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Kim Zolciak- The tenant from hell!

**UPDATE** The article I linked to straight from the A, a ratings ploy (see below) , I will admit; I didn’t read it thoroughly, I was in a hurry.  I want to say on record; I do think this was … Continue reading

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What is the tie with RHOM, Teresa, Andy, Adrianna and Lea Black?

****UPDATE 2***** The site got the same email.  They did a post but took it down!  Cache Version below! *****UPDATE**** Fame Whorga’s and Faux Reality received the same email!  Something tells me someone at Bravo wants Andy exposed! ————————————————————————————— I got the … Continue reading

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Trash Bag Camille!


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Pictures that never made the posts Part 1

Word Press has a mind of it’s own today, I realize some of these did make it to some posts. but I would select a picture and it would pick another one! The best one is save for last! There … Continue reading

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IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF FLATTERY, Who’s charity is going to RESTORE THE SHORE? Snooki’s or Melissa?

(Yes, “flattery” is spelled “flatery” on purpose! ) SOME ONE ELSE HAD A CHARITY to RESTORE THE SHORE! They (Snooki’s) charity is actually working with a construction company and MTV is hosting a benefit.  Read more at: GOOD JOB … Continue reading

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RHOCOMIX and a short message to anyone who cares lol

Please check out the site RHOCOMIX for more funny posts like this one!   Special thanks to FAMEWHORGAS  STOOPID HOUSEWIVES and  RHOCOMIX for bringing attention to “My jetski floated away” I am so glad that others frickin GET IT!  I am not proud of my language that … Continue reading

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Fame Whoring at a new level!

***UpDate #2*** The commented!  Once again, I want to make sure that people understand.. Just read below! Gorga said; (in the comments at bottom of post)  Submitted on 2012/11/06 at 9:05 pm the video was emailed to us by a … Continue reading

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Jill Zarin: A gift that won’t stop giving!

UPDATE THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED ON MY NEW BLOG! NO WORRIES, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED SINCE.. ~A GIFT THAT WON’T STOP GIVING~  This started out as a twit-longer, but I don’t know if a twit-longer will be able to … Continue reading

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LuLu and Johnny Depp?

This is about as close as LuLu will get to Johnny Depp. Which Would be LuLu dreaming,, For the hell of it..

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Now that they are, On Display! On Display!

Let’s see what “Miss On Display“ is up to other than being a fugitive on the run, i.e. Failure to appear in court, shoplifting and lying on a passport. [Melissa sure has been quiet about that, hasn’t she?] Those of … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Laurita’s deleted tweets in response to Teresa showing the rest of the texts that Wack-o Jack-O didn’t show..

This is how it started (again) Teresa made an appearance on Anderson Live.. then he invited her back because he was an asshole to her Yesterday, everyone and their mother blogged about Teresa showing the other half of the texts, … Continue reading

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Chris Laurita Joins twitter and reaches a new low.

UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF POST! UPDATE! I GOT WACKO JAC-O’s ATTENTION! She’s PISSED! (Check out @Absurd2sublime post on her site about this insane superstar)   Thanks so much4following my husband @chris_laurita We r enjoying seeing how quickly his followers r … Continue reading

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Oh Yes, the psychopath Caroline Manzo went there Tree fans, you better let CarolMan know wuz up

My buddy at was telling me about an article that had Caroline Manzo is in talking about how she is obsessed with Monkies. LOL!  It turned out she was actually reading the magazine and not on line so I … Continue reading

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Just for you @sweeetbea, @JillZarin deleted blog.

Just as I was getting ready to read @realilanaangel blog, that JILL ZARIN in  THIS  deleted that Ilana would not be blogging on, I get this tweet below, and that’s my bea, so here is the deleted blog! @realilanagel blog, but … Continue reading

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***UPDATE*** Oh snap! I got this comment from “This is theft” oddly enough, after I did this post, I decided to do one of my own. I will post my version just to prove a point. As you can  my … Continue reading

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What the H? Sunny Hostin addicted to Basket Ball Wives, did I see that right?

*******************UPDATE************************** UpDate on  Original Post Last night I was scrolling through to see if there was a verdict in the #TAMMI SMITH trial. I was excited to see my hopefully not soon to be  former favorite @InSession host/ contributor @SunnyHostin  had a … Continue reading

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#BBW Basket Bullying Wives uses violence to their favor and supports it!

This gallery contains 10 photos.

I am fired up about Basket Ball Wives. Anyone who knows me, knows  I can’t stand is a hypocrite or a bully.  For the past 4 seasons of Basket Ball wives we have watched Evelyn and Tami bully the cast. … Continue reading

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Bravo Divorce Curse-#breakupsbybravo

This gallery contains 57 photos.

****UPDATE**** Damn! I can’t stop updating this post.. We have another #breakupbybravo to to bring you.  This one is… Marysol Patton and husband  Philippe Pautesta who wed on the series of Real Housewives of Miami. I hate to say this, but … Continue reading

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Slade Smiley is on to something…

I see it don’t you?

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Duck Lips

Two things Taylor and Donald Duck have in common: 1. They both have a big mouth (and lips) 2. Both of them are always quacking

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Where are the tears?

How the hell does this woman cry with no tears? Oh, that’s right, she’s really not crying.

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