuned up.”

16. Reply to everything someone says with “that’s what YOU think.”

17. Claim that you must always wear a bicycle helmet as part of your “astronaut training.”

18. Declare your apartment an independent nation, and sue your neighbors upstairs for “violating your airspace”.

19. Forget the punchline to a long joke, but assure the listener it was a “real hoot.”

20. Follow a few paces behind someone, spraying everything they touch with Lysol.

21. Practice making fax and modem noises.

22. Highlight irrelevant information in scientific papers and “cc:” them to your boss.

23. Make beeping noises when a large person backs up.

24. Invent nonsense computer jargon in conversations, and see if people play along to avoid the appearance of ignorance.

25. Erect an elaborate network of ropes in your backyard, and tell the neighbors you are a “spider person.”

26. Finish all your sentences with the words “in accordance with the prophesy.”

27. Wear a special hip holster for your
remote control.

28. Do not add any inflection to the end of your sentences, producing awkward silences with the impression that you’ll be saying more any moment.

29. Signal that a conversation is over by clamping your hands over your ears.

30. Disassemble your pen and “accidentally” flip the ink cartridge across the room.

31. Give a play-by-play account of a persons every action in a nasal Howard Cosell voice.

32. Holler random numbers while someone is counting.

33. Adjust the tint on your TV so that all the people are green, and insist to others that you “like it that way.”

34. Drum on every available surface.

35. Staple papers in the middle of the page.

36. Ask 1-800 operators for dates.

37. Produce a rental video consisting entirely of dire FBI copyright warnings.

38. Sew anti-theft detector strips
into peoples backpacks.

39. Hide dairy products in inaccessible places.

40. Write the surprise ending to a novel on its first page.

41. Set alarms for random times.

42. Order a side of pork rinds with your filet mignon.

43. Instead of Gallo, serve Night Train next Thanksgiving.

44. Publicly investigate just how slowly you can make a “croaking” noise.

45. Honk and wave to strangers.

46. Dress only in clothes colored Hunters Orange.

47. Change channels five minutes before the end of every show.

48. Tape pieces of “Sweating to the Oldies” over climactic parts of rental movies.

49. Wear your pants backwards.

50. Decline to be seated at a restaurant, and simply eat their complimentary mints by the cash register.

51. Begin all your sentences with “ooh la la!”


53. only type in lowercase.

54. dont use any punctuation either

55. Buy a large quantity of orange traffic cones and reroute whole streets.

56. Pay for your dinner with pennies.

57. Tie jingle bells to all your clothes.

58. Repeat everything someone says, as a question.

59. Write “X – BURIED TREASURE” in random spots on all of someone’s roadmaps.

60. Inform everyone you meet of your personal Kennedy assassination/UFO/ O.J Simpson conspiracy theories.

61. Repeat the following conversation a dozen times: “Do you hear that?” “What?” “Never mind, its gone now.”

62. Light road flares on a birthday cake.

63. Wander around a restaurant, asking other diners for their parsley.

64. Leave tips in Bolivian currency.

65. Demand that everyone address you as “Conquistador.”

66. At the laundromat, use one dryer for each of your socks.

67. When Christmas caroling, sing “Jingle Bells, Batman smells” until physically restrained.

68. Wear a cape that says “Magnificent One.”

69. As much as possible, skip rather than walk.

70. Stand over someone’s shoulder, mumbling, as they read.

71. Pretend your computer’s mouse is a CB radio, and talk to it.

72. Try playing the William Tell Overture by tapping on the bottom of your chin. When nearly done, announce “no, wait, I messed it up,” and repeat.

73. Drive half a block.

74. Inform others that they exist only in your imagination.

75. Ask people what gender they are.

76. Lick the filling out of all the Oreos, and place the cookie parts back.

77. Cultivate a Norwegian accent. If Norwegian, affect a Southern drawl.

78. Routinely handcuff yourself to furniture, informing the curious that you don’t want to fall off “in case the big one comes”.

79. Deliberately hum songs that will remain lodged in co-workers brains, such as “Feliz Navidad”, the Archies “Sugar” or the Mr. Rogers theme song.

80. While making presentations, occasionally bob your head. like a parakeet.

81. Lie obviously about trivial things such as the time of day.

82. Leave your Christmas lights up and lit until September.

83. Change your name to “AaJohn Aaaaasmith” for the great glory of being first in the phone book. Claim it’s a Hawaiian name, and demand that people pronounce each “a.”

84. Sit in your front yard pointing a hair dryer at passing cars to see if they slow down.

85. Chew on pens that you’ve borrowed.

86. Wear a LOT of cologne.

87. Listen to 33rpm records at 45rpm speed, and claim the faster speed is necessary because of your “superior mental processing.”

88. Sing along at the opera.

89. Mow your lawn with scissors.

90. At a golf tournament, chant “swing-batabatabata-suhWING-batter!”

91. Ask the waitress for an extra seat for your “imaginary friend.”

92. Go to a poetry recital and ask why each poem doesn’t rhyme.

93. Ask your co-workers mysterious questions, and then scribble their answers in a notebook. Mutter something
about “psychological profiles.”

94. Stare at static on the TV and claim you can see a “magic picture.”

95. Select the same song on the jukebox fifty times.

96. Never make eye contact.

97. Never break eye contact.

98. Construct elaborate “crop circles” in your front lawn.

99. Construct your own pretend “tricorder,” and “scan” people with it, announcing the results.

100. Make appointments for the 31st of September.

101. Invite lots of people to other people’s parties.

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This Is Disturbing

I think having all sex offenders register is a great idea. This law was created  by/for/ in honor of  Megan’s Law <-you can click there, it will take you to the Wikipedia for the full version) For those of you that don’t know what Megan’s Law is; It’s where ALL convicted SEX OFFENDERS are registered.  Every state has a website where you can enter your zip code, suspected persons name,  address/city or all and see where convicted sex offenders around you live. They give you a description of the person(s),their home/resident of address and the crimes they committed. They all also make you agree that you won’t use the website to harass the sex offenders (I know what you’re thinking) that you are strictly using it to see what sex offenders live in or around your area. I urge you to check your area, if you are not sure, you go can CLICK HERE FOR A STATE DIRECTORY .  or here That program is great!  But what isn’t great is, now a days, anyone can still get on a plane with out a license or photo I.D. Sure, the person will  get strip searched, but still… In some cases people  just forget to bring their identification or some people just never updated or don’t have either, which I wonder how they get through in life. Naturally if you are a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 and never been to the D.M.V. to get photo i.d. or a license, then they won’t let you on  plane, thank god! However, Home Land security has a copy of everyone’s driver’s license, including yours. Okay, that’s fine, right? Of course it is, but what’s not fine is they have this site where you can look yours up. I looked mine up, like the DMV site, you enter your name, zip etc. Then it will prompt you to enter your date of birth etc. Some might think, well as long as they don’t know my birth day or the other questions they ask to verify it’s you  then I’m fine.. Not so fast. Ever hear of twitter? Some foam at the mouth looking for information on people.  Luckily they do allow you to mark yours private, so no body can look you up.

SIDE TRACK:  My daughter started to fill out job applications (:( She’s getting old) Some she filled out on a computer at the place and other’s had applications that you write on. I was bothered by the one place that we went in to, she asked for an application, and while she was filling it out, someone was also and handed the application to the counter person and just left it sit there. As she was filling out hers, I told her not to fill in her Social Security Number, Driver’s License (In her case, school I.D. #) etc. Here is an example of what I told her to write. (see yellow high lighted area) You don’t have a young child at home? Tell one who does!  I hope everyone tells their kids these days, when they fill out applications to work,  you notice many places still have the generic application like the one above.  do not fill in personal information! If the employer has an issue with it, then your child is better off not working there. He doesn’t need it right then and there, he only needs it for payroll reasons. Your child’s  first job is likely to be a grocery/department/fabric or some kind of store. If they need do do back ground checks, then you will no about it because no one can legally do a back ground check on a child the under age of 18. And if they are doing background checks, this place isn’t for your child to work. Chances are it’s a damn scam. In case some one is dumb founded to why I say to do this? IDENTITY THEFT, HELLO! So back to our great HLS! I urge you to go and mark your’s license/info  private! I am sick to my stomach, who else saw it other than me?  No one on twitter know’s my identity, but damn, there are other psycho’s out there. It’s one thing to be able to look people up through U.S. Search or something, they don’t have their most precious personal info, this is my license, my DL # is on there.  When you fill out credit apps, they ask for your DL #. S.S.# etc. (no you’re S.S. # isn’t on the site) It’s almost like someone having your S.S. #. Here is the site Don’t forget to follow me on twitter before you do MAKE SURE YOU MARK YOUR INFO PRIVATE! 

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Oh Bravo


After I updated this post and asked everyone to take a look at Competitive Much, The chirping Twit! How funny we both did a post about #WWHL I decided to tweet these to posts to @BravoTvRatings this was their reply:

Well smart asses, if you guys would do your polls the right way then it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place!

I do want everyone to know, this has nothing to do with Jacqueline winning the poll!  What is has to do with is people that either couldn’t post their votes OR wouldn’t let you vote for who YOU wanted to vote for!

See Below:

 Momma Hurley Comment

I follow and people follow me that are Team other than what I am on, doesn’t bother me, this has nothing to do with Teresa Losing, I hope in the future that Bravo Just KEEPS IT FAIR and the Gorga sisters STOP making everything a competition. See above or below link “Competitive Much” They aren’t helping Melissa at all. I was 100 % for Melissa last season matter in-fact!


Make sure you take the time to read Competitive Much, The chirping Twit! How funny we both did a post about #WWHL

All text that is Bold, Indented, Underlined and in a different COLOR is a link :)

I don’t know about you all, but I am tired of the manipulation from Bravo Tv!

Here are a few examples out of many that I can’t forget about and makes the word “scam” come to mind.

  • Bravo thinks we the viewers are STUPID! Just because they say it, we are to believe it (not, we know better)
  • Bravo advertised the viewers can have the chance to meet the H.W. (housewife tour) they take your/their (the person who paid) money, having viewers think you can ask any question you want, but when you get there, you find out they have already picked PRE SELECTED questions to ask that a host will ask, not the person who allegedly asked the question. Mind you, when they bought the tickets, they didn’t at any time submit any questions. A hA!
  • Bravo wants us to think the shows are really reality, nothing is scripted We know better, it’s not reality ever wonder the real reason why Tamra and Gretchen would fight in the first place? Even the Countless Lulu said it was scripted, it’s not a reality show, it’s a Docu-Drama. ( It was an interview she gave and I can’t remember for the life of me, it was on T.V.) LuLu also admitted on #WWHL that they messed up her intro line, ” I don’t feel guilty about being privileged” I don’t remember exactly what is was supposed to say, if anyone is a LuLu fan, please let me know. There are too many examples to list.
  • Bravo or Shed Media alters when someone says something and puts it in another scene. Perfect example: Jill Zarin calling Alex McCord an F’ing B *ch! No, it wasn’t right of Jill to call Alex that, but it also wasn’t right for ShedMedia or Bravo to make it look like she said it at a different time. Makes you wonder how often they do that. No, I am no fan of Jill, that should tell you something!
  • Bravo is still telling us they have interns that run the site and that’s why you don’t see your comments. There is so many things wrong with that lie statement if (or was) true. Makes me wonder when Jack-o said in her Novel, I mean blog about people writing in and using different names with same I.P., how she knows that, and who really is monitoring them comments! By the way, did Jac ever think that maybe people are room-mates or these people aren’t the only ones in their house hold who watch the show? Gotta love when people call critics people with no lives. With out them, they wouldn’t have a job. #justsaying
  • Bravo is tearing up a family for ratings (selfish and un excusable ) Did you notice how many How many #breakupsbybravo there is? Over 30 and counting..
  • THE SCAM #WWHL HAS WHEN CALLERS CALL IN, DO YOU REALLY GET TO ASK WHAT YOU WANT? You better read this if you think otherwise.
  • I still remember the time when Brandi Glanville was on WWHL, alledgedly a caller called in and asked Brandi a question. The question was petty and ridiculous, Brandi, the bold person she is, instead of answering, Brandi paused and asked the viewer where they were from or what their name was, can’t remember, BUT THERE WAS NO ONE ON THE LINE. Incase you missed the link above THE SCAM #WWHL HAS WHEN CALLERS CALL IN, DO YOU REALLY GET TO ASK WHAT YOU WANT? You better read this if you think otherwise.

My last one is the Bravo Polls! I smell bull shit! Again, I am not a fan of Jill Zarin, but you have got to give Jill credit for challenging the poll results. They were wrong! Sad that an attorney had to get involved. I know Jill is an idiot! but Andy needs to stop this shit. And stop asking stupid poll questions! It’s impossible to get an accurate poll when:

  1. If the person is on the #WWHL and one of the options on the poll, they can’t vote.
  2. You have people voting for their selves and you know that they have people voting for them multiple times as well.
  3. 20 some minutes isn’t enough time to get an accurate poll. East Coast/West Coast Does the West Coast even get to vote on the Poll? If so, it must air early there, like 7 pm or 8pm! It comes on 11pm Eastern Time /10 pm central. Some times it comes on earlier.
  4. You know people vote more than once, call me old fashion, but that’s not fair. One vote per person, in this case, one vote per computer.
  5. Half of us don’t catch #WWHL until it re-runs for the second time that night also.

So that is why I am putting up a poll!

I will go with the same question. Lately I have been Pro Tree, but this isn’t about Jacqueline or Teresa t’s about what I listed above. I will keep this up for 24 hours, I think we can get a more accurate vote. Don’t you?

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Kim Richards drives crazy





Posts to look forward to:

– Tamra Barney is a mean bitch

– I can’t say, it’s a surprise

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Just for you @sweeetbea, @JillZarin deleted blog.

Just as I was getting ready to read @realilanaangel blog, that JILL ZARIN in  THIS  deleted that Ilana would not be blogging on, I get this tweet below, and that’s my bea, so here is the deleted blog!

@realilanagel blog, but you must read @JillZarin first below LOL! 


In case the picture is too small, you can read  here or read below in plain text! I don’t know if the link will work, you know @jillzarin is getting her people to shut me down and Google for having a copy! LMAO! As I accept this award from my twitter followers, I would like to thank @mickeymouth1 , @realoldhouswife, @sparkleNlace for believing in me, Oh shit, just kidding, just read!


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Season 5 Week 2 Reflections and Thoughts Out Loud

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Hi everyone. So…what do I do…do I watch the show..not watch the show…blog the show…watch and not blog…no matter what I say or do I get judged. How would you feel if everything you did was scrutinized. Since I know the REAL truth..watching Sonja hit on the contractor ,Luann forgive Ramona…after they both admitted they don’t really like each other, Ramona has called her daughter a drug addict, Luann a whore on and on. Ramona a drunk .they hug and make up. How SICK is it and how unreal because if I had to accept that they would forgive each other so quickly after they have each said the most hateful, heinous things to each other, makes me want to vomit. Even The Jewish Journal blogger has said she won’t be blogging the show anymore. Click here to read her LAST RHNYC blog I have so many things I want to say but as Bobby says…”If you have nothing nice to say…” or save it for later! Hah! I can’t tell you how much I love reading your tweets and comments here on Since I don’t have enough room here..I will be sending out my next newsletter Wednesday sharing some of the stuff we have been doing lately and what I have coming up. I tweeted today…I love waking up to trees, birds and the smell of cut grass..much better than cement! We have been in the hamptons ALOT since I don’t have to do anything for the show anymore ( can you see the BIG SMILE across my face thru your computer screen?) I am relieved to not have anyone write mean things about my family and criticize my every word and move. It is much more fun watching Reality than actually being on an ensemble cast where they talk behind your back for sport. I know many of you have said you watched the first episode and won’t watch again..or didn’t watch any of the season..or watch it and feel guilty. Please know how I understand how you feel. You were asked to invest yourselves into a group of women and feel attached. So did we. We also were attached to all of you. I have actually made friends with some of you and you know who you are. All of the crap was worth taking knowing I would not have met you if not for Bravo and for that we must all accept and be grateful.I am sure you have heard by now that the rating were down 200,000. Actually there is a website called that analyze all the rating since the beginning. It was very cool to see it all in writing and many people in reality television will be waiting anxiously for tonights ratings to come out. Why? Because people want to know…are you watching the show because it is RHNYC and it doesn’t matter who is cast..or is the cast critical to the success of a show. Remember Dallas? ( probably not!) Well it’s back BTW. One season was completely erased and called “The Dream” season because the rumor was they fired Bobby Ewing who was rumored wanted too much money and then when the fans backlashed against the network with a Boycott, call in. write in campaign ( there were no blogs, emails, tweets or Facebook back in the OLD DAYS) . The had to “eat crow” and bring back Bobby with a huge raise. I am sure Bravo is contemplating a cast “renovation” on the other cities and evaluating the success or failure of RHNYC cast. Also…what will they do next season? Will they recast again? Bring back all or some of this cast? A lot of decisions are riding on the success or failure of RHNYC Season 5. The question is..does anyone care anymore? Is the “party” over? Can you ever get back or “go back” to what was “television Magic” the original cast? Did they change too many cast members at once> RHOC was successful in changing cast members because it was subtle. Lauri one season. Jeana the next. Not all 4 at the same time. Will anyone be fired for the millions of dollars in advertising currently being refunded for the promise of certain ratings for making the decision? All these questions will be answered in the next few weeks. If you are even thinking that the cast could be asked back..the fans would have do pull off a DALLAS move. I am certainly not advocating anything..just thinking of all the scenarios out loud. Or thinking and writing them! I speak to you all from my heart…and I speak the it our not…I always keep it REAL. XOXO Jill


To be fair, I did find this link on twitter which was found on @LynnNchicago ‘s blog!

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This is what it’s about…

This is what this site is suppose to be about!
Taking a break from the Real Housewife Wakile/Guidice/Gorga war and posting some things what this site is supposed to be about.
I was searching through tumblr and found some funny pictures. I gotta good better at photoshopping, this inspires me!

(I would view this post on an ipad or computer if I were you, animated images)

UPDATED- I came across these pictures at But You’re Really Pretty


I did give this picture to an Atlanta Blogger to use, but she didn’t so we will look at it here.

I present you with

NE NE Before she had money with her Mom Jeans!

(I did give this to an Atlanta Blogger to use, but she didn’t use it so we will look at it then 😦 )

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So yesterday, I tweeted Kathy Wakile


I didn’t tell Teresa about it because there was nothing to tell”




(Please see for more. Understand, I started this site to practice Photoshop,(see background) I never really intended to do write anything,
but those who follow me on twitter, know I can’t stand LIARS (GORGA’s, LAURITA’s, WAKILE’s) The has been doing a kick ass job of getting in to the layers of this
smelly onion. (Gorga’s, Wakile’s & Laurita’s)


A producer calling Teresa the day before doesn’t exclude that facts, Melissa & Kathy saying they didn’t join behind her back!
p.s. Kathy, just because you can squeeze in to something, don’t mean you should wear it. How old are you? #justsaying I’m younger and thinner,
I would never let my self look like a stuffed sausage! I saved the video in case Katty tries to ask the person who did the interview to take it down!

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Dear Jacqueline Laurita… STFU JAC-O!


Sorry, I am late on this because the person in editing is slow!

LMAO! I aint got no editor, I was sending instructions to my friend on what to put and edit the video below.

As you all know, @Jaclaurita writes novels for blogs.  Rather than address every fucked up thing she said, I will just address 3 things! If you haven’t read it, it’s here!

Here we go.


Jac says:

“To my supporters who are intelligent, neutral people that keep an open mind watching us trying to see both sides and enjoy the entertainment of the show, I thank you and I appreciate you. For my cyber bullies who cowardly hide behind their computers with their fake identities yet knowing exactly who I am… I think it’s idiotic for you to say that I was “attacking” a 10-year-old. It is very clear to me who this small group of people are that are saying that. People that create fake new Twitter accounts with very little followers just to insult me, instead of giving me their constructive criticism, as much as that amuses me, I WILL block you. Ironically, it’s the same group of people who write blogs to Bravo to post over and over saying the same thing with the same IPL addresses. Who are the obsessed ones here? You clearly have a lot of extra time on your hands. It’s actually kind of sad. Just know, in this case, you will NEVER convince me that I attacked a child. I know what I know and I know who I am. I am literally an insider to what is really going on. Also, for those of you wanting me to reprimand my daughter for certain things she says on the internet, please take note that my daughter is now an adult. She’s 21 and no longer living at home. Tweet to her yourself if you are that concerned.

Guess what Jac-o Drama queen? Those supporters are the same people that “hide” behind their computers and their identities. Yes, a twitter name like “Pompkin” ( I DON’T KNOW IF THAT IS A REAL TWITTER NAME USING AS AN EXAMPLE) who kisses your ass is NOT a real identity. How the hell are people suppost to confront you? I bet if someone confronted you on the street, you would file a 30 page police report! Maybe 10 % of people who don’t have verified accounts DON’T use their “real identity” on twitter. 

Speaking of people not saying it to one an other, how about your coward ass skipping the reunion, you couldn’t shut up on twitter tho. Don’t go there Jackie-Koo Koo! 

No Wack-O Jac-O  your statement, People that create fake new Twitter accounts with very little followers just to insult me, instead of giving me their constructive criticism, as much as that amuses me, I WILL block you.  So even if it’s constructive, she will block you! Oh Jac! People create the accounts because you block them for saying how they feel. Like it or not, with out the haters, you wouldn’t be on TV.  The haters are viewers you idiot!  You always have something to say, looks like the apple didn’t fall  far from the tree, I’ve seen your Mother’s tweets. I’ll get to that later!  

As far as your “book reading” and the whole Gia situation, YOU WERE OUT OF LINE PERIOD! You knew there was a camera there, you’re the adult, even if Gia was creating drama for the camera, you should of  stopped it! STOP MAKING EXCUSES!  

The whole, “people who write to bravo with the same I.P. address, huh? How would you know that anyhow? Maybe people do that because they don’t see their comment posted.  You say, “ Who are the obsessed ones here? ” No, not “we” YOU are obsessed. Look at Season 1 and 2 with Danielle. You admitted you became obsessed, remember  your epiphany?  

On to Also, for those of you wanting me to reprimand my daughter for certain things she says on the internet, please take note that my daughter is now an adult. She’s 21 and no longer living at home. Tweet to her yourself if you are that concerned.” Remember when people did that last year? You tweeted for people to lay off? LOL! Who’s worse, the viewers, you or your mother’s tweets, I dunno! 

Remember last year when people did and you told people to lay off her with the comments? Just saying!  

#2 Your obsessed (AGAIN) and the apple don’t fall from the tree!

Not only you going to meet Danielle’s ex husband wasn’t creepy enough, (Don’t say she met Dina’s! If Danielle did, he seeked her out! How the hell would she know who he was? I am betting that a conversation got brought up that she had to have her ex husband sign to allow her daughters to film. How would she know that Dina forged her ex’s name? So don’t even go there you FREAK! (I refuse to post a picture here of that)

I recall end of Season 2, your , “epiphany”   blog,

“Not going to lie, my intention was to go into the reunion swinging. I was ready to go to battle and win. I wanted to call Danielle out on every lie that I have caught her in. I wanted to hurt and embarrass her with all the truths that I had learned about her and expose her with all of my collected facts. I wanted her to feel the pain that she had inflicted on me and onto others with the lies she had told and for her to answer to the danger I felt she had put all of us into on many different occasions, in many different forms and levels. My dislike for her had grown so much since the end of filming. I had become bitter and angry toward her. I figured that this was my last chance to put it all out there and make it all known. I came fully prepared and loaded.”

A paragraph later Jac said;

“During the break, we all went back to our corners. I wanted to come back in the game mimicking her just to piss her off. I had enough by that point! I found myself pacing back and forth and swearing. Then I got to thinking some more while I was drinking a Bellini to calm my nerves. I called my husband to vent. I had some time to put out the fire under my ass and reflect on this past year. That’s when I had an epiphany. Why were we here? What was the point of all of this? Why am I allowing someone get me this angry? I was CHOOSING to react.!  (AS YOU ARE NOW and in 2012 can’t STFU about Danielle! 

Not only is Danielle and Teresa wrong in Jac’s eyes, as tweeting weren’t enough,

You post things like that and even posted PRIVATE TEXTS between the two of you! Since they were private, I won’t post them!  Above isn’t even 1/8  of your rants.

Your novel went on:

“All I knew is that I just couldn’t continue living in this negativity and darkness that I was sinking deeper and deeper into. I told Danielle that because of my anger, I was actually starting to take pleasure in retweeting articles that were exposing her for the lies she had told or the troubles that she was in, that had absolutely NOTHING to do with me.”

YOU’RE DOING IT AGAIN! Like I said, the apple don’t fall from the tree. You’re mother is just as bad!

YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN! YOU JUST CAN’T MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND SHUT THE FUCK UP CAN YOU? SO what if Teresa asked for help or whatever! Don’t use that excuse now! You should know of all people not to get involved in others family drama’s. Speaking of that

At one point, Jac has to tell her mom to get off twitter!

I digress at this point, there is 26 pages where you can find tweets of people just responding to Bonnie and she calls them bullying idiots!

#3 DINA!

Dina left or got fired from the show. Only Dina and Bravo knows what happened and that is not up to YOU or anyone else to tell! I do know that since Dina isn’t on the show, she should not HAVE YOU advertising her business. As if you trying ot get her to go over Caroline’s house on Christmas wasn’t bad enough, knowing the tension and stress that WAS ALREADY THERE:

Wack-o Jack-o  adds Danielle to the tweet and says Pay Attention! Why would D look at anything this Psycho tweets?

Then Jac goes on that day and Dina responds. But Jac don’t like it and Jac pisses Dina off. Don’t you think the email above should of been kept PRIVATELY? I do!






I lied, it’s 4 things Jack-O! As far as you saying that shame on Teresa and Joe for laughing at the Greg comment that Joe said! ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT JAC-O?
Some parts of this video was in slow motion it’s only a minute and a half long! Thanks you know who you are, I love you for making this!

With a friend and in law like Jack-O Laurita, these families have no chance of being a family again because she can’t just SHUT THE FUCK UP BECAUSE SHE IS AN OBSESSED TROLL!

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Picture Of The Day

Does this make your heart melt? If it doesn’t, you’re not human!

I made a smaller version as my avi.

The original can be found it my other blog, here  I will change the settings on there, I noticed that alot of  E! crap is taking it over.

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Tribute to Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina accepts award on her mother’s behalf

Tribute to Whitney Houston.

My 2 cents. I think that Bobbi Kristina should of accepted the award with her uncle, Whitney’s brother. Pay attention to what Pat says at the end. My question is, what the hell
are you doing up there then Pat?

For the hell of it

I was surprised to find out that this was pre-recorded , the  NFL’S rule to always have a pre-recorded version sang days before, incase the person singing gets laryngitis or pulls a RoseAnn <- A disgrace, not even funny! You are welcome too see for your self, but I refuse to post it here. I know she made up for it on her show, but it still doesn’t take a way from the fact.

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Oh snap! I got this comment from “This is theft” oddly enough, after I did this post, I decided to do one of my own. I will post my version just to prove a point.

As you can  my versions below this is not the same as S.H.’s

I was able to make Caroline more realistic in one, she’s not as thin as the ORIGINAL  (thanks BobbiNJ that was funny)

Caroline doesn’t have that growth on her face like the one S.H. does

Then I just played around for the hell of it.

Oh, I made Albie’s face younger. (Your Welcome Albie)

At least I credit people if I use their content. #justsaying 


 Remember Stoopidhousewives? She is the one who blocked many of us on twitter because, err I’m not really sure lol or what we did/were supposed to do b/c someone was copying something lol. My goodness gracious. So much has happened since then! I can’t remember what I had for breakfast last week! I can say that I sure do miss S.H. for some reason , this may be why!

She’s funny as hell.

Original Source: CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro Will Be Albie Manzo’s Mommy Forever!!!…I put the actual link and not just like some people do when giving a source and leave us to play the guessing game, like which article, how do I find it out of gazillions of articles on a site. And no, I will not remove the blue strip. I don’t steal others work.

@Stoopidhsewives, This is hilarious, my only question is:

Did someone Photoshop Caroline to look thin?


LMAO! That what you get Caroline MANzo

Ignore this!
I am trying this ping thing out. I want to see if you get pinged.

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What the H? Sunny Hostin addicted to Basket Ball Wives, did I see that right?


UpDate on  Original Post


Sunny Hostin, Former Federal Prosecutor

Last night I was scrolling through to see if there was a verdict in the #TAMMI SMITH trial. I was excited to see my hopefully not soon to be  former favorite @InSession host/ contributor @SunnyHostin  had a twitter account, so I went to see what she had to say. Let me tell you, that excitement turned in to shock and disappointment after I saw this tweet.

Everyone knows that I can’t stand bullies and everyone knows what I think about the whole (non) Basket Ball Wives in general, so out of shock and anger, YES ANGER I tweeted Sunny.  You have to understand that Sunny Hostin is a FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR (someone who gets JUSTICE FOR PEOPLE)  and A WOMAN, for Sunny to say she is “addicted” to Basket Ball Wives obvious means she likes the show, if  Sunny likes the show, that means that Sunny is okay with woman behaving the way these non/ex/BBW wives do. Yes, everyone has a right to like who & what they like and  support what shows they like, BUT WE ALSO HAVE OUR RIGHT TO CALL ATTENTION TO VIOLENCE and call ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT IT! 

Sunny is a former FEDERAL PROSECUTOR, does Sunny not realize when Tami Roman hit Meeka (see pic below )

Does Sunny Hostin know, Meeka Claxton (the ladygetting slapped by Tami Roman in the picture) was let go by V-H1/Shed Media (who ever does the firing) because Meeka wanted to press charges because she injured her and Tami Roman said she wouldn’t return if Meeka was going to press charges and Shed Media/V-H1 chose to keep Tami. The excuse was it’s in the contract meanwhile Tami Roman was going to sue Evelyn and has violated just about everything in her contract (Read Original POST BELOW)  There are other pics on the internet that show the whole disturbing attack, I am uncomfortable as it is even showing the pic above, but I am showing the  picture above and below so maybe, JUST MAYBE @Sunny Hostin can see why so many of us are outraged with the show, MAYBE SUNNY will see why there is a  Petition (click here, make sure you read the responses from some who took the time to list their reasons) and know that V-H1 & Shed Media REWARD this behavior


Bottom line is, NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO PUT THERE HANDS ON YOU! I don’t care that people sign up to do reality shows and sign a contract that says you can’t sue or you may be humiliated, what them contracts don’t say is they, as in Shaunie O’Neal (she is the creator of the show who claims to not have editing power? ) V-H1 (they air the show) Shed Media (they film the show) they will support an aggressor over the victim and play favorites. (AGAIN READ MORE BELOW FROM ORIGINAL POST)

Back to Sunny, I tweeted to @Sunny Hostin after seeing her tweet about #BBW (Angry Tweets) WHICH I AM BLOCKED NOW! 

Of course,  #BBW style, instead of focusing on the REAL ISSUE, @Sunny Hostin replied by telling me to “Watch my language”

I reminded Sunny that my language isn’t 1/2 as bad as the language is in the show that she  is addicted too.  I didn’t curse, okay, I said, WTH AND WTF, but I showed Sunny the LINK ON TAMI’S PAGE where Tami Roman is selling T- Shirts with the saying, “BITCH BITCH and more BITCH Tami Roman xoxo” Does Sunny know where that line originated from?  In the beginning of the season when Keisha met Tami they were all talking & Tami asked Keisha is she was white & told her she looked like a “Kim” with a smirk on her face. The next scene Keisha & Evelyn are talking & Evelyn asked her what she thought of everyone and Keisha told Evelyn that she was uncomfortable with Tami’s comment then Evelyn said she would talk to Tami. So Evelyn did talk to TAMI about it, BUT TAMI, made it out like Keisha was talking behind her back. (I know, this is some straight up middle school s-h you know what) later when they all had lunch, Tami went on with her intimidating self telling Keisha that she should of went to her then TAMI called KEISHA  a “bitch” when Keisha said, “please don’t call me a bitch”  As Tami Roman had a mouthful of food, Tami continued by saying to Keisha, “Bitch, BITCH, BITCH AND SOME MORE BITCH” Look now, Tami is selling T- Shirts with the saying, you can go to her page directly to see this hot-mess your self  if you click the picture below. ! (eye-roll with disgust)

Obviously me saying, “WTH” and “WTF” to Sunny gave her the excuse to not confront the real issue, I find it insulting that Sunny is a FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR  see Wikipedia definition

“Prosecutors are typically lawyers who possess a law degree, and are recognized as legal professionals by the court in which they intend to represent the state (the society) (that is, they have been admitted to the bar).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               They usually only become involved in a criminal case once a suspect has been identified and charges need to be filed. They are typically employed by an office of the government, with safeguards in place to ensure such an office can successfully pursue the prosecution of government officials. Often, multiple offices exist in a single country, especially those countries with federal governments where sovereignty has been bifurcated or devolved in some way. Since prosecutors are backed by the power of the state, they are usually subject to special professional responsibility rules in addition to those binding all lawyers. For example, in the United States, Rule 3.8 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct requires prosecutors to “make timely disclosure to the defense of all evidence or information … that tends to negate the guilt of the accused or mitigates the offense.” Not all U.S. states adopt the model rules, however U.S. Supreme Court cases and other appellate cases have ruled that such disclosure is required. Typical sources of ethical requirements imposed on prosecutors come from appellate court opinions, state or federal court rules, and state or federal statutes (codified laws).”

Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor would support this train wreck circus of a show. So maybe one you all can get through to Sunny. Hey  @StarJonesEsq  maybe you can? Or one of my fabulous followers. No, I am not asking anyone to to be mean, please don’t call Sunny names or anything like that, NO! For that matter, don’t even respond how Shaunie O’Neal would either. I am kicking my self right now for even watching the show #BBW  S1 & S2 thinking that these woman would come to their senses and thinking that Sunny Hostin was my favorite contributor on @InSession All I can say is Thank God that @StarJonesEsq and @WendyWilliams are on our side by not supporting GROWN WOMAN ACTING LIKE ANIMALS! YES, @WendyWilliams HAS USED THAT PHRASE ON HER SHOW WHEN DESCRIBING EVELYN HAULING ACROSS THE TABLE IN AN ATTEMPT TO ASSAULT SOMEONE.–

Other Updates

After public outrage of Tami Roman’s behavior in general and towards Keisha,  Tami is offering Keisha an apology (here)  I don’t know if it was before or after, or what point Keisha was trying to make, but Keisha wrote a blog  and defined the definition of  a “bully” below is from Keisha’s blog post 

Definition of the word “Bully”:



  1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing
  2. A hired ruffian; a thug


  1. To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner
  2. To force one’s way aggressively or by intimidation

 Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gainpower over another person. Once I had a grasp on exactly what bullying was, I wanted to know why?  Why do people bully?  Here is what I found:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Studies have shown that envy and resentment may be motives for bullying.  Research on the self-esteem of bullies has produced equivocal results. While some bullies are arrogant andnarcissistic, others can use bullying as a tool to conceal shame oranxiety or to boost self-esteem: by demeaning others, the abuser feels empowered.”

Keisha goes on to say;

“I asked myself many times, as most victims of bullies do, why me? What did I do to deserve this type of treatment?  The answer is absolutely nothing.  Bullying has nothing to do with the victim and everything to do with the internal struggle of the bully.  Bullies are simply crying out for attention that they cannot receive in other ways.  It is actually quite sad, especially when seen in adults. 

I don’t know if Keisha was trying to say that Tami wasn’t a bully because she accepted her apology, but the definition above describes Tami Roman to the “T”!   Now, Tami Roman   has the nerve .     get this…  Tami is saying that she is being bullied on Social Media. I know, what a joke!  So calling out Tami on  her behavior now is bullying! That calls for a WTF?”  So if  Tami were to be held accountable for her behavior (wishful thinking) Tami would cry foul and say she is being bullied also.  Or say that all  everyone is doing is feeding into an African American (female) losing their job, BUT that didn’t stop Tami from contributing in Meeka Claxton, an African American (Female),  losing her job.  The real Bully is Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada. Can you imagine if someone treated Tami the way she does her cast mates on the show?   “This is the same girl who has uses intimidation, assaulted two (or more) of her cast members, publicly made no apology for her behavior only until the public called Tami on her B.S., Tami has blamed her behavior on her child hood (she is 40 years old mind you) then told another tabloid that she acts this way to feed her family, the same girl who BLAMES Shed Media for showing it (she doesn’t get it, it’s the POINT THAT SHE ACTS THIS WAY AND DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THAT SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO PUT HER HANDS ON ANYONE) This is the same person who  has said so and so saved one of her cast mates by some one else  intervening/ stopping Tami from going after someone hiving excuses for her behavior re capping an episode. Really?  This is a “reality show” where it’s about their lives, we are to asked believe that none of it is scripted.  I can go on and on about how Tami can’t keep her story story straight, but Oh yes Tami went there!

Rumor has it that Tami Roman has deleted her twitter account.  What some of you may not know is now twitter now gives you 30 days to reactivate your account and you can still keep your followers and tweets rather start over like you would of had to before. I have a feeling that Tami will be back sooner than later. That’s if she is even gone. I don’t want to get more upset and look at her tweets, so one of you can let me know.

Shaunie O’Neal

After Shaunie O’Neal replying to critics saying things like, “you talking about it, you must be watching it” Shaunie, Shed Media and V-H1 is promising a more settle season 6. Like many, I say it’s too late for many reasons                 -Shaunie’s attitude in general                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Saying the Viewers like the drama, that’s right Shaunie, blame your viewers. After viewers telling Shaunie not to say that, she then said that the show was bad for her business and just hopes that fans support her.                              -Her treatment of Royce                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -\Shaunie CONSTANTLY feeding in to bullying rather than put a stop to it. Shaunie is the Creator of the show.

Read a  re-cap here from last episode where Tami holds Keisha purse, violates her by going through her purse and Shaunie O’Neal being an instigator hater. I am stopping her because I am disgusted. ! You can also  read here for more and follow the links to get information on what I mentioned in this post and the one below.

From TV TIME Tami says she is being bullied


May 2, 2012Preview Changes

#BBW Basket Bullying Wives uses violence to their favor and supports it!

I am fired up about Basket Ball Wives. Anyone who knows me, knows  I can’t stand is a hypocrite or a bully.  For the past 4 seasons of Basket Ball wives we have watched Evelyn and Tami bully the cast.  By bully, I mean assault and intimidate the other girls to the point where they are afraid to approach them or get excluded from events or even a contract  like Meeka Claxton has. I’ll get on that in a minute.   You would think that this kind of behavior would be unacceptable, right?  Guess what, IT IS ACCEPTABLE! They are rewarded!.  The last two Phyical Altercations Evelyn has had, the one where she nearly hit Shaunie O’Neal in the head with a plate or a bottle. Shaunie decided to reward everyone by saying, “we need a vacation”.   Did I say what the fight was about? The beginning of the season, Kenya and Keisha were talking about who they liked, Kenya said she liked Evelyn although she heard he was loose while going down the list of girls which I imagine was another scene set up by Shed Media. There you go, Kenya said she was loose and Shed Media again set up the scene where Evelyn was to confront her, just as Shed Media set up the scent for Keisha to have a witness to tell Evelyn that for a story line. My gawd, really?  Yes.

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Dana’s Un-Botoxed Forehead.

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Who knows, it could be financial reasons why Dana didn’t have botox. I say, good for you Dana for going Nat-ur-al!  Tell em Dana, you wanted to wear your rented $25k sunglasses on the show instead. Damn, these housewives think … Continue reading

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#BBW Shaunie O’Neal has a different looking nose. Watch out for Evelyn’s vein.

For Shits and giggles, Evelyn’s vein in her head popping when she get’s mad. Look out, she’s gonna get me if security don’t catch her when she jumps in to their arms. 

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#BBW Basket Bullying Wives uses violence to their favor and supports it!

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I am fired up about Basket Ball Wives. Anyone who knows me, knows  I can’t stand is a hypocrite or a bully.  For the past 4 seasons of Basket Ball wives we have watched Evelyn and Tami bully the cast. … Continue reading

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NeNe has a daughter that she has been quiet about??

This one was way tooo funny to pass up.  The picture says it all, thanks Media Take Out that was a good one. Had me going for a minute. Make sure you go to Media Take Out to see the original.



I’ll be back, working on another post.

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Bravo Divorce Curse-#breakupsbybravo

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****UPDATE**** Damn! I can’t stop updating this post.. We have another #breakupbybravo to to bring you.  This one is… Marysol Patton and husband  Philippe Pautesta who wed on the series of Real Housewives of Miami. I hate to say this, but … Continue reading

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Slade Smiley is on to something…

I see it don’t you?


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Bravolebs wish Andy Cohen a Happy Birthday.

Bravolebs wish Andy Cohen A Happy Birthday! Thanks for creating these monsters Mr. Andy

Amy Philips you tube channel

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