Real or Fake- Scoop on Housewives buying followers, likes on Facebook and You-Tube views.

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There was never a doubt in my mind that that Bravo’s Housewives (Including Andy Cohen and Bethenny) , Celebs, Wanna Be Celebs  don’t buy  twitter followers.  What makes allot of ppl like myself upset is, when confronted or asked, they either lie, act like they’re shocked to hear such a thing.

Prime Example: JILL ZARIN

When Andy Cohen asked her on #WWHL if she bought twitter followers, she (tried too) look stunned and said, “Are you kidding, I didn’t even know you could” Meanwhile, people have been on her ass for some time now lol.

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When I did this post shortly after someone got a hold of me and let me on a few things on how new programs are working. In that same mail message, he told me that you could actually buy face book likes, friends, YOU TUBE VIEWS, RE-tweets etc. I really didn’t think you could buy all that, but when he showed me this google search, I couldn’t believe it. Don’t believe me about people who pay for  Retweets  <- check out that app and the google search link above. I always wondered why  when a certain Wack-o would go on her twitter tantrums and tell all, she would tweet something then, a second later it would say RETWEETED 150 times. lol! Exactly! That’s what it’s for, other people will THINK oh, that many people tweeted it, I should too. FYI, a good way to tell if the RT’s are real, say like if you see 100 RT’s and the person JUST TWEETED IT SECONDS AGO, click on the part on the tweet where it says how many times the tweet was tweeted, it will show you a list of who tweeted it 🙂 

That's why I delete tweets later on.

They are even started to make apps and putting them on i tunes and google play.  You can buy instagram followers too. 

There are some changes that this person informed me as well. One second..

Side Bar:When I did the above posts, this post Chris Laurita joining twitter and got exactly the same amount of followers per minute/hour and all Jac-o did was tweet let’s see how many followers I can get Chris.,, oh.. And Lauren Manzo tweeted, “Follow @Chris_Laurita now”

I thought it was hysterical that Jac-o really thinks we’re dumb and she’s smart. She was aware that we were tweeting pictures of his new followers that all looked like this.

Typical Egg accounts, 0-10 followers, no profile picture. minimal tweets and  usually only followers verified accounts.  At one point b/c Jac-o couldn’t help her self, she tweeted;


She kinda told the truth, Chris may not of paid for them, maybe since her & the Manzo’s gave them good business they may have either comped him 25k followers or (she had) someone in the family bought them, not Chris though.  As far as real, yes, apps and programs are starting to hand make them b/c twitter is trying to weed out the spam bots.

Uh huh..

Yes, let me just say this to you, did you ever wonder how a certain housewife or their KIDS got verified accounts but another housewife didn’t?  @BravoTv markets allot of money with twitter! I read an article similar to  this one that @tweetersmarter tweeted out a while back, this was before I learned all about this stuff and it makes sense.

Back to the new hand made followers.  It’s important to celebs, wanna be celebs and bravo’s real housewives to make their selves appear popular than what they really are, Just look how the apps advertise why it’s important to look popular (I know it’s crazy) there is a huge market for it and twitter would be stupid to not allow it.  However, with the spam bots twitter couldn’t have that. Remember when KathyWakile last year dropped 100k followers in one day? Twitter suspended allot of bots that day.  There are still fake/bot accounts out there that will auto tweet things every so often, then you have eggs, then you have paid follower apps that will load a profile picture and tweet up to so many times a day.   Now those ones are expensive. This so reminds me of when I was in high school and you were considered cool if you had a pager and ppl would have their older friends who graduated;  page them while they were at school.  I always thought that was stupid.  There is allot more to this but this is all I can say now. The article about verified accounts now having to market at least 5k a month, note, I did find that before I found all this out. But as I started to hear more from someone else, it was like the dots were connecting. If you don’t  believe me, all I can say is, “Look Around and pay attention”!. 

Others app companies came out with programs to tell if you have fake followers or not. In the next series of these pages, this is the parent page, I dedicated a page so you can keep track of it all, I’ll show you what their results are for each process. I have been working on this for some time.



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