What is the tie with RHOM, Teresa, Andy, Adrianna and Lea Black?

****UPDATE 2*****

The site AllABoutTRH.com got the same email.  They did a post but took it down!  Cache Version below!



Fame Whorga’s and Faux Reality received the same email! 

Something tells me someone at Bravo wants Andy exposed!


I got the strangest e-mail today, here are a few excerpts:

“Andy never really wanted to cast Adriana, let’s face it; she’s not the Miami “Socialite” she sets herself out to be and doesn’t have an enticing story line.”
“Adriana is your typical married her “Sugar Daddy” type of (reality tv) gal. Matter in fact; your previous posts on her past had Miss Andy livid.”

Me:  I agree about Adrianna. What previous posts? I never did any posts on Adrianna? I posted this picture on Twitter and on the  Pictures that never made the posts

“At that time; we were getting so much heat for the Atlanta Gals. R.H.O.M. as you know was never to be a part of the Housewives Franchise.
Remember the horrific; “Miami Social””

                      Me: Yes, I remember Miami Social but I never watched. 

“Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows Miss Andy can’t stand Teresa. Look at Bravo TV website, still has “Teresa’s 15 minutes of fame” and not so nice head-lines about Teresa from the dish section; Again; Andy approves EVERYTHING!”

Me: I believe that.

“Andy hates Teresa so much; he took it up a notch a couple years ago and continues with his game he plays. Andy got Adriana and Lea from R.H.O.M. in on one these games he plays. Sadly it has involved poor little Audriana 😦 You will have to go back and look through Teresa’s bravo blogs; I have to have you do some work.”

                    Me:  I did, I went back to Season 2 & found  MeetBabyAudriana ?

 “Audriana Giudice was born September 14, 2009, at 5:56 p.m. She weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20-1/2 inches long. She doesn’t have a middle name. None of my daughters do. Neither do Joe or I. I made up the name Audriana (I’m sure I’ll hear from a bunch of Audrianas now!Hi! Love love love your name!) I never heard anyone with the name and I liked Adriana, but I wanted it to have the Italian sounding “u” in it, so I just added a “u.” I like pretty and unusual girls names that end in an “a” of course! Audriana is the light of our lives. She just brought so much extra love into our family. The girls just love on her all day long. And she’s such a happy baby!”

“Clearly Adriana knows her name isn’t “Audriana” but she goes along with Andy calling her that and why do think you that is? Other than Adriana (desperately) wanting to be on T.V; it helped Adriana stay around for Season 2 believe it or not. Re Watch the WWHL episode with Adriana on; watch how he calls her “Audriana” more than he would call a person by their name, you’ll notice some other things as well. For Andy; as silly as it sounds and is, when Andy asked Adriana asked if he could call Adriana “Audriana” of course Adriana agreed, Andy’s eyes lit up; he has the mentality of a 6th grader. Notice in Season 1 (and Season 2) Lea Black awkwardly calls Adriana, “Audriana”. Lea has known Adriana before filming “Miami Dinner party”, ( now R.H.O.M. ) Lea knows; “Audriana” is not “Adriana’s” name. Since Teresa thinks she made up the name “Audriana” by Andy calling Adriana “Audriana” it’s one of Andy’s childish ways of getting back at Teresa. It’s really sad that her daughter is used in Andy’s game.”

Me: Interesting……


“Don’t you love how Miss Andy blames “interns” for comments not posting? Imagine going to school in New York, scraping pennies to get by, suddenly you land a chance to intern at NBC; to only monitor a website? Don’t imagine it; it would never happen. Not only would it never happen; it’s preposterous excuse Miss Andy uses when he is asked why some comments aren’t posted. Fact: “interns” are permitted to handle the bravo website ? For the graphic art aspect; Yes! Comments; No! If you’re on “Miss Andy’s “up my ass” list and follow his directions; AN EMPLOYEE is assigned to monitor the comments, which means; Majority of the comments that “Miss Andy” sees fit; gets posted and that employee is considered to be doing a “good job”!”
Me: Old News. 
See Evil Andy in the Background

See Evil Andy in the Background

Now that I do think about it, I do think it’s strange that Andy calls Adrianna “Audrianna” and I can see Andy doing something so evil.  I am surprised that Adrianna never corrected him and told him her name is “Adrianna and not “Audrianna” This is fucked up for Andy to bring in a child on his games. #Asshole

I really hope this isn’t true that Lea calls Adrianna “Audrianna” to please Andy!

To be continued.. I got some work to do.

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16 Responses to What is the tie with RHOM, Teresa, Andy, Adrianna and Lea Black?

  1. Summer says:

    I’m thinking that I hate Andy. Just when I think I might have been wrong about what a jerk he is, I read something like this. It reaffirms every bad thing I think about him. we know his polls are a total fabrication. He is so jealous of Teresa. I don’t know if it’s her popularity or her husband that he wants.

  2. Miss Fabulous says:

    I know, I thought it was weird that he called her that. Like the person says. Adrianna knows her name isn’t Audrianna. I did look at the bravotv site also, there aren’t nice things about Tree there either. Still “15 Mins of Fame Line” & some other bull shit. Grow the fuck up Andy. All b/c Joe made some slurs that HIS GAY friends thought was funny.

  3. I am waiting for one of them to respond. I wish so bad I could say who told me this lol

  4. Nami says:

    He is on my least nerve lately, great observations!

    • I did notice but I guess I never wanted to think it ya know. I remember one time someone tweeting to Andy when Adrainna was on WWHL & someone tweeting to him her name is Adrianna not Audrianna.

  5. I dont watch RHOM so haven’t heard him call her that, but I believe it. Andy seems to be walking a very thin PC rope…it was on a morning show this month he called the boys in the group “One Direction” “twinks” which was explained in written commentary, as a derogatory name for young gay boys used by older gay men. Now, if someone had made that comment on his show he would’ve hung em out to dry, but it’s okay for him to say it?
    He seems to have changed so much. Having A/C, WW (even Kelly & Mark insinuating) Teresa should leave RHONJ – I wonder what else he’ll do. Seems he’s trying to dig her a 6 ft hole (career-wise). Did I not like the few HW shows I still watch so much, I’d quit Bravo altogether. He makes my stomach turn.

    • I know. I can’t stand him. I am looking for all the video’s. IT’s so much work tho. I have heard him plenty of times call Adrianna “Audrianna’ You wouldn’t believe it if I could say who sent me this email. I don’t know why they picked me.
      How about Andy egging ppl on to call Scott Baio a homophobe (sp) (homophobic) b/c him & his wife was upset abt Andy having him play “Guess Who’s Private Parts” on WWHL. I know Scott Baio isn’t for fay marriage etc. That’s Scott’s problem; I just don’t have time to deal w/ ppl like that, BUT WHAT GROWN MAN WANTS TO PLAY a game like that on National T.V. He’s needs to grow the phuck up.

  6. I’m 100% for gay rights, but you cannot cram it down people’s throats & make them agree w/you. Andy’s bullying tactics are going to be counter-effective. People need to respect each other as humans – I think that’s the point he’s trying to make, yet he, himself, fails to do exactly that.

    • ITA! It irks me that ppl don’t think they deserve the same rights, after all they didn’t wake up and say “I’m gonna be gay” but on the other hand, esp. w/2day day & age, ppl don’t g have 2 accept, BUT they should respect them.

      • It goes both ways. It’s like one minority group demanding equality, but thinking it’s okay to be prejudice to the majority because they’re not in the minority. Get it?

        • Sure do! Was just using an example of Andy Cohen. One day 100 yrs from now; ppl will say “can you believe gays couldn’t marry” (hopefully & hopefully sooner than 100 yrs.)
          I get what you mean tho 🙂 Sad what goes on today.

    • You said what I’ve been thinking but too afraid to say aloud. i believe what God says that it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. BUT, I was understanding that some ppl ARE born that way and I had compassion. BUT if Miss Andy thinks that compassion means to EXCUSE ALL lapses of humanity, then he’s making me slip back to my less compassionate side. Miss Andy it is NOT okay to be a bitch just because you are gay. All humans — regardless of whether they like to be on top, on the bottom or sideways, have to practice what they preach — be kind to your fellowman or woman!

  7. Honnie Badger says:

    Wow, just found your site via FauxRealityEntertainment. This is delightful! Great job!

    Jane’s Insane, Praussie and Miss Fabulous, ITA with your observations and opinions above — “co-signing” all three!

  8. MOMMAHURLEY says:

    The thing about Andy is, he’s all about being politically correct when it comes to gays, but he points out, calls out, teases, and downright insults the culturally normal behaviors of the people he employs… He may not like that Joe Guidice makes gay jokes, but in Jersey, they grow up hearing it all the time, It’s culturally acceptable joking… even though they aren’t necessarily Homophobic… it’s a figure of speach! Yet it’s ok for Andy to constantly insinuate that Teresa is stupid, because she makes English language errors, … hello.. he knows full and well, that English was her second language, and she grew up speaking Italian at home. Her first exposure to English was when she started school… and she also resides in Jersey, where it seems they all butcher the English language as a matter of cultural norm. Andy if you want to be respected, you have to show respect. One cultural norm isn’t the same as another, but they all should be respected. What’s right for you may not be right for someone else…to judge it and make fun of it, is no less degrading that someone using what you deem to be Homophobic language, and they hear as, just a saying.. having no meaning other than the moment, and doesn’t influence their greater treatment or acceptance of the people for which it referrs! Get it? Sheesh… He can be so single minded, and only see his own point of view!

    • Hey Mama, thanks for support and comments. I was rlly pissed when Andy insinuated that this was made up, allabouttrh took her post down, i guess it wasn’t the “exclusive” she thought she had.

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