Oh Yes, the psychopath Caroline Manzo went there Tree fans, you better let CarolMan know wuz up

My buddy at http://chirpingtwit.com was telling me about an article that had Caroline Manzo is in talking about how she is obsessed with Monkies. LOL!  It turned out she was actually reading the magazine and not on line so I decided to google it and look what I found.

For the hell of it..

The post http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/caroline-manzo-teresa-giudice-is-a-sociopath-fraud-2012278  is titled,

“Caroline Manzo-Caroline Manzo: Teresa Giudice Is a “Sociopath,” “Fraud”

It reads;

It’s been more than a year since Teresa Giudice‘s Fabulicious cookbook was published, and Giudice’s Real Housewives of New Jersey costar Caroline Manzo is still taking offense over Giudice calling her “as Italian as the Olive Garden” within its pages.

Though Giudice maintained that her comments were good-natured and made in jest, the 51-year-old reality star launched into an epic tirade on Sunday’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, denouncing Giudice as a “sociopath” and a “fraud.”

hings turned ugly for the duo during the final night of their Napa Valley wine country trip, when Giudice’s cousin Kathy Wakile tried to bring Manzo and Giudice together, only to drive them even further apart. “Kathy is really trying to get [Teresa] through her Fabulicious haze, letting her know these people are helping her,” Manzo said Sunday before the fireworks began.

When Manzo, 51, decided to confront Giudice, 40, about her cookbook dig, all hell broke loose. “This is why I want nothing to do with you — you are a disgrace! I’d like to admit what you’ve done to me. Tell me the truth: That you meant to do that to me in the cookbook. Tell me you hate me!”


Giudice continued to insist that her cookbook commentary was a “joke.” “I have more class than you. I can definitely prove it to you on my kids,” Giudice told Manzo. “I’m telling the truth. I don’t know how to lie. I never ever, ever, ever wrote one bad thing about you.”

As Jacqueline Laurita pretended to be asleep during their vicious spat, and Melissa Gorga and Wakile remained silent, Manzo continued to lay into Giudice. “I am just as Italian as Teresa Giudice, but she has that off-the-boat mentality, to be the best,” Manzo reasoned. “She has to look down at everyone. If she’s looking up at you, she’s thinking of a way to take you down. I’m arguing with a sociopath. In Teresa’s mind, it’s her rules. She doesn’t give two s–ts.”

(no pic isn’t included in the article, but it is here 🙂 

Attempting to intervene, Joe Giudice pulled his wife away from the situation, telling her they needed to head to the airport to catch an earlier flight. But even as she walked out the door, Giudice put up a fight against the woman who called her an “ugly human being.”

Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/caroline-manzo-teresa-giudice-is-a-sociopath-fraud-2012278#ixzz25QSbzQDx

Now listen to me, let me tell you something about Caroline Manzo, Oh phuck me, I don’t have all day and you bloggers out there rip her to shreds so much more eloquently than I can. I photoshop, you blog! What ever happened to OPUS? The co she claimed to own in Season 1?

Google: “Caroline Manzo Opus, there are a ton of links to it. Matter infact, on Caroline’s Season 1 bio it was mentioned also.

Get her bloggers!

All About TRH 

Fame Whoregas

The chirping twit 


Hey Tamara, I know you isn’t no Tree Fan, but girl, you gots to admit, CarolMan has gots some nerve here..

Tamara Tattles

You too




Oh yeah, Caroline is coming out with a book in March of 2013, I hope this don’t mean Season 5 will start around then and we the  viewers are stuck with the Manzo’s for another season, We can’t take this shit no longer. Finally after getting rejected so many times, but she is claiming her “fans’ wanted her too, it wasn’t her idea.  That lying sack of shit. Greggy Bennet and twiteer egg account that the Manzo make don’t equal fans. I’ll guess I’ll do to Caroline’s book What I did with Jill Zarin’s book  

For the hell of it, let’s look at CarolMan some more!


As usual, she wants to kill someone, because she is right and everyone is wrong.

Uh-hem, in CarolineBacker’s world that is! 

DonCaroline Managed to make the cover of PlayBoy !

She’s telling the world “F-you” and anyone who will listen..


F us, her kids are perfect! 


Can you imagine how Don Caro is going to haunt the hell out of me?

Of course Don Carol Man let’s everyone know who is in charge! 

Oh, Caroline Manzo won an award From Our President! 


Even Bravo embarrassed her! This was on Bravo’s front page one day and I captured it 🙂

Next time CarolMan cries and says her kids didn’t sign up for this, remind her of her foul mouthed daughter!

Oh, if anyone finds that article that Chirp was talking about, if there is a copy on line please let me know!

Don’t forget to check out


they are doing a good job over there!

Kudo’s to you ladies! 

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4 Responses to Oh Yes, the psychopath Caroline Manzo went there Tree fans, you better let CarolMan know wuz up

  1. disgrazia4 says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout out to lynnfam!! They are doing a great job and so are you. What a hoot your blog is! I’m going to share it with the LynnNChicago Facebook page. Caro can say whatever she will say, I think you’ve captured her true essence. Have you seen the tags and discussions for her book? Click this link and scroll down.


  2. I saw that, lol. Goodness gracious, I love how she acts like her arm was twisted to write it when she was denied from publishers before lol.

  3. Rushinwater says:

    It`s about time we have a spot where we can do what has long been coming,a place that give`s Caroline all she has earned.Nothing makes the heart happier then to spew coffee on your keyboard while laughing at Caroline.

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