Jill Zarin: A gift that won’t stop giving!




This started out as a twit-longer, but I don’t know if a twit-longer will be able to handle this much html tags.

We were discussing train wreck Jill Zarin (again)!  Lately Jill has been on a tweet and delete sequel (what else is new?!) while campaigning  a return to #RNHY  suggesting that Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomas and Avivia Drescher ALL  should be fired ALONG WITH WHO  EVER DECIDED  TO GET RID of her [Jill].

Let’s first take a look at how Jill TRIED to convince everyone that Andy Cohen invited her to be on W.W.H.L. — no, Jill didn’t want to be on to be on, it was Andy who “insisted” (wink)


One of many deleted tweet(s) that everyone saw (I think).. Hell with it.. for shits and giggles here you go!


THE EVE WEEKEND of what Jill called the “BIG EVENT”



THEN JILL DECIDED TO TWEET EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER  TELLING THEM TO WATCH HER ON #WWHL. In Jill style; after the episode aired — you guessed it; JILL DELETED ALL  THE TWEETS! (lol)  Jill, when are you going to learn it’s worse to delete tweets than leave them up? You know if you tweeted something; I WILL FIND IT!

What shocked me at the time, Jill  had the nerve to tweet it to Cindy Barshop after Jill got Cindy bumped off on an appearance of the Wendy Williams Show! Jill claimed that she had more “going on” than Cindy did, what a bitch. I mean really, we all know Cindy was boring, how dare Jill make a request like that, shame on Jill and shame on Wendy Williams for allowing it!  Take a look at the tweets to MANY people that Jill tweeted for them to watch.

NO, these are NOT altered. You can go to my backup account @MissAmiaSays2 to see the original tweets.

SOME ONE IS TALKING TO their self. (@skweezcouture is jill lol)

Oh Jill, you have some nerve, you threw a fit when @PinkBerry wouldn’t deliver to you!

TIME OUT! You all heard that Jill secretly recorded the interview, right?   Isn’t it funny how Jill allegedly wanted to sell the whole recording of her appearance on #WWHL to gossip blogs and Avivia’s guest was allegedly kicked out of the reunion for the same thing ? LOL, the gossip blogs according to Wendy Williams turned the tables on Jill and told Andy! THEN JILL’s plan BACKFIRED b/c she wanted to make in to a 90 min segment and answered questions with long answers. #EPICFAIL

(See Video: Length 3 mins and 56 seconds)  ———

Video Credit: The Wendy Williams Show

ME THINKS  Someone was chirping in Avivia’s ear. In #jillusional’s mind, Avivia was her ticket back to #RHNY! Remember before the season started, she said all new #RHNY could dm her if they need help and/or advice? Then she turned around and put up a  Poll (read) on her Facebook Page asking who their least  favorite New Housewife was. (What a bitch) Since then, Jill has been saying that who ever made the decision to get rid of her (and Silex, Kelly and Cindy Barshop) they should be fired. Huh? Really Jill? Did you forget that while #RHNY was running, #RHNJ the never ending season was still running and things like, The Olympics, Presidential and VP debates were going on?

Need a good laugh? Look at the dirty disgusting shoes Jill Zarin had for sale on Ebay!

Uhh Jill, Darling, allow me to explain. Viewers tune in, like they do every weekday night,  to see ANDY COHEN! Sure we wanted to watch you, MAKE AN ASS OUT OF YOUR SELF! You excelled!

Jill also re  tweeted articles about how it was a ratings stunt with her fight Bethenny! So that means the part where she cries when Bethenny is asking her to forgive (her books says according to JIll, I never read it, that you should forgive-read below #1 Reviewer on AMAZON had to say)  her were FAKE TEARS when she said, ” I can’t take the toxcitity (sp) in my life no more”  On #WWHL Jill admitted THE WHOLE THING WAS A STUNT FOR RATINGS! She said she went to Andy’s office and said she was going to make Television history (stop laughing) while Andy advised her that was not a good idea!  She forgot one small thing, SHE FORGOT TO LET BETHENNY IN ON IT! She wonders why B won’t forgive her. I am no B fan either. So all the crying about BAWWBY was fake too.

Nice move Zarin!

While Jill Zarin brags about how she does doesn’t pay for followers and how she has more followers than All or just the new (I forget if it was ALL or just the NEW ) RHNY

FYI: Inactive, when you have a ton of “EGG” accounts like  
Chris and Jac Laurita have a ton of egg accounts that have very little tweets and only follow verified accounts mostly! and like this; 

Did you notice how Jill Looked STUNNED that Andy would ask her if she bought followers? Hmm, that’s funny,  Watch What Crappens (they talk about Jill here, funny you should listen)  Where they mention “paid followers”
Whatever, Jill! Like I said, too bad those eggs never bought your book! While you suggest that the the new #RHNY should be fired and claim you have more paid  followers than they do.. Let’s go down #Memory-Lame on #AmazonGate where you got BUSTED REVIEWING YOUR OWN BOOK!

The review that the  Amazon #1 Reviewer (Poor lady) gave jill. (Updates are included)
1,332 of 1,465 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 starsWhat I expected to be warm and fuzzy was cold and calculating, April 15, 2010
This review is from: Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love (Hardcover)

6-11-10 Jills Blog update: She said “J.Samples is not me on Amazon.” No, we never said J.Samples was, though some speculated. “SUSAN SAUNDERS”, most now know, was the pseudonym you’ll read about below that was found, via website investigators, to come from Jill Zarin’s Amazon account & was used to threaten negative reviewers and post positive reviews. No denial there.

Former update: The website Zap2it just published a great article about Jill Zarin, the author threatening honest reviewers (including me, both here and in a private email threatening me and my cat as insane as that sounds), as well as the websites who busted her writing her own 5 star reviews. If you go to that website just search for “Jill Zarin Amazon-gate” and it should come up. I can’t post links here.

Original update: much has happened after I wrote this review. As you will see in my comments section under my review, someone going by the name of Susan Saunders threatened to have my pet taken because of the bad review and also in a threatening email. Since then, it was uncovered by others that this reviewer was actually Jill Shapiro Zarin herself and she then, coincidentally, removed the 5 star review(s) she wrote for the book (all 15 of them, uncovered as family and friends). Someone took screen shots prior to deletion of her threat and five star review and it can be found on the website called RealityTea as well as many others. How the websites found out? She changed her profile name but forgot to change her personal information in her wish list from 1999 and beyond mentioning that she is the very Jill Shapiro (name when account was created in her maiden name before 99) with birthday November 30th (she just changed her birthday today on her Facebook) in NY NY mom of Ally Shapiro, wife to Bobby Zarin with many gifts for them added through the years and added family member David Zarin. (There’s more damaging info in my next update, below.) So I now know I was threatened by the author. After this, someone else (and later, me) researched any full name of the five star reviewers and you can see in their comments sections most were determined to be relatives and close personal friends via family pictures on the internet etc, (update: many were deleted after I wrote that sentence.) In all of my years of reviewing, I have never seen this happen or been threatened, much less by an author.

Fortunately, although we are now up to 15 five star reviews erased to try to cover this, there is still proof of this on several websites such as gawker and reality tea. Look in my “comments” section under this review and you will find the comments by Susan Saunders. This was the account she used, created on or before 1999 when the first wish list items were added by Jill under her maiden name. The two items she reviewed (one 3 years ago) coincidentally, is the Real Housewives dvd set which she reviewed back in 2008 (this profile is not something new just created by a “crazy fan”, unless they knew in 1999 when she added the first gift for Bobby Zarin on her wish list, that she was writing a book in 2010) In her review of the Real Housewives DVD she said Jill Zarin was the only reason she watched the show and they’d better keep her on it, and you can also see where she reviewed this book the day of its release then erased the review after all this came out and she was busted. Interestingly, the only 2 things she ever reviewed. Trying to erase the evidence, did not erase this, fortunately.

Now then, back to the original review:
I assure you I went into this with an unbiased review. I did my research and read cover to cover.

First, the relationships chapter basically relates that one should settle…IF he has money. Seriously??? That is a strong premise of the book in many areas…you should marry someone not who you love equally but who “loves you more than you love him”, you “should be in charge of the purse strings or you will never be happy”, etc.

Ironically, on friendship in the book the author suggests that if something happens to hurt your friendship, you should ask for forgiveness 3 times. If that doesn’t work, you need to move on because the sin is on the person who wouldn’t accept your apology and you’ve done all you can. I agree with that. Yet it’s not hard to read about the main author (according to font billing size, Jill Zarin) being down right dirty to a friend who tried to apologize/discuss a predicament and was refuted coldly and rudely by Jill 3 times on camera. Interesting. The sin is on Jill. However, now that the book is out and there are book sales to be made, Jill said she now wants forgiveness for not forgiving (yes, confusing, I know). She is saying she can’t believe this friend will not accept her happily now that it’s convenient for Jill to befriend her again and Ms. Zarin mentions her “hurt” over that…Your book advice says someone in her shoes should move on, Jill. (she asked 3 times and now the sin is on you because you refused her outright tearful begging.) You said “We’re done” 3 times. Plus you called her a “moron” in an interview last week for asking why she was on speaker phone. That doesn’t show that you really want forgiveness, especially because you also said today in an interview that next year will be better without Bethenny on the show because she sucks the oxygen out of the air when she is in a room. Probably two reasons why she doesn’t think you are sincere. Just sayin. How can I follow this advice you write if you yourself think it’s bogus and won’t follow it or openly treat people not in a way a loving “mom figure” exudes to others?

Also, she said in an interview that her daughter is only allowed to fall in love with/or date a certain category of person. I had a hard time with that one too. I don’t think that’s a loving Jewish mother who should, instead, just want her daughter to be happy and find someone who adores her, works hard, doesn’t cheat, doesn’t have addictions, and is a great dad and her daughter adores too? What happened to wanting that for your kid instead? But she isn’t even allowed to DATE someone like that if he doesn’t fit YOUR main goal on what you say will make her life “easier”? For shame.

The book on bulldozing what your child wants in a mate in order to get what you want in a son-in-law, for example, from Lisa: “Of course, my kids would never let me fix them up — they’re still too young to be desperate enough to have their mother set them up on a blind date. But not to worry … I’m out there looking any­way. Who said I needed their permission?”

I hate giving undeserved one star reviews so I had to see for myself if all I read about their “do as I say, not as I do” approach was true as everyone seems to note….because if they actually put together some advice that’s untried or they themselves don’t even believe in, it knocked the book down a notch. So I did research this.

Now back to advice: Her dieting overview just isn’t healthy, nor does it really address the underlying issues of weight gain since she suggests pouring your drink on the food you don’t want to overeat. Not only would most in this economy not see the beauty of that (you COULD also ask the waiter to just box up half in a to go box before it’s served), but I can imagine this one when eating out. Don’t want to be tempted by the rest of your fries on that big order? Pour your glass of wine on it…money is no matter on what that costs…and let the waiter wipe it up, y’all! Wipe away before it gets on your dress! Zarin lovingly dubs the “empty your glass onto your plate or bowl in a restaurant diet” in the book as “Killing your food to stay thin”. I am guessing there won’t be a popular diet book to follow this one or waiters across the US will retaliate, as will all the 5 star restaurants who have to clean all those white tablecloths after Zarin’s food-killing-eating-out suggestion. Bad manners, unkind to waitstaff, disgusting for fellow tablemates to observe, unhealthy eating advice.

How to attract and nab a man? Zarin says it’s not gonna happen unless you wear bright colors. I kid you not. Give the readers some credit here that they are a notch above peacocks or fish because:

1. Ms. Zarin, I respectfully beg to differ. Inner beauty should be worked on first since a mean, negative, dirty and spiteful person dressed in hot pink isn’t gonna fool anyone. If all you had to do to woo someone was to distract them with bright colors then women should wear glitter and all men would be hypnotized. Silly.
2. Angelina Jolie wears mostly black. Enough said.

They are so adament about color that the book says you should NEVER wear black, ever, to anything. Yet everytime they come on tv to talk about the book, one of the authors is in solid black. I don’t get it. Do THEY buy into anything here?

Some of this stuff simply makes no sense to an educated reader.

The book is actually very negative though as well. The authors fight amongst each other and use personal stories to illustrate points…all which seem to be laced with martyrdom. Because of this, I don’t feel it an appropriate motherly pleasure to read or gift..

I wanted to find this warm and loving but it seemed more like a doctrine in many cases that isn’t loving and could be detrimental on several levels. Not to mention it’s been widely reported that it’s for show rather than actual advice the authors themselves believe. Too, the one who worked on getting it published billed her name in larger font size on the book than her mom’s name which was kind of supposed to be advice mainly from her mom, Gloria. Although the book denotes advice from all 3 authors, Zarin notes that it is garnered from all her mom taught her and her sister and then all the writing was compiled and put together by Zarin’s sister, the third author. I would have expected her mom’s name to be billed largest, or her sister’s because of this, yet the name “Jill Zarin” is about 3-4 times the size of mom or sister on the book cover…Ah well…I guess this book isn’t meant to be seen as an equal effort by the 3 writers.

Or someone just feels a bit more “special”.

I’d say be leery and don’t make your daughter marry a rich guy she isn’t attracted to in spite of this advice. If you marry for money, you earn every penny of it because it won’t be easy in any other way other than financially. And learning to eat healthy could be a better skill than wasting wine and the half of steak left on your plate. Nor is it very classy to do that practice in public or at dinner parties. And don’t put out a book and publicly do everything important in an opposite fashion than you preach.

Now there’s some advice backatcha. 🙂

Also, don’t look for insights into Zarin’s show in any way herein or the public drama we’ve seen or heard about. It’s not here. The book concentrates on the 3 author’s experiences not what you see occuring now.

The book price was cut more than 50% after one day (and this is a hardback cover too) after the advance reviews in the papers were out and the book was actually found prior to it’s release in the discount bookstores and now the publisher has dumped what they are already forseeing as an “overstock” of what they printed on the Overstock website. I looked and it is indeed on the Overstock website which is normal to go there after the book has been out for months–but when it happens 3 days after it’s release, while the authors are still doing publicity book tours, the price is sure to go down more—I’d advise waiting if price matters in this economy since the publisher is already expecting to have a large overstock from it’s first printing by the looks of dumping it there after 3 days. I think readers have a bit more clarity than was initially expected into this being filler material rather than eye-opening and believable, I’m sorry to say and that’s the REAL secret.

Ok, to be fair I’ll add some positives: It goes into good detail teaching the Jewish religion to those who may not know, and does give you a glimpse into the lives of the authors, and is a bargain price for a new hardcover.

And a final update? At the website thedailybeast Jill asked the REPORTER to post a glowing review under a pseudonym. This was before “Amazongate” ever happened. She reported on it.

I already have my proof that Zarin is Susan Saunders. Now she says she isn’t some random other reviewer? Red Hering. The name on her account was SUSAN SAUNDERS. And so she says she isn’t J. Samples? What did I tell you months ago? That she would probably create another account after the Susan Saunders Amazongate was uncovered, bring attention to it by behind crazy, (which happened under the J Samples name all over the net) then say “I am not this second account, J. Samples”— but never address nor deny the original account, Susan Saunders?”

Reply that Susan Saunders aka Jill Zarin left. (has since been deleted)

Other reviews below  that have since been deleted that were done by JIll “Susan Saunders” 

No, but it wasn’t Jill…
This goes back to 1999 and early 2000’s!


“Jill Shapiro” Zarin has since took down the ‘Susan Saunders”

Jill/Susan Saunders Wish list

See more: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1XUL2TB97A4WJ/ref=cm_pdp_wish_all_itms

The best of it all is, when Jill published the blog, then deleted, then put it back up, she mentions Dynasty and compares her self to Bobby Ewing (lol, yes she did) Here, read the deleted blog here she talks about “Dallas” Jill/Susan Saunders Wish list

The reviews have since disappeared! After that happened, Jill even had the balls to ask at the Huffington Post to review her book. read lol

A message to Jill!@

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    This was great, very interesting. You put alot of work into all your research. Thank you

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    crack kills

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    just saw you posted this on twitter. lol oh Jeeel!

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    I had to redo this post and most of the comments are missing. There were a 100 comments.

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