Oh snap! I got this comment from “This is theft” oddly enough, after I did this post, I decided to do one of my own. I will post my version just to prove a point.

As you can  my versions below this is not the same as S.H.’s

I was able to make Caroline more realistic in one, she’s not as thin as the ORIGINAL  (thanks BobbiNJ that was funny)

Caroline doesn’t have that growth on her face like the one S.H. does

Then I just played around for the hell of it.

Oh, I made Albie’s face younger. (Your Welcome Albie)

At least I credit people if I use their content. #justsaying 


 Remember Stoopidhousewives? She is the one who blocked many of us on twitter because, err I’m not really sure lol or what we did/were supposed to do b/c someone was copying something lol. My goodness gracious. So much has happened since then! I can’t remember what I had for breakfast last week! I can say that I sure do miss S.H. for some reason , this may be why!

She’s funny as hell.

Original Source: CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro Will Be Albie Manzo’s Mommy Forever!!!…I put the actual link and not just http://stoopidhousewives.com like some people do when giving a source and leave us to play the guessing game, like which article, how do I find it out of gazillions of articles on a site. And no, I will not remove the blue strip. I don’t steal others work.

@Stoopidhsewives, This is hilarious, my only question is:

Did someone Photoshop Caroline to look thin?


LMAO! That what you get Caroline MANzo

Ignore this!
I am trying this ping thing out. I want to see if you get pinged.

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  1. Love SH Site says:

    Thanks for giving SH credit. I don’t know what you are talking about when you say SH blocked you. From my experience, MS SH is a reasonable person and I bet you if you talked to her, you two could work it out. I really like your back ground picture of Shaunie O’Neil. I always thought she had a funny looking nose.
    That reminds me when I was child many moons ago and my Father would grab my nose with his index and middle finger, then say I got your nose. His thumb would be in the middle, I always thought he really did have my nose.

    • I always give credit, right thing to do. It takes a long time and practice.
      As far as trying to talk to “SH” not even going there.
      Thanks for ur compliments on the blog 🙂 !

  2. sweeetbea says:

    Amia this is hilarious!!

    I’m with you, I still don’t know why SH blocked so many of us. … oh well!

    • I know Bea, it’s so damn ridiculous. I got tired of the “whoever/assistant” answering DM’s. You would talk 2 her about something then follow up, then “whoever/assistant” would I guess answer and make you feel like your crazy and ask WTF you were talking about. I don’t miss that B.S.

  3. sweeetbea says:


  4. OMG! That is so damn funny! I can’t stop laughing

    • LOL OMG! DUH, u would think I knew that, these highlights are getting in my brain. Liking u more & more everyday Bobbi 🙂 I know, this is a funny picture, guess what, I’m almost done making one of our own, w/no strip in da middle. 🙂

  5. BobbiNJ says:

    They didn’t photoshop Caroline to make her thin. They put Caroline’s head on the body of the woman who was originally on the cover! LOL!

  6. Rachquel says:

    ROH get. Yur ass blogging STAT!!
    LOL AMIA THIS IS FUNNY! I bey you can fo this on your own 🙂

  7. c: says:

    Love this picture

  8. This is theft says:

    You just steal stuff from other sites and call it your own and make a blog.

  9. clickity click says:

    Omg I can’t stop laughing, this is so funny.

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