Kim Zolciak- The tenant from hell!


The article I linked to straight from the A, a ratings ploy (see below) , I will admit; I didn’t read it thoroughly, I was in a hurry.  I want to say on record; I do think this was a ratings ploy HOWEVER, I don’t think Kendra knew or was given  a heads up!   Why would Kendra want to participate in a media war like this.  She ‘s not trying to be on T.V., Kendra was just helping  Kim out.  Kendra is a talented decorator who has more than enough business to keep her busy and is married to an NBA player; she’s  financially secure, how would this benefit Kendra?

  Also, THERE WAS NEVER NO AGREEMENT FOR KIM TO BUY THE HOUSE.  As I said earlier; it makes no sense to rent a house for a year that you plan on buying.   If Kim tries to turn around and say she was showing Kendra’s house to get a buyer, then that’s  another lie! Why say that if you were going to “buy it”.  After Kim dragged Kendra through the mud via social media and twitter, Kim had the nerve to try to ask Kendra to buy the “over priced Haunted house” (Notice that’s in “quotes”)  after Kim started this shit!  This is why friends shouldn’t do business! Hmm, well KIM shouldn’t do business with anyone, look what she did to her own family. (see below original content)

Kendra Davis’s Beautiful Rental House

I have a friend who lives in Georgia, with the economy some houses did take a hit as far the value, but just b/c an independent appraiser  says one thing, doesn’t mean that’s the value.     But I don’t need to explain that b/c you all know how that works!  The best part is;  KIM’S DREAM HOUSE IS EMPTY! LOL! Kendra makes me L-O-L! She could move anyone it if she wanted too.  Poor lady is probably afraid to rent or sell to anyone after this b.s.  Follow @IamKendraDavis on twitter and give her some love.  She’s very nice but don’t take no crap, why should she?

Tweet from @IamKendraDavis


#LIAR #LIAR Kimmies wig is on fire!

Ever since the DREADED Don’t be Tardy for the Party which in my honest opinion, is the lamest show on Bravo for the simple fact that Kim Zolciak used her own MOTHER/FAMILY for drama  b/c her show lacked… Oh I’m not going there! Really, WTF is so interesting about watching Lazy ass Kim freak out over getting married while acting like a damm dictator and giving orders while Kim really did nothing? Then again,  she did sell out her alleged Child hood BFF for T.V. so why am I not surprised. 

READ: Kim uses her KIDS AS PAWNS with her MOM

What I am surprised (not really) about is; Kim! Kim decided to create more drama  <-read Michelle Brown’s take from straight from the A) for her boring ass show and decided to shine Kendra Davis;  her landlord, in a bad light, yes, the Kendra Davis who busted her ass to get her house decorated in record time for Kim’s ungrateful ass.


I think it was the first episode, (I’m lucky I watched what I did, it was hard to get through, feel free to correct me right or wrong) Kim,  the IMMATURE  home wrecker  twat person she is, when asked about an UNPAID INVOICE THAT KENDRA WAS ENTITLED TOO,  instead of Kim being a responsible adult, Kim avoided Kendra! By avoiding Kendra, Kim decided to make it look like Kendra was harassing her and said; “Everyone else gives me 30 days to pay an invoice. I don’t have time for this”, then had her staff deal with Kendra.   Uhh, Kim do you say that to all your creditors? They don’t give a damm if it’s X-mas!  Then Kim had the NERVE to get mad when Kendra’s husband showed up and wanted to inspect HIS property b/c IT’S WASN’T KIM’S PROPERTY, there were big ass trucks in Kendra’s back yard and gawd knows what the hell they were digging up! (like we can trust BravoTv to show what was actually done) AS A LANDLORD I can tell you they had a right to inspect the property, they gave notice but Kim wanted to play a f’ing game with them.  Truth be told, I bet if the Davis’s would of made a big deal and called the cops they would of got in despite her weak ass security team.

Was Kim pulling a  Jill Zarin  and forgot to give Kendra a heads up?

Of course Kendra Davis spoke up. Media take out has some of the tweets.

FYI: Kendra is  @IamKendraDavis on twitter

Kendra Davis defends her self

You would think that would of shut Kim up, right? No…Twat Kimmie decided to say that Kendra and her husband were looking for publicity. What?  What ever Kim has been smoking to say something so ridiculous, I never want none! Some of Kim’s tweets below in slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note to Kim: Uhh… You were the one running around saying you were gonna be homeless you twat! 

Remember Kim last season said she was moving in her dream house, even her youngest daughter  CRIED when she saw her bedroom, Kim was in heaven in her newly decorated rented house.  I did think it was odd that Kim decided to rent first v/s buying, since she bragged she found her dream house.  She said it was in escrow? Unless rumors are true that BravoTv put up the bill for her to live there while shooting DBTFTP.

After Kim tweeting that Kendra was looking for attention and no one believed her b/c anyone in Kendra’s situation would defend their selves,  Kim went crying to TMZ <–( Read full article) and said: (Kim is the source)

“The sources say the real housewife was renting a giant Georgia mansion with her NFL star husband Kroy Biermann with the intention to buy … but 86’d the plan when an appraiser told her the $3-million list price was overvalued by a million bucks.

When Kim decided to walk away from the deal we’re told the landlord was pissed and took out her anger by publicly trashing the housewife online … claiming she was kicking Kim to the curb.

Kim claims she has never missed one rent payment and the entire ordeal is an attempt by her soon to be ex-landlord to use Kim’s name for her own 15 minutes of fame.

We’re told Kim — fed up with her landlord’s antics — has now decided to voluntarily move out altogether, pay out the rest of the lease, and rent a different house while building the dream pad she really wants.”

Read more: here

Kim’s lame tweets!

Then that crazy ass Kim even was tweeting things like her dream house was haunted:

Again.. Kendra had no choice once again to defend her self and smack TMZ AND KIM <–  (read & see excerpt below) in the face with the TRUTH! As it turned out, TMZ called Kim a liar b/c KENDRA WAS HONORING KIM AND KROY’s notice they gave.  Kroy sent Kendra an email/letter in April saying they would be moving out in June:

Yes Kim, YOU WERE AN ILLEGAL SQUATTER IN KENDRA’S HOUSE, the agreement you signed stated that if you for some reason decided to not buy the property and if you stayed after June 1st- after your lease was up, then you would have to pay a fine of $600 a day!  You signed it!

That’s called Karma Kim, b/c as you were bitching that Kendra and her husband were “throwing you out” you didn’t even the decency to let the HOME OWNERS KNOW there was a  fire on May 25, 2012 and you wonder why Kendra didn’t extend your lease? Good thing you still have that house Big Poppa bought you to live in that you now live in with your husband & kids. Ugh, she’s gross! 

You’re crying to the press after you made an ass out of your self on T.V. b/c you couldn’t be bothered to be a WOMAN and discuss your invoice with Kendra (Michelle Brown got it right; a Ratings Ploy ) after Kendra busted her ass to have the house decorated and paid for everything (Feel for Kendra to correct me if you read this if I’m wrong, no one can believe a damm word Kim says)  then you go against the agreement and decide not to buy the house for what ever reason; you said it was over priced. Let’s say it was,  what the hell gives you the right to act like an irresponsible asshole like that on T.V. ?  Then have the audacity to say that Kendra was looking for publicity? Publicity for what? She was defending her self against you and BRAVO!

How “eviction” came up was by your actions.  You were telling anyone who would listen that Kendra is throwing you out. LIE! She was honoring your email-notice.  Then after the dastardly things you said about Kendra & her family, talking about Mug shots (Yes, Kendra does have one, she got called the N word and Kendra threw coffee at her car, as Kendra said in a tweet, 12 of my peers found me not guilty, can’t say that about you). I’m not even gonna touch on what an asshole you were on R.H.O.A. last night, let alone how ANNOYING you were! But you really expected Kendra to extend the lease after you acted like the asshole you are? Then you’re crying b/c Kendra tweeted you had 48 hours to get out after your media stunt didn’t work?  You’re disgusting! I know you’ll read this KIM  b/c you have google alerts on your  set up, Kim! Your friends and family you once surrounded your self with are dropping like flies, everyone is wrong but you’re right? NOT! Don’t say it’s b/c people are jealous of you, what the hell is there to be jealous of ?  As a property owner, this pisses me off!  Then you sell out your own parents for fake drama on T.V. and get your kids involved? WTF is wrong with you?  You had the nerve to call your own mother a convicted felon, your immature husband has been nothing but rude to your parents, how the hell would he like it if you talked to his parents like that?

I can see it now, if  you get that awful spin off,  I bet you’ll demand your parents if they want to see their grand-kids then they have to reconcile with you on camera.

I did intend to make this more of a detailed post, but I can’t think of that Kim anymore let alone blog about her.

Show @IamKendraDavis some love after putting up with the tenant from hell!  Kendra, I hope you sue this twat! 

The picture that got me blocked by @KimZolciak ! So this is why Kim never revealed her real hair before.

The picture that got me blocked by @KimZolciak ! So this is why Kim never revealed her real hair before. and has more detailed info on The tenant from hell!

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10 Responses to Kim Zolciak- The tenant from hell!

  1. Pink says:

    Love this!! According to Kindra’s twitter timeline-Kim wanted to buy the house and bid a ridiculous offer – Kendra wouldn’t sell or even consider- Kroy would constantly notify Kindra that they were overextended. Kendra knew they would never qualify (credit) and refused to sell to them. That’s what provoked SlutKim to act like the spoiledbrat ass that she showed and of
    course twisting facts each and every minute-cause that bitch can’t tell the truth – ever.

  2. A Bravo Bitch says:

    Just want to clarify; according to Kendra’s twitter, there never was an agreement for Kim to buy the house; it was a rental agreement.
    Kim’s actions get her in trouble. I feel so bad for them kids of hers.
    Speaking of Kroy, if my ex husband would of ever spoke to my mother like that, he would of knocked his teeth out. What the hell ever happened to respect? Guess I’m old school. No, not really, lol!

  3. A Bravo Bitch says:

    Just want to clarify; according to Kendra’s twitter, there never was an agreement for Kim to buy the house; it was a rental agreement.
    Kim’s actions get her in trouble. I feel so bad for them kids of hers.
    Speaking of Kroy, if my ex husband would of ever spoke to my mother like that, he would of knocked his teeth out. What the hell ever happened to respect? Guess I’m old school. No, not really, lol!
    If this posts twice, sorry! :/

  4. Any time someone ever speaks out against any housewife, it’s always according to them, that person is looking for publicity. Kim is a gold digger, plain and simple. If Kroy wasn’t in the NFL, Kim would not be with him.

  5. bravesfan13 says:


    Glad you updated because Kim and Kendra never had an agreement for Kim to buy the house.
    As far as Michelle Brown goes, I really used to enjoy her blogs, but she turned bias and nasty. In the particular article you listed uptop; Michelle is too stupid to understand why Kendra’s followers doubled. Kendra was don’t have them egg accounts you talk to about here Miss Fabulous, lol. Kim and everyother housewife does. Kendra’s followers went up at the time because people hate Kim and what Kim did to Kqenra was wrong! You don’t treat people like that and expect things.

  6. Here is some facts…

    Kendra is paying property taxes on an assessed value of 1.3 million (Haunted Mansion) = see county tax records.

    Kim Z. season #1 was called “Don’t be Tardy for the WEDDING

    Kim Z. season #2 is called “Don’t be Tardy for the PARTY

    Falcons Re-Sign Defensive End Kroy Biermann For 3 Years, $9 Million
    on Mar 5, 2011

    Kroy signed rental agreement with Kendra a month later on April 14, 2011 = Kim states they did not buy at first because Kroy did not have a contract.

  7. Damm girl, you would make a good investigator!

  8. Miss Truthful says:

    9 million ain’t much.. Football players money ain’t promised money.. So, once they stop playing that’s it and when the season is over there is no money.. So, I hope he invested well.

  9. starlahallden says:

    The agreement re. if Kim didn’t buy in sixty days would pay after 60 days, has no year on it, Whenever anyone gets personal about for instance the way Kim deals with her parents that person comes off very narrcassistic. She brought so much much bs to the table about Kim, Kendra seems guilty. What is wrong with testing out a house before buying it. If Kim didn’t believe the house was not the right price she didn’t have to buy it. How does Kendra try to act in the right about being called the n word and throwing coffee at the ladies car. That’s wrong behavior regaurdless. I think Kendra was just wrong and wanted to trash Kim out of vengence.

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