RHOCOMIX and a short message to anyone who cares lol

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Photo Credit: RHOCOMIX

Special thanks to FAMEWHORGAS  STOOPID HOUSEWIVES and  RHOCOMIX for bringing attention to “My jetski floated away” I am so glad that others frickin GET IT! 

I am not proud of my language that I used on my last post, I can begin or even want to re hash it, but I will say, sometimes when people don’t “get it” and use any excuse or reason to try to twist it, I have no patience for that what so ever.

Just to clarify ONE MORE TIME, I never care if someone uses my stuff, the more the merrier! We aren’t taking banking information off people!   If it weren’t for some other bloggers, I wouldn’t be able to find some of the stuff! That even goes for people who like a housewives that I can’t stand!  I would never judge a person just b/c they like a certain housewife. We were just floored that so called fan site used it to shine this person in a good light. So we figured, well if they’re gonna use it for that, why not put the message on it that they are choosing not to see. I wish the link/video would of stayed the same! Believe me!  Actually one time someone took it upon their self when I did a post about another RHNJ and another blogger used what I posted, this person took it upon her self to yell at that blogger. That infuriated me. I didn’t care that blogger used it, I was happy they did! Then it means the more people know about it! I never intended this site to be blog posts, actually Mickey Mouth inspired me a bit. I even asked her first if she minded I kinda copy off her. (see her blog, she is extremely talented) I was just going to post pictures until I started to notice some things, such as: Jill Zarin selling her disgusting shoes on Ebaythen came the Wakiles and Gorga’s. FYI, I only started to support Teresa this season. I saw past the bull shit in Melissa’s blog, “I just wanted my big sister back” in her bravo blogs! Ugh, not even going there!

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3 Responses to RHOCOMIX and a short message to anyone who cares lol

  1. RHOcomix says:

    Photo, u can repost my stuff anytime. As you pointed out so well, that means other people are seeing it. Love your stuff. And thanks for the support.

  2. likesphotoshop says:

  3. likesphotoshop says:

    RHO, both have under painting effect (above comment with pictures) and the top one if one of many frames that befunky has. just showing you as example! ur comix are so damm funny! I love them! I put you on my blog roll. oh & I think u should do some comix (it’s not funny lol, I know but sure says something lol) about the #breakupbybravo https://photoshoppedpics.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/bravo-divorce-curse-2/

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