REAL OR FAKE- How to tell


There are a few programs out there that claim to be able tell if a person has fake followers or not.  I can’t say it’s 100% correct b/c it said 1 % of my followers are fake.  I then got the stats on quite a few of my followers (and people who I no longer talk too just b/c ) and it showed they had fake followers also, but with a low percentage rate but higher than mine.   After I scrolled through my followers, I did see accounts like, OMG Funny Tweets, but I didn’t scroll through each and everyone.   Everyone will attract them at some point, but not at these rates.


Now that these companies are actually making the accounts & selling them for premium prices b/c they have a profile picture and tweet so many times a day and may even follow a few stray accounts b/c of these apps coming out it really is hard to detect. But what I can say is, they are on to something.

Example. Fakers. Let’s Use @BravoAndy @JillZarin  @Bethenny and @DanielleStaub for example.

Twitter Audit         and      Fakers (orange)

(IF hard to see above, Just click through slideshow)

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What fakers failed to realize when they set their app up is when companies started to hand make the account, they showed up as inactive b/c most egg accounts don’t tweet.  Not saying all “inactive” accounts are paid for b/c there are tons of ppl who just take a break from tweeting.  But what most normal ppl don’t do, is open up an account and know to follow only verified accounts.  It took me a couple months to figure twitter out.  You can always go <— Put the persons username in and get their stats, see how many followers they gained in a day etc.  With Danielle, obviously 0% of her followers aren’t fake, BUT Danielle did just add a shit load of followers to her account, I’m talking a 1/4 million followers. See more here at StoopidHousewives



4 Responses to REAL OR FAKE- How to tell

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  3. see my twitpic pages of Jaclaurita a great example of accts that ONLY BUY VERIFIED ACCOUNTS! WHY? ONLY VERIFIED ACCOUNTS BUY THEM!

  4. I will finish this one day, It just sickened me the lengths ppl go through to make their selves look popular!

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