Silex on Couples Therapy

Did you watch #Couples-Therapy last night? Me neither.
There have been rumblings about which celebrities would be appearing on season two of VH1′s successful relationship rehab show Couples Therapy, and we’re happy to announce that finally, we can reveal all the participants. The new cast of couples will consist of seventeen-year-oldCourtney Stodden and her 52-year-old husband Doug HutchisonReal Housewives Of New York stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, R and B singer JoJo of K-Ci and JoJo, and his wife Tiny, rapper Too Short and his longtime girlfriend Monica Payne, and Bachelorstar Shayne Lamas and her husband, Nik Richie.”

Photo (Credits): Vh-1

Vh-1 has a blog about why Silex is on couples therapy. (Hmm, I just don’t buy this)

A lot of people have wondered why a couple like Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, who that seemingly have each others backs and went through a reality TV battlefield on The Real Housewives Of New York would appear on yet another show, especially one called Couples Therapy. And today, we have an answer. “It just got the point where we weren’t being nice to each other,” McCord explains during her appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live today. She, van Kempen, and the resident therapist of the series, Dr. Jenn Berman, were all on the morning to discuss the brand new series. “You need to be nice to your best friend.”

(Video is on the page linked below) The embedded code not working, oh well)

 “It was a matter of marriage and divorce…we both want our children to grow up with two loving parents in the same house,” van Kempen added.

Berman elaborated, saying “These two came in very aggressive, very hostile toward each other, poking at each other in ways that they didn’t even realize they were doing,” but fortunately therapy has changed them”.. Read more HERE

Of course, Bravo Style, (or is Bravo Style? Did other shows have cast members Re-Cap?) 

Alex Says:

I’m trying to think of a witty opening line welcoming our amazing followers to a new show and network, but I didn’t sleep last night and I’ve got nothing, so let’s just get to it…

I don’t think Simon or I knew what to expect from this experience; both of us came in with skepticism and a whole Kevlar suit of self-protection. I’ll let him speak for himself though on his own blog and give you my thoughts.

The day we arrived in the house, another Housewives divorce had been announced. For the previous four years we’d been dealing with shadow personalities created for us in an editing suite based on a collage of soundbites pulled at random. Was it really us? Yes and no…timing and context can really change meaning. There was enough “no” to stress us out to a breaking point. We had to turn our professional lives and careers completely inside out, and we started taking it out on each other. In an effort to protect each other and our children from the aftermath, we were taking bigger and bigger bites out of each other, and you can only do that for so long before you bleed to death. What we have is truly worth fighting for — I want to spend as many years as I have left with my best friend, Simon. Hence, therapy. Yes, it’s on TV. So what? If TV helped us make the mess, why not let TV help clean it up?

This week we met most of the other couples, and during that first meeting I didn’t know whether to laugh, run or light myself on fire. Nik had explained to us what he’d done with the pomegranate juice, and that altercation played out exactly as he described. We bonded with them and with Tiny and JoJo immediately and had jumped into a deep conversation right off the bat, when the Hutchisons arrived. It was interesting to hear Courtney say “Let’s start some drama” as they walked over. We hadn’t heard that. Doubly interesting to hear Doug ask Shayne why she wasn’t putting on a show. Yes, we were being filmed, but this experience was not supposed to be about putting on a show. I was about to get up and walk away when the fight broke out, and the mom in me launched in between Nik and Doug — we have two rambunctious boys who try to annihilate each other regularly, and these two were just a little taller. Plus I figured neither of them would hit a girl.

Someone on Twitter asked me where the boys were; they were at summer camp and our former nanny moved into our house with her son while we were in California. Being away from them was rough, but as I hope you will see, it was worth it.”

Alex-Read More

Simon Says:

So where do I start??? Each week Alex & I will be alternating blogging each episode on our own website and on the Couples Therapy page on Alex’s Blog for this premiere episode is can be read via this link.

Filming Couples Therapy was such a different experience than filming RHoNY and frankly watching last night’s premiere was such a different experience than watching either of us on Housewives. Although the first episode was mostly, both for the viewers and for the housemates, a exercise in getting-to-know-you, there was some moments mostly in the super tease at the end that were uncomfortable viewing for me. But first lets get on to the stunt casting.

Going into this show Alex & I had many discussions about what we might get out of it and above all wanted it to help right some wrongs that had crept into our relationship. We had watched a couple of episodes of the 1st season and were impressed with Dr Jenn Berman. While we had some interest in who might be cast on the show, first & foremost we were concerned with working on our own relationship. As far as who else might be on the show my biggest concern was that I wanted them too to be in real marriages, with real issues something that I felt some of the 1st season’s cast weren’t (only one couple was married) and in fact six months on none of the 5 couples are still together.

We arrived at the house in the Los Angeles hinterland with some trepidation. The first housemate I spoke to was Nik Richie, and when he mentioned his name a little bell went off in my head …ah ha “This is the guy from” I’d only been on his site once or twice but knew enough about it to know it wasn’t exactly an uplifting website for young women. During our initial discussion Nik told me about his little tantrum (my word, not his) and him pouring pomegranate juice over his mattress. That was sort of a second strike but there was also something gentle about him that seemed at odd with both’s persona as well as the hissy fit he’d just thrown. Shayne soon came up and boy what a highly strung young lady she is, and I’m sure as the season progresses we’ll see much more of that.

JoJo Hailey & his absolutely wonderful wife Tiny joined us on the terrace next and while I had no idea who they were I’ve since heard some of his songs both from JoDeCi and K-Ci & JoJo days and realized I had listened to some of them before.

Not long afterward Doug & Courtney came out to join the six of us and it is interesting to hear them say that they were coming out to “start some drama“. Talk about foreshadowing their own little agenda. I had no idea who either of them were (thankfully I’d never stumbled upon her on the internet) and let’s just say their demeanor when they joined us wasn’t exactly how in normal society one greets people for the first time. As they approached you hear Shayne exclaim and then Doug sits down next to Alex and Courtney ever so appropriately (NOT!) sits on his lap. Who does that?

In the next couple of shots, as the discussion disintegrates into ‘trash’ and ‘is she high‘and accusations of pedophilia, you’ll notice that Alex smartly moves away from the proximity of Doug & Courtney, who had been basically sitting on top of Alex as well, and joins me on the sofa on which I was sitting.

Next Doug’s out of his chair threatening to hit Nik, and Alex, the ever experienced Mom of two young boys, intercedes before punches are thrown. While she’s done this before with our two sons, I think this is the first with two grown men; although in all instances all four males have been shorter than her! ;-)

Prior to going into the first Group Session which you see towards the end of the first episode, the eight of us had tried to sit down to dinner together. Shayne & I had spoken to Courtney and asked her to dress appropriately for dinner. In our house our children have to have their chests covered at the dining table, and frankly asking Courtney to do the same didn’t seem to be too much of an ask. But it was and she refused to wear anything more than what was basically a bikini top.

In that first Group Session, that wrapped up the episode, it seems that I stay pretty quiet, however what you didn’t see is me really having a go at Dr Jenn (although to be fair she’s not the show’s casting Director) about Doug & Courtney being on the show. It’s obvious to anyone why they are on the show; they came in with an agenda to make noise and so far are succeeding in so doing. Dr Jenn states she’s amazed at our collective hostility towards Doug & Courtney but even from what little of that first day that was shown in this episode (and a lot more went down in the six hours between their arrival and this Group Session), Blind Freddy can see that they are in this to stir things rather than as Alex & I were doing trying to concentrate on their marriage.

If you haven’t yet seen this interview that Alex and I gave this week to Celebuzz here’s the video where we discus a little about being on the show.

(VIDEO IN POST) Simon- Read More 

If you’re interested in the other couples in Couples Therapy this season (I’m not, sorry, I don’t think it’s a good idea to go on National Television for things like this, but that’s just my opinion) you can read it about them below;

Read about 5 most Dramatic Moments of this season here 



All photo’s. links and video’s (don’t seem to work) are credit to vh-1. All you VH-1!~


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  1. Sandy says:

    These two are so pathetic.

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