Dear Jacqueline Laurita… STFU JAC-O!


Sorry, I am late on this because the person in editing is slow!

LMAO! I aint got no editor, I was sending instructions to my friend on what to put and edit the video below.

As you all know, @Jaclaurita writes novels for blogs.  Rather than address every fucked up thing she said, I will just address 3 things! If you haven’t read it, it’s here!

Here we go.


Jac says:

“To my supporters who are intelligent, neutral people that keep an open mind watching us trying to see both sides and enjoy the entertainment of the show, I thank you and I appreciate you. For my cyber bullies who cowardly hide behind their computers with their fake identities yet knowing exactly who I am… I think it’s idiotic for you to say that I was “attacking” a 10-year-old. It is very clear to me who this small group of people are that are saying that. People that create fake new Twitter accounts with very little followers just to insult me, instead of giving me their constructive criticism, as much as that amuses me, I WILL block you. Ironically, it’s the same group of people who write blogs to Bravo to post over and over saying the same thing with the same IPL addresses. Who are the obsessed ones here? You clearly have a lot of extra time on your hands. It’s actually kind of sad. Just know, in this case, you will NEVER convince me that I attacked a child. I know what I know and I know who I am. I am literally an insider to what is really going on. Also, for those of you wanting me to reprimand my daughter for certain things she says on the internet, please take note that my daughter is now an adult. She’s 21 and no longer living at home. Tweet to her yourself if you are that concerned.

Guess what Jac-o Drama queen? Those supporters are the same people that “hide” behind their computers and their identities. Yes, a twitter name like “Pompkin” ( I DON’T KNOW IF THAT IS A REAL TWITTER NAME USING AS AN EXAMPLE) who kisses your ass is NOT a real identity. How the hell are people suppost to confront you? I bet if someone confronted you on the street, you would file a 30 page police report! Maybe 10 % of people who don’t have verified accounts DON’T use their “real identity” on twitter. 

Speaking of people not saying it to one an other, how about your coward ass skipping the reunion, you couldn’t shut up on twitter tho. Don’t go there Jackie-Koo Koo! 

No Wack-O Jac-O  your statement, People that create fake new Twitter accounts with very little followers just to insult me, instead of giving me their constructive criticism, as much as that amuses me, I WILL block you.  So even if it’s constructive, she will block you! Oh Jac! People create the accounts because you block them for saying how they feel. Like it or not, with out the haters, you wouldn’t be on TV.  The haters are viewers you idiot!  You always have something to say, looks like the apple didn’t fall  far from the tree, I’ve seen your Mother’s tweets. I’ll get to that later!  

As far as your “book reading” and the whole Gia situation, YOU WERE OUT OF LINE PERIOD! You knew there was a camera there, you’re the adult, even if Gia was creating drama for the camera, you should of  stopped it! STOP MAKING EXCUSES!  

The whole, “people who write to bravo with the same I.P. address, huh? How would you know that anyhow? Maybe people do that because they don’t see their comment posted.  You say, “ Who are the obsessed ones here? ” No, not “we” YOU are obsessed. Look at Season 1 and 2 with Danielle. You admitted you became obsessed, remember  your epiphany?  

On to Also, for those of you wanting me to reprimand my daughter for certain things she says on the internet, please take note that my daughter is now an adult. She’s 21 and no longer living at home. Tweet to her yourself if you are that concerned.” Remember when people did that last year? You tweeted for people to lay off? LOL! Who’s worse, the viewers, you or your mother’s tweets, I dunno! 

Remember last year when people did and you told people to lay off her with the comments? Just saying!  

#2 Your obsessed (AGAIN) and the apple don’t fall from the tree!

Not only you going to meet Danielle’s ex husband wasn’t creepy enough, (Don’t say she met Dina’s! If Danielle did, he seeked her out! How the hell would she know who he was? I am betting that a conversation got brought up that she had to have her ex husband sign to allow her daughters to film. How would she know that Dina forged her ex’s name? So don’t even go there you FREAK! (I refuse to post a picture here of that)

I recall end of Season 2, your , “epiphany”   blog,

“Not going to lie, my intention was to go into the reunion swinging. I was ready to go to battle and win. I wanted to call Danielle out on every lie that I have caught her in. I wanted to hurt and embarrass her with all the truths that I had learned about her and expose her with all of my collected facts. I wanted her to feel the pain that she had inflicted on me and onto others with the lies she had told and for her to answer to the danger I felt she had put all of us into on many different occasions, in many different forms and levels. My dislike for her had grown so much since the end of filming. I had become bitter and angry toward her. I figured that this was my last chance to put it all out there and make it all known. I came fully prepared and loaded.”

A paragraph later Jac said;

“During the break, we all went back to our corners. I wanted to come back in the game mimicking her just to piss her off. I had enough by that point! I found myself pacing back and forth and swearing. Then I got to thinking some more while I was drinking a Bellini to calm my nerves. I called my husband to vent. I had some time to put out the fire under my ass and reflect on this past year. That’s when I had an epiphany. Why were we here? What was the point of all of this? Why am I allowing someone get me this angry? I was CHOOSING to react.!  (AS YOU ARE NOW and in 2012 can’t STFU about Danielle! 

Not only is Danielle and Teresa wrong in Jac’s eyes, as tweeting weren’t enough,

You post things like that and even posted PRIVATE TEXTS between the two of you! Since they were private, I won’t post them!  Above isn’t even 1/8  of your rants.

Your novel went on:

“All I knew is that I just couldn’t continue living in this negativity and darkness that I was sinking deeper and deeper into. I told Danielle that because of my anger, I was actually starting to take pleasure in retweeting articles that were exposing her for the lies she had told or the troubles that she was in, that had absolutely NOTHING to do with me.”

YOU’RE DOING IT AGAIN! Like I said, the apple don’t fall from the tree. You’re mother is just as bad!

YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN! YOU JUST CAN’T MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND SHUT THE FUCK UP CAN YOU? SO what if Teresa asked for help or whatever! Don’t use that excuse now! You should know of all people not to get involved in others family drama’s. Speaking of that

At one point, Jac has to tell her mom to get off twitter!

I digress at this point, there is 26 pages where you can find tweets of people just responding to Bonnie and she calls them bullying idiots!

#3 DINA!

Dina left or got fired from the show. Only Dina and Bravo knows what happened and that is not up to YOU or anyone else to tell! I do know that since Dina isn’t on the show, she should not HAVE YOU advertising her business. As if you trying ot get her to go over Caroline’s house on Christmas wasn’t bad enough, knowing the tension and stress that WAS ALREADY THERE:

Wack-o Jack-o  adds Danielle to the tweet and says Pay Attention! Why would D look at anything this Psycho tweets?

Then Jac goes on that day and Dina responds. But Jac don’t like it and Jac pisses Dina off. Don’t you think the email above should of been kept PRIVATELY? I do!






I lied, it’s 4 things Jack-O! As far as you saying that shame on Teresa and Joe for laughing at the Greg comment that Joe said! ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT JAC-O?
Some parts of this video was in slow motion it’s only a minute and a half long! Thanks you know who you are, I love you for making this!

With a friend and in law like Jack-O Laurita, these families have no chance of being a family again because she can’t just SHUT THE FUCK UP BECAUSE SHE IS AN OBSESSED TROLL!

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17 Responses to Dear Jacqueline Laurita… STFU JAC-O!

  1. Grammy8 says:

    Wow! Jacqo must be thinking…”The truth hurts”….Good job

  2. Wow- great job pulling all this together. The video was very telling, wasn’t it?

  3. MOMMAHURLEY says:

    Not gonna lie. It’s a little disturbing seeing my name here… as I never even heard of BGrippe before she started tweeting me in a bullying manner. No matter how nice I was, or reasonable, or just presented the fact that I was unhappy with the way a Child was treated… she kept tweeting me back hateful things. Then she made the statement that Jac, was asked to cause trouble for Teresa on the show…by BRAVO. That’s when Jac finally stepped in and told her to stay off of Twitter.

    Oh and Jacqueline, I have always had a problem with your treatment of your own daughter since the very first episode of the very first season. You had a whiney immature approach that told me, that this child hadn’t have a chance in hell of becomming the best she could be. When your own mother exposes your failings to an entire national autdience… that’s pretty unforgivable. Ashlee desperately wanted her mothers attention, but got expensive gifts instead, and criticism, and scarcasm. Not to mention a healthy dose of “feel sorry for mommy that my life was ruined by you”… Ashlee is an adult now, yes, but she’s caught in a suspended adolescence due to the damage of her upbringing. She still wants mommies approval, and supports her mom, just the way she did with Danielle by attacking her mother’s enemies! Which lately is Teresa. This is the classic problem of a child who needed attention and limits, but got ignored, and pascified, settling for negative attention, rather than no attention at all. She’s still caught in that trap. It’s sad.

    And now let’s discuss Gia. You say Jac, that you didn’t abuse a 10 year old? do you even know the deffinition of abuse? there are 4 primary kinds of abuse, and all are equally detrimental to the psychosocial development of a child. Emotional, Physical, Sexual, and Neglect. what you did to Gia, who was already upset, witnessing her uncle go off for a long period of time, with vile insults just a week prior, then having him pass it off to her, as being equally her mother’s fault… basically negating Gia’s feelings completely, then same uncle cheating, and uncles wife mocking her… She is upset but goes off to calm herself… a sign of emotional maturity, when a child self soothe’s by giving themselves space to calm down…. Jac, and Caro, follow her down, with camera crew in tow, and set out to humiliate and use mockery to shame her. That is legally and morally completely abusive. When Gia asks for her Mother… screams for her Mother, they concentate on the fact that a child is disrespectful and further berate her… I’m sorry, but any child that is being abused has not only the right, but the absolute authority to escape by any means possible. She did so… which is a huge sign of emotional matureity and autonomy.

    Lastly Jac…. I am a very real person, with many many years of education, with advanced degrees in the field of early chldhood education, special education, and early intervention. I am a mandated reporter, which means by law I must report any suspected child abuse… and I would most certainly have reported you, had I been there! You were wrong. It doesn’t matter how many FANS tell you otherwise. Should Teresa decide to press charges, you would most certainly be indited. It’s all on tape! You are not her parent. You have strong negative feelings toward her mother. And you are a completely ineffective and I suspect strongly, as I know the signs and how to spot them, an abusive parent yourself. Caroline backing you up was also criminallly emotionally abusive.

    I don’t care about whatever percieved argument you think you have with Teresa. Leave the Children Alone!

    • Do you want me to scratch out your name hon? What’s ur twitter name?

      • EnterTheRealWorld says:

        I love all the women on the show and see both their positive and negative sides but have to diss agree with the Gia situation. That child has no boundaries and needs a good spanking. I’m not sure how you people were raised but when growing up if I even thought about speaking to an adult the way she did I wouldn’t have been able to sit for a month. Jac and Caroline tried talking to that child calmly but all she did was scream and yell, If you want your mother than go find her don’t scream and demand for an adult to do it for you. She needs to know her role, she is a child and will be treated like one especially when she acts the way she does. Also she should have no knowledge of her mother and uncles fight, she is a child and has no reason being involved in adult business. Teresa is out of line for involving her child in adult business. Mommahurley obviously doesn’t know what true emotional abuse is, I don’t know maybe her world is full of rainbows and lollipops if she thinks this is emotional abuse.

  4. PoopsieGetRight says:

    This is the first time I have read this blog and I am so glad I found it. The video shows exactly what the public has been saying and the Manzo/Laurita family is denying. Chris laughed, just own it and move on. I am actually uncomfortable with Jac’s twitter antics, oh and her mother, I don’t even think she realizes how crazy she looks. The sad part is that even if Jac saw this blog and read each line (while sober), she still wouldn’t even comprehend what you are trying to tell her. She would still run her mouth (well run her fingers across the keyboard on twitter) to continue letting the public know “her truth.” Gag me with a spoon.

  5. iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper) says:

    Great job, missed the drama about who was laughing. On original viewing I knew Greg wasn’t happy but then again, he has made it his mission in life to hate on Teresa and worship MeGo and never have we heard any reasons as to why he feels this way. Don’t recall when he was first being shown on the show that he had an issue with Joe or Teresa. Suspect it is Don Caro who is poisoning his mind….he lives in the shadow of the Manzo as his source of self identity.

    Had no idea Chris and Jac laughed and enjoyed Juicy’s dig but why am I not surprised? Jac is pathetic, has no mind of her own, is controlled by Don Caro and obviously sucks at parenting.

    • I agree with CarolineBacker, (this time only I agree with her) I don’t think that Joe met it as a gay slur, he’s over grown child that has no filter! I only showed this because Jac said in her blog, “Shame on Joe and Teresa for laughing” and said Chris laughed as a nervous laugh!

  6. melthehound says:

    Well done 😀

  7. The Nebish says:

    Jac… take a step back from the keypad…. chill for a while.. breathe deeply,…. in through your nose out thru your mouth… close your eyes and follow through. in through ur nose out slowley through your mouth..breathe in deeply thru your nose and let a long slow breathe out through your mouth….slowly

  8. I live in the neighborhood says:

    Hey great you should do with with hr daughter. I think the this family needs twitter rehab.

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