Preview, Traylor Trash just released her book

Written by a con artist..

*Legal Disclaimer* There is nothing that can ruin Shana Lynette Hughes Ford Armstrong Taylor reputation by me posting this picture. This is my opinion what the book should of been called. Like Many, I base this on the inconsistencies that Taylor has said her self and showed. I am exercising my right to freedom of speech. RIP Mr. Russel Armstrong.con-artist

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No Photo Shopping or Chopping needed thanks to Jill Zarin selling her dirty shoes

You heard that right! No photo shop needed to display Jill Zarin’s DISGUSTING shoes she has a lady named  Linda selling for her.

Talk about having someone do your dirty work for you.

Lucky Linda was smart enough to make sure all the dirt, toe prints, scuffs and Jill’s name shown on the listing.

Still didn’t see the shoes? Here you go, you can look at them from every angle.

Wouldn’t you just throw these away?

I’m going to go vomit. In the mean time check the rest of Jill’s used items if you dare. 

Thanks Terry Aley Twitter username @rawveggies or click here to visit his site.

Thanks  Bravo for creating this monster.

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Duck Lips

Two things Taylor and Donald Duck have in common:
1. They both have a big mouth (and lips)
2. Both of them are always quacking

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Where are the tears?

How the hell does this woman cry with no tears? Oh, that’s right, she’s really not crying.

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