Oh Gorga

Hell with it, I said I wasn’t gonna blog about her (again) but she likes the attention so, I’ll give it to her!

Dear Melissa Gorga,

Here is the tweet I sent you!


@MelissaGorga hey @realitytea did a gr8 recap (called all hw out)
“Also for all Melissa Gorga’s insistence that she is the “victim,” that is nonsense. Melissa is no victim; she clawed her way onto this show and allowed jealousy and quest for fame to lead her to a dark place. She did contact Danielle Staub and conspired with her! That’s some dastardly behavior, right there! Soap opera level.

All housewives were called out.
Read More:

I had this in my drafts. I don’t want to do (another) blog about you. I have given you too much attention, like others have. I couldn’t believe my stats. Of course T’s is always higher, but they are only high when she is involved if you’re involved.

-You sure did contact Danielle Staub, you brought Danielle’s favorite cookies to Teresa’s house. Then you went on a rant how Tree threw them away.

How would of Danielle known who Joey was let along [sic] you. If Danielle would of reached out to you, (LOL OMG YOU’RE SUCH A LIAR) I’m sure it wouldn’t be through face book.

-Side Note: Just like how you and your sisters were live tweeting during Season 2 reunion when D said them things, you and your sisters were tweeting things like, “yes!” “oooo hit a nerve” etc. You realize that is all on record right?

-It was actually funny that you brought them to Teresa’s house, but sadly your lies (that you have a hard time keeping straight) are catching up to you. It’s clear that you have done nothing but LIE AND DECEIVE VIEWERS!

-You did your rant after season 1, you also bitched that you weren’t included in anything. (Yeah, your 1 st Bravo Blog.. Narcissism comes to mind)
your words exactly;

(You tried your best to make sure ppl knew who you were, you’re really pathetic)
There were 6 episodes season 1. All the drama surrounded around Danielle (which made you contact her) Funny, Season 2 Danielle knew some personal things about Tree. Plenty of family scenes weren’t showed that were filmed. How do you think those people feel. I wonder if you knew that, if you still would of been the back stabbing, lying, conniving sister in law.
Side Note- According to body language experts, when you start a sentence off with “honestly” when answering a question,( ie. Andy asking why you were moving” your answer was: Honestly,….. )sign of deception, just an FYI!

Rather T purposely chose to keep you out or not, it’s clear why she did, you have and had the vendetta to “out” her and destroy her. That is the only reason why Bravo brought you on. We the viewers know all about produced Drama! REMEMBER SOMETHING, AS YOU PLAY VICTIM, THE LAST EPISODE, WHEN YOU WERE AT THAT TABLE, SECURITY WAS AROUND YOU, NO ONE WAS JUST PERMITTED TO COME UP TO YOUR TABLE, THINK ABOUT THIS, ONLY BRAVO (AND PRODUCTION COMPANY) COULD APPROVE WHO APPROACHED YOU LADIES!

You waned to out her for what?
The issues you have with her? IT was no secret that you two didn’t get along. If anything T did you a favor by not talking about it. See excerpt from your sick blog above.

More lies.

-Your kids don’t go to the same school either. You know why you HAVE to sell that house.

-YOU and your husband got a construction loan that you used for a warehouse etc. YOU AND THE WORLD KNOWS THAT IS NOT THE REASON! DOCUMENTS DON’T LIE!

Read: Melissa says she pays her bills

Real quick, speaking of family, shame on you for bringing your daughter in this.
The best part is, you tweeted,


(Lysa, you tweeting that you changed his password? I bet you always dreamed of what it’s like to tweet from a verified account don’t you)
ONE IS HIS FIRST TWEETS ABOUT RHNJ, was misspelled and butchered. Worse than my grammar. Joe always needs you to read things to him. I think you know where I’m getting at.
If you bitch that T has a writer for her blog, but look what you and your fame whore sisters tweet from his account.

You really should for your self, not T, not Joe, not Wack-O Jack-O, ever your sisters that are trying to pry their way in through you, do this for your own sake, STOP underestimating your supporters. They are not stupid, they will catch on like I did. Remember when I supported you? I still have your dm BTW! You thanked me via dm when I called Teresa a bitch last season. Your actions uncover your lies, not Teresa.

I imagine your PR team gets commission when you do your magazines b/c no PR team in their right mind would have a client go on record and say what you did in your US WEEKLY semi cover.

All it proves is, (since it didn’t happen on camera) shows that you had the plan to (TRY) to destroy her, by you and your man saying things that happened months ago is sad. AT least T didn’t (don’t) go on blogs and trash you under other names like JPG. OR RT BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU CONSTANTLY! Her blog this week was great! As you said in your first Bravo blog, you talked about “karma” You know what I’m talking about.
Yes, she does say

-Funny, your sisters were dumb enough back then to use THEIR NAMES before anyone knew who they were. THEN IN 2008, you also commented on common ground, that you thought they made a bad choice picking Teresa and should of picked her sister in law.

Also, by you not addressing the arrest record, (which I’m surprised you didn’t blame Teresa getting out (Maybe that’s why you didn’t address it)) shows that you’re hoping everyone will just forget. So, before you try to pull skeletons out of other’s closets, you should look at your own first.

I can’t imagine living my life like you have been. You’re def On Display but think about how you got there. And yes, it was hard work, but it was hard work by bashing your husband’s family.
I really feel bad for you Melissa Marco Gorga. I really do

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One Response to Oh Gorga

  1. embee says:

    Your personal experiences with Melissa make this blog fascinating. Glad you saw the light about her.
    Does she really post as “JPG”? I visit a website and there is an anti-teresa poster there who uses that name.
    I really enjoy your artwork and your point of view.

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