Jacqueline Laurita’s deleted tweets in response to Teresa showing the rest of the texts that Wack-o Jack-O didn’t show..

This is how it started (again) Teresa made an appearance on Anderson Live..

then he invited her back because he was an asshole to her

Yesterday, everyone and their mother blogged about Teresa showing the other half of the texts, but they forgot something….keep reading….

This isn’t Jac’s first time displaying private texts either. She did this last year, but claimed in the texts she was trying to help. (click)

I guess after this last time of Wack-o Jack-O published texts Teresa had enough. (For those of you don’t know why crazy Jac published private info again, read link above at this post! ) Of course, Jac only displayed part of the texts.. And  this was after she tweeted this:

  SAY WHAT JACK-o? Who doesn’t stop????????????????


These are Teresa’s

Okay, that would give me chills also…


…………oh…. okay, Jac just looks crazy…..

Of course, Wacko was pissed! How dare Teresa finally fight back against her via Social Media, Wack-o Jack-O can rant and rant all the time, hell she hasn’t shut up about Teresa for over a year now, and before that it was Danielle. How dare Teresa defends her self.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

If you go look at Wack’s time line. http://twitter.com/jaclaurita   here-1  here-2  here-3  here-4

But what YOU WON’T SEE, BECAUSE “Ms I keep everything Real” deleted them! 

(NOTE- If you open these links and it looks like Wack-o Jack-O has a locked account, that simply means you are blocked. Just sign out of twitter or use another browser to view them) 


First, why is she fighting Melissa’s war? Seriously??

Then for her to say that Teresa’s daughter Gabriella looks like T’s ex?  I always did think G didn’t look like Gia and Milania, but when Audrianna came along, you can see the resemblance. I tweeted this:

What’s really fucked up is, as you can see, this is what made her tweet that, look again.

There is soo many things wrong with her tweet;

  • The texts are recent, recent as in the past month so how could she “edit” them out if you two haven’t been talking? Why the hell would she say that to you last month, everyone knows you would of been showing it.  Like Joe Gorga sharing what Teresa saying that she was afraid Melissa would leave him if she found a richer man, that’s her brother, she told him as a concern, but Joe wanted drama for the show, they promised they would bring her down, he did say that Teresa “has to fall to see what bad she has done” (something like that)
  • I do believe at sometime T did say that to Jack-O! They were friends! Is wacko the only one that is allowed to vent? Apparently to Jacko, yes!
  • Why Is Jack-o saying this on Social Media? WTF is wrong with her?
  • Why is she fighting Melissa’s war with Tree? If she cared about Melissa she wouldn’t tweet shit like that. Teresa never said that on T.V. or social media, just b/c she said it don’t mean we have to know about it.

Then there is this one:


I guess Wacked didn’t like the responses she got from ReTweeting that Teresa is white trash, But Poor Wacko doesn’t realize that once you tweet something it’s there forever.

If you look at the person who tweeted it, (JAC DID RT IT, THAT IS JUST AS BAD AS SAYING IT) this is what it looks like now.

And this is the person who is a voice for Autism! #Disgusing!

No, I don’t condone what Teresa and Joe did regarding their bankrupt situation. I don’t, anyone who knows me, knows I didn’t like Teresa up until this this season. What Wack-o Jack-O fails to realize is, just because their Bankrupt is through their business, fraud is fraud (<–read about Jac’s fraud) ! But Jac can pull the “I’m a Mom” card, how dare Teresa say this or that, but last year on one of many of Jac’s rants, she tweeted this as she was going through court proceeding, I hope Teresa does the same thing when Wack-o and  Dumb-Ass (read if you want) go through their court proceedings. 

What also gets me is, any time Teresa or Danielle fight back, keep in mind, that’s after they had it with Wack-O, this is always her response before she attacks  and after she tweets this, she continues to attack.  This was her response to Danielle;

And her response to Teresa, when she told Anderson that she might go to the police if Jac kept her because it was creepy… Indeed those were creepy tweets.

I bet Wacko deleted those tweets b/c she knew they would be picked up all over social media and didn’t want to be seen in that kind of light.  You know, Wacko has a job making millions (eye-roll) I wonder what this company wants a person like this representing them? No? 


Inquester , Oh no they didn’t  Cestlaviepotpourri. For all Trekkies                     The Chirping Twit  All about Truth  Tamara Tattles Absurd2Sublime  Reality Tea  Wet Paint Famewhorgas Lynn Fam Priscilla

Okay, this person (Real Faux) didnt’ blog yet, but I hope she adds the tweets to her post that everyone missed, the ones Wacko-Jack-O- Deleted!!!

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4 Responses to Jacqueline Laurita’s deleted tweets in response to Teresa showing the rest of the texts that Wack-o Jack-O didn’t show..

  1. I don't belive in unicorns says:

    I love the animations on here.
    I can’t believe that Jacqueline is such a damn coward to delete her tweets. I wonder what her companies are going to think about that?

    I have been trying to comment oh Fame Whorga’s blog and can’t get through. http://famewhorgas.wordpress.com is the right site, right?

    Good Job, keep up the good work.

  2. boston02127 says:

    Love this blog! Thank you.

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