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After I updated this post and asked everyone to take a look at Competitive Much, The chirping Twit! How funny we both did a post about #WWHL I decided to tweet these to posts to @BravoTvRatings this was their reply:

Well smart asses, if you guys would do your polls the right way then it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place!

I do want everyone to know, this has nothing to do with Jacqueline winning the poll!  What is has to do with is people that either couldn’t post their votes OR wouldn’t let you vote for who YOU wanted to vote for!

See Below:

 Momma Hurley Comment

I follow and people follow me that are Team other than what I am on, doesn’t bother me, this has nothing to do with Teresa Losing, I hope in the future that Bravo Just KEEPS IT FAIR and the Gorga sisters STOP making everything a competition. See above or below link “Competitive Much” They aren’t helping Melissa at all. I was 100 % for Melissa last season matter in-fact!


Make sure you take the time to read Competitive Much, The chirping Twit! How funny we both did a post about #WWHL

All text that is Bold, Indented, Underlined and in a different COLOR is a link :)

I don’t know about you all, but I am tired of the manipulation from Bravo Tv!

Here are a few examples out of many that I can’t forget about and makes the word “scam” come to mind.

  • Bravo thinks we the viewers are STUPID! Just because they say it, we are to believe it (not, we know better)
  • Bravo advertised the viewers can have the chance to meet the H.W. (housewife tour) they take your/their (the person who paid) money, having viewers think you can ask any question you want, but when you get there, you find out they have already picked PRE SELECTED questions to ask that a host will ask, not the person who allegedly asked the question. Mind you, when they bought the tickets, they didn’t at any time submit any questions. A hA!
  • Bravo wants us to think the shows are really reality, nothing is scripted We know better, it’s not reality ever wonder the real reason why Tamra and Gretchen would fight in the first place? Even the Countless Lulu said it was scripted, it’s not a reality show, it’s a Docu-Drama. ( It was an interview she gave and I can’t remember for the life of me, it was on T.V.) LuLu also admitted on #WWHL that they messed up her intro line, ” I don’t feel guilty about being privileged” I don’t remember exactly what is was supposed to say, if anyone is a LuLu fan, please let me know. There are too many examples to list.
  • Bravo or Shed Media alters when someone says something and puts it in another scene. Perfect example: Jill Zarin calling Alex McCord an F’ing B *ch! No, it wasn’t right of Jill to call Alex that, but it also wasn’t right for ShedMedia or Bravo to make it look like she said it at a different time. Makes you wonder how often they do that. No, I am no fan of Jill, that should tell you something!
  • Bravo is still telling us they have interns that run the site and that’s why you don’t see your comments. There is so many things wrong with that lie statement if (or was) true. Makes me wonder when Jack-o said in her Novel, I mean blog about people writing in and using different names with same I.P., how she knows that, and who really is monitoring them comments! By the way, did Jac ever think that maybe people are room-mates or these people aren’t the only ones in their house hold who watch the show? Gotta love when people call critics people with no lives. With out them, they wouldn’t have a job. #justsaying
  • Bravo is tearing up a family for ratings (selfish and un excusable ) Did you notice how many How many #breakupsbybravo there is? Over 30 and counting..
  • THE SCAM #WWHL HAS WHEN CALLERS CALL IN, DO YOU REALLY GET TO ASK WHAT YOU WANT? You better read this if you think otherwise.
  • I still remember the time when Brandi Glanville was on WWHL, alledgedly a caller called in and asked Brandi a question. The question was petty and ridiculous, Brandi, the bold person she is, instead of answering, Brandi paused and asked the viewer where they were from or what their name was, can’t remember, BUT THERE WAS NO ONE ON THE LINE. Incase you missed the link above THE SCAM #WWHL HAS WHEN CALLERS CALL IN, DO YOU REALLY GET TO ASK WHAT YOU WANT? You better read this if you think otherwise.

My last one is the Bravo Polls! I smell bull shit! Again, I am not a fan of Jill Zarin, but you have got to give Jill credit for challenging the poll results. They were wrong! Sad that an attorney had to get involved. I know Jill is an idiot! but Andy needs to stop this shit. And stop asking stupid poll questions! It’s impossible to get an accurate poll when:

  1. If the person is on the #WWHL and one of the options on the poll, they can’t vote.
  2. You have people voting for their selves and you know that they have people voting for them multiple times as well.
  3. 20 some minutes isn’t enough time to get an accurate poll. East Coast/West Coast Does the West Coast even get to vote on the Poll? If so, it must air early there, like 7 pm or 8pm! It comes on 11pm Eastern Time /10 pm central. Some times it comes on earlier.
  4. You know people vote more than once, call me old fashion, but that’s not fair. One vote per person, in this case, one vote per computer.
  5. Half of us don’t catch #WWHL until it re-runs for the second time that night also.

So that is why I am putting up a poll!

I will go with the same question. Lately I have been Pro Tree, but this isn’t about Jacqueline or Teresa t’s about what I listed above. I will keep this up for 24 hours, I think we can get a more accurate vote. Don’t you?

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11 Responses to Oh Bravo

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  2. Fame WhoreGorga's says:

    Did you see the chirpinh twit did a post about the whoregas?

  3. Grammy8 says:

    So over Bravo. I wish Tre could get on Food Network or Lifetime or anything but Bravo. They don’t care about her or her family. Its all about money. I voted in that poll multiple times and was told multiple time that they didn’t recognize Teresa’s name. Really?
    Cannot imagine how a reunion will be. Poor Teresa.

    • MOMMAHURLEY says:

      I took a screen shot of my attempts at voting. 1 out of 7 times, my vote for Teresa Registered…the rest of the times I got a message that said, Sorry we do not recognize that name? Please try again. When I typed in jacqueline, it went through no problem. Also, I live on the west coast, and I never get my text to vote, until well after the show has aired, and the results have been announced on the East Coast Broadcast… it didn’t used to be this way. It started right after the poll about Should Caroline accept Teresa’s apology, went decidedly in Teresa’s direction and obviously surprised Andy! and the rest of Bravo. Their plan to get everyone against Teresa was not working… I think they made some changed to gain more mind altering control… A sip of Kool Aide anyone? Scary!

  4. Dox3jm says:

    Thanks for writing the truth. Bravo’s blogs are all fixed and that’s why people don’t trust them any more! Sad! Keep us updated. Good job!

  5. JSplash says:

    Great blog!! I posted my pictures of twitter, but a quick recap- I voted 5 times for Teresa and every single vote did not go through. I voted once for Jacqueline and it went through. (I voted for her once b/c I was really curious after my Teresa votes didn’t go through.) After I voted for Jacqueline I voted for Teresa a bunch more times, and surprise surprise they didn’t go through. It’s disgusting how rigged these polls are.

  6. aqua says:

    But what is Bravo’s purpose? Teresa is,without a doubt,their biggest star. What reason would they have to be so against Teresa to the point they would try to sway audiences to hate her, possibly hurting ratings? If Teresa leaves, what are the rest going to talk about, paint drying? Since their story lines and lives revolve around her.

    I just dont get it. You’d think they would be catering to the star of the show,not trash her.

  7. Heathan says:

    here did you hear andy cohen say skank tamra was a good house wife on wwhl

  8. Michale Salami says:

    I can’t see the poll 😦

  9. Q-Ball says:

    I believe that the polls are rigged.

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