Bank of Faye Resnick? Is that where the money went for the books and not Nicole Brown Simpson’s kids as promised?


Remember that scene where Camille says;



Go watch it here again and pay close attention to what Camille says.

I promise, it will be worth your time. You can even catch glimpses of Kyle’s face. I bet you she didn’t practice these poses!

K K8

Go watch!

So, Camille calls her the morally corrupt and Kyle says Camille shouldn’t throw stones, Camille threw a boulder. bla bla bla bla

In that video; Kyle says Faye is like family. (ugh) Also in that video;  Camille said she in fact was in Playboy; Camille made a good point to say that it wasn’t during or after a murder trial. (Of Nicole Brown Simpson’s)

If you want to see those nasty photo’s go here and see them:

The reason Faye got naked did Playboy?

Soul searching?

Of course, it had to come to this. Resnick has already written two books off the murders and has made countless paid appearances. Now, she peddles her flesh to Playboy for a rumored six-figure fee.

But the decision to disrobe wasn’t an easy one for the former coke addict.

“I did a lot of soul-searching,” Resnick tells Playboy readers on the first page of her 10-page, 10-picture spread.

What better way to soul-search than in a mock leopard coat draped casually off the shoulder?

Or lying on her back on the beach looking skyward? Or kneeling in bed with a sheer scarf about the midriff?

See Resnick searching for her soul while leaning over a wrought iron gate. Or perhaps most revealing, pressed against a full-length baroque mirror.

Resnick says she had been in somewhat of a funk before Playboy offered her the opportunity to front its March issue.

“I had lost my sense of joy,” she explains in the magazine. “It was part of my reawakening.”

Read more here:

Faye also wrote two books;

The first one she writes about her ALLEGED best friend Nicole Brown Simpson etc.

Hmm, best friend? According to the Brown’s;

“Even the intensity of her friendship with Nicole Simpson is in dispute. Mrs. Simpson’s father, who has called the book “T-R-A-S-H,” has said that Ms. Resnick “wasn’t that close” t, we knew all of Nicole’s friends,

NOTE: To be fair; who really wants to introduce your “coke friends” to your family? Those kind of friends, you know, you just hang around for them “special” kind of moments, you don’t shop with them or do stuff that best friends do together. 

We have never even met this Faye person claiming to be her best friend, who is she?”

Read more:

What was the “self-confessed alcohol and drug abuser”reason for writing the book?

“She said Resnick decided to publish the account “to vindicate her friend, to set the record straight.”

Read more here:

Faye's other book Click to see on Amazon

Faye’s other book Click to see on Amazon

In other interviews, Faye was quoted saying, “it was a self help book” or “to give D.V. violence the strength to come forward”

Sound Familiar?



Funny, Nicole’s family didn’t know about her “BFF” Faye, it looks like since Traylor Trash has been up Kyle’s ass; Traylor Trash has since re quoted things Fake Faye has said! 

SEE WHAT O.J.’s attorney, Kardashian  had to say about Faye:

While Faye admits that they were coke buddies; some how while partying all the time with Nicole, helping Nicole care for her kids…GOLD DIGGING and….

“Resnick details the night she claimed tequilas led to a lesbian encounter with Nicole:”At one point we were facing each other. Nic suddenly leaned over and started kissing me. My first reaction? It just felt so foreign. A woman was kissing me! . . . I thought, I don’t feel disgusted or upset, but can I really let myself enjoy this? Am I going to be uptight? Am I going to break away now? And then I thought, No, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to let my feelings lead me . . . see how it goes.”


Resnick writes that she told Nicole she had a premonition they would both be murdered, but Nicole told her that her perceptions were distorted by drug use.

Days before the slayings, Simpson enraged his ex-wife by threatening to report her for tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service, Resnick writes.

Resnick says Simpson explained that since Nicole made it clear she did not want to reconcile with him, he wanted her “to face all the pain she’s made me face.”

The threat, carried out in the form of a letter from Simpson’s lawyer the next day, marked a low point in their increasingly bitter relationship, Resnick writes.

“Please, let’s just get out of here. Let’s go to Europe,” Resnick recalls begging Nicole.

Nicole refused, saying Sydney’s dance recital was a week away, Resnick writes.

“Damn it, Nicole, you’ve always got some excuse. Your safety’s more important than going to the recital,” Resnick writes. ” . . . We’ve got to get out of here. We’re being followed.”

O.J. and Nicole had a showdown earlier on the night of the killings at Sydney’s dance recital, when Nicole objected to his presence, Resnick says.

Resnick quotes Nicole as saying, “I told him there was no way I could force him to leave, but I didn’t want him sitting with us . . . Nicole finally screamed: “F – – – off! Get away from us! Get out of my life! You’re not welcome in this family anymore!”

Resnick writes that Nicole told Simpson that night: “O.J., that IRS letter you sent me proved, like nothing else could, that you have no interest in your children.”

The author spent the night of the killings in a drug-treatment center

because of a cocaine problem. Resnick says she called Nicole at about 9 p.m. on June 12 – just hours before the slayings.

“Throughout the phone call, she sounded more happy, confident and upbeat than I’d ever heard her,” Resnick recalls. “But she was speaking of O.J. with a sense of finality, as if he really didn’t count any more.”

How credible is the drug-plagued Resnick?

Nicole’s friends say her credibility is in the toilet. They describe Resnick as a manipulative, self-promoting druggie who seduced a vulnerable

Nicole so she could cash in on her.”

Read more here:

This is a must read below; It’s the “secret to her success”

If you can’t read it below then read here: in GOOGLE BOOKS or just click the image!

Secret-to-Resnick's success

…having a “fling” with her new wealthy “BFF” Faye managed to journal their whole friendship..

Resnick wrote the book based on notes she kept during the last year of her friendship with Nicole Simpson, according to Vicky Preminger, a spokeswoman for the publisher.

Faye wrote a second book!



Faye-ATTEMPTED-to make-it-all-about-her

Faye-ATTEMPTED-to make-it-all-about-her

Faye claims this wasn’t for financial gain; in fact she planned to have the proceeds go in to a “trust” for Justin and Sydney

(Faye had said this in several interviews as well)




Remember how Faye said her “stepson” dated Adrienne Maloof’s brother? Wonder if that same stepson has the same opinion of Faye as the “step daughter” does;

“DRAGON STEPDAUGHTER? Jackie Resnick has nothing nice to say about her former stepmom. “She had long straight black hair and bangs and the red lipstick and the heavy makeup and her long nails,” Jackie says of their first meeting. “She looked the classic dragon lady that you would see in the cartoons . . . so that’s what we used to call her, the dragon lady.” THE ungracious Ms. Jackie tells “A Current Affair” that Faye wrote her bestselling Nicole bio for only one reason: “It was about money. She chose to make money off her dead best friend.”

Lots of people wrote books AFTER the O.J. trial

“THE O.J. OEUVRE * Christopher Darden’s In Contempt is the best-selling O.J. Simpson book to date at Barnes & Noble, according to figures released last week by the 431-bookstore chain. Through Feb. 15, the former Los Angeles prosecutor’s book sold 166,157 copies. No. 2? Simpson’s I Want to Tell You, which sold 92,496. The bottom three: Marc Eliot’s Kato Kaelin: The Whole Truth (13,783), Alan Dershowitz’s Reasonable Doubts (11,707), and Faye Resnick’s second Simpson offering, Shattered (8,240). Resnick’s first, Nicole Brown Simpson, sold 68,369 copies. Johnnie Cochran’s Journey to Justice sold 27,881 copies. The big mover since Feb. 15 has been Mark Fuhrman’s Murder in Brentwood, No. 1 on today’s New York Times best-seller list.

Note: That list I’m sure has at least doubled since; however, Faye WAS THE ONLY vulture to write a book before the trial!

Source :

Just when you think Faye couldn’t be more of a, “Morally Corrupted OPPORTUNIST and a Gold Digger; Faye claimed the proceeds of her book would go in a trust for  Nicole Brown Simpson’ s kids.. SO FAR THE CHECK ISN’T IN THE MAIL YET!

No check in mail


To this date; Sydney or Justin Simpson have yet to see a dime of the proceeds from FakeFaye.  Nor has any charity benefited; unless of course Charity Starts at home with Faye Resnick.

What do you think Faye’s excuse will be?

Trust of Faye


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