This Is Disturbing

I think having all sex offenders register is a great idea. This law was created  by/for/ in honor of  Megan’s Law <-you can click there, it will take you to the Wikipedia for the full version) For those of you that don’t know what Megan’s Law is; It’s where ALL convicted SEX OFFENDERS are registered.  Every state has a website where you can enter your zip code, suspected persons name,  address/city or all and see where convicted sex offenders around you live. They give you a description of the person(s),their home/resident of address and the crimes they committed. They all also make you agree that you won’t use the website to harass the sex offenders (I know what you’re thinking) that you are strictly using it to see what sex offenders live in or around your area. I urge you to check your area, if you are not sure, you go can CLICK HERE FOR A STATE DIRECTORY .  or here That program is great!  But what isn’t great is, now a days, anyone can still get on a plane with out a license or photo I.D. Sure, the person will  get strip searched, but still… In some cases people  just forget to bring their identification or some people just never updated or don’t have either, which I wonder how they get through in life. Naturally if you are a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 and never been to the D.M.V. to get photo i.d. or a license, then they won’t let you on  plane, thank god! However, Home Land security has a copy of everyone’s driver’s license, including yours. Okay, that’s fine, right? Of course it is, but what’s not fine is they have this site where you can look yours up. I looked mine up, like the DMV site, you enter your name, zip etc. Then it will prompt you to enter your date of birth etc. Some might think, well as long as they don’t know my birth day or the other questions they ask to verify it’s you  then I’m fine.. Not so fast. Ever hear of twitter? Some foam at the mouth looking for information on people.  Luckily they do allow you to mark yours private, so no body can look you up.

SIDE TRACK:  My daughter started to fill out job applications (:( She’s getting old) Some she filled out on a computer at the place and other’s had applications that you write on. I was bothered by the one place that we went in to, she asked for an application, and while she was filling it out, someone was also and handed the application to the counter person and just left it sit there. As she was filling out hers, I told her not to fill in her Social Security Number, Driver’s License (In her case, school I.D. #) etc. Here is an example of what I told her to write. (see yellow high lighted area) You don’t have a young child at home? Tell one who does!  I hope everyone tells their kids these days, when they fill out applications to work,  you notice many places still have the generic application like the one above.  do not fill in personal information! If the employer has an issue with it, then your child is better off not working there. He doesn’t need it right then and there, he only needs it for payroll reasons. Your child’s  first job is likely to be a grocery/department/fabric or some kind of store. If they need do do back ground checks, then you will no about it because no one can legally do a back ground check on a child the under age of 18. And if they are doing background checks, this place isn’t for your child to work. Chances are it’s a damn scam. In case some one is dumb founded to why I say to do this? IDENTITY THEFT, HELLO! So back to our great HLS! I urge you to go and mark your’s license/info  private! I am sick to my stomach, who else saw it other than me?  No one on twitter know’s my identity, but damn, there are other psycho’s out there. It’s one thing to be able to look people up through U.S. Search or something, they don’t have their most precious personal info, this is my license, my DL # is on there.  When you fill out credit apps, they ask for your DL #. S.S.# etc. (no you’re S.S. # isn’t on the site) It’s almost like someone having your S.S. #. Here is the site Don’t forget to follow me on twitter before you do MAKE SURE YOU MARK YOUR INFO PRIVATE! 

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7 Responses to This Is Disturbing

  1. Nancy says:

    To be honest, I wasn’t sure about checking my name at the DMV link you gave, I saw you tweet to check someone else’s if not sure, like Michale Salahi, glad I did check..But when you tweet the link, it shows up as it’s this link

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m sorry. The link is on the post.

  3. Nancy says:

    I shouldn’t of said, check for Michale Salahi. If anyone is leery at first, I suggest doing someone else you may know. If you don’t get the spelling right I don’t think it will come up. I just want people to get their name private on that list.

  4. Kathy says:

    Hi Amia, I just wanted to see if you were okay, I am really sorry for what happened, I tried to message you the other night but said your account didn’t exist. Please if you can at least keep in touch. The email I am leaving in the comment box is my email and has my twitter name in it as well. I would of used my twitter name but you closed your account.

  5. Trailing Trash Taylor Armstrong says:

    I love your background picture.

  6. Babs says:

    Are you going to be doing any more posts? I wanted to see if you could do one on Jacqueline, a photo shop one. Thanks.

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