Update on Patti Stanger, Jill Zarin, Caroline (MAN)zo, Pam Dana and Kelly Bensimon

This post was originally intended for an update of   our #breakupsbybravo  since I am tired of linking everyone there and this one is old news, I made a separate post to add some other stuff.

First let’s get this out of the way,

I can’t believe I forgot about @BravoTv ‘s own Millionaire Matchmaker who was never married and called off her engagement  ( at age 48?)  to Fiance Andy Friedman

I present you with 

Andy Friedman and Patti Stanger

Let’s Ping Patti’s site(s) for  the hell of it and piss her off.  Oh wait, she has slaves “help” who manages her sites.

According to her her twitter profile  the site address is

Patttiknows.com but when you click the page, it goes to pattistanger.sheknows.com 

According to her site, this is her new dating site is; http://www.spark.com/?lpid=179  

On her sites, she has “Bravo’s” Millionaire Matchmaker”  Something tells me not everything is peachy. When you have someone who caters to only millionaires, oh wait, that’s right, half of the people who appear on MM are casted through Talent Agency’s, aren’t looking for dates, nor are they millionaires.  Patti claims that her real life clients she would never have of them on T.V. and her “real life clients” aren’t like the ones on T.V.! How much more fake can you get bravo tv? (: lol PING: http://bravotv.com : )

Don’t worry, Patti still has her http://millionairesclub123.com yes that one, where she was asking a Million Dollars a year for advertising. 

For your viewing pleasure, here is a copy of her picture above before editing. (Kinda, made it in to a collage type photo) I never want to look at Patti Stank that long again. Hey, Ha Ha, the bottom left and right, don’t that look like Wacko Jac-o? (Not, Wacky Jacky, you know who you are)

It looks like Jac-o, I know 🙂 !

In Honor of Patti Stanger, I changed my avi 🙂 

In case you haven't seen my time line, I have been practicing on some aps and photo shopping. I hope you like.

Let’s check in with some of our non-housewives first and see what they are up too!

Kelly is being Kelly..

Pam Dana looks in to her Bravo Future

Jill Zarin  is showing up EVERY WHERE and I mean EVERY WHERE and she’s not happy about her Bravo Situation!


Holy Shit!

What the hell, Let’s check in with Caroline MAN Backer!  

As usual, she wants to kill someone, because she is right and everyone is wrong.

Uh-hem, in CarolineBacker’s world that is! 

DonCaroline Managed to make the cover of PlayBoy !

She’s telling the world “F-you” and anyone who will listen..


F us, her kids are perfect! 


Can you imagine how Don Caro is going to haunt the hell out of me?

Of course Don Carol Man let’s everyone know who is in charge! 

Oh, Caroline Manzo won an award From Our President! 


Stay Tuned for A Ramona Coaster Update and we will check in the Countless LuLu!

Get your Calenders Early! 2013 will give an extra month for December of 2012! 


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5 Responses to Update on Patti Stanger, Jill Zarin, Caroline (MAN)zo, Pam Dana and Kelly Bensimon

  1. LOL! You giving these reality women some hell, aren’t you?

  2. Love Reality TV says:

    Girl you’re crazy, in a good way of course. So are you realyounghouswife :p

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