Bravo Divorce Curse-#breakupsbybravo


Damn! I can’t stop updating this post.. We have another #breakupbybravo to to bring you.  This one is…

Marysol Patton and husband  Philippe Pautesta who wed on the series of Real Housewives of Miami. I hate to say this, but it’s not a good sign when a couple puts together a wedding for T.V.  Although I have  vague memory of the episode, the wedding was put together a bit fast, it looked like it was more for T.V. than them. Why is Else in this photo? Why do you think? 


I can’t believe I forgot about @BravoTv ‘s own Millionaire Matchmaker who was never married and called off her engagement  ( at age 48?)  to Fiance Andy Friedman

I present you with 

Andy Friedman and Patti Stanger

Let’s Ping Patti’s site(s) for  the hell of it and piss her off.  Oh wait, she has slaves “help” who manages her sites.

According to her her twitter profile  the site address is but when you click the page, it goes to 

According to her site, this is her new dating site is;  

On her sites, she has “Bravo’s” Millionaire Matchmaker”  Something tells me not everything is peachy. When you have someone who caters to only millionaires, oh wait, that’s right, half of the people who appear on MM are casted through Talent Agency’s, aren’t looking for dates, nor are they millionaires.  Patti claims that her real life clients she would never have of them on T.V. and her “real life clients” aren’t like the ones on T.V.! How much more fake can you get bravo tv? (: lol PING: : )

Don’t worry, Patti still has her yes that one, where she was asking a Million Dollars a year for advertising. 

For your viewing pleasure, here is a copy of her picture above before editing. (Kinda, made it in to a collage type photo) I never want to look at Patti Stank that long again. Hey, Ha Ha, the bottom left and right, don’t that look like Wacko Jac-o? (Not, Wacky Jacky, you know who you are)

It looks like Jac-o, I know 🙂 !

In Honor of Patti Stanger, I changed my avi 🙂 


Rumorville is Phaedra and Apollo, but for now;

The #breakupsbybravo just keep coming!

Added to our  Bravo Divorce/Break Up Curse is:

(not like this one should be a surprise)

Dr. Paul Nassif

& Adrienne Maloof



The #breakupsbybravo just keep coming!

Added to our  Bravo Divorce/Break Up Curse is:

Linda Erickson


Ebong Eka

Although these two weren’t married, they were a couple on the show and are no longer together since the show was cancelled. Congrats Bravo, another relationship you helped and were apart of ending!


The #breakupsbybravo just keep coming!

Added to our  Bravo Divorce/Break Up Curse is:

Sara Winchester 


Kurt  (whats’s his last name again ?)

Yes, Sarah was a “friend” of the show, but she has a BIO on and was technically still with her ex ? (boyfriend or fiance) when they filmed!                                                                                                                                                                        (as soon as I can find a picture of Kurt, I will add him in, or if one of  you can link me to one that would be AWESOME)

Congratulations Bravo on another relationship! 

Congratulations Bravo on another relationship #breakup! 


Added to our  Bravo Divorce/Break Up Curse is

Dana Wilkey & John Flynn


Kim Richards & Ken  Blumenfeld 

Dana & John



Another Bravo Divorce

Former Housewife of O.C.

Frank and Lynn Curtain


What do you think, does Bravo have the “Divorce Reality Curse” ?

If you know of any more from ANY BRAVO SHOW that a person participated in, such as Top Design, First Class all the way, Project Runway, any show will do, please let me know if there is one to add.

For your viewing pleasure, this is listed in different formats.

(Click 30 Images in Gallery Below)

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Bravo Divorce R.H.N.Y.

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11 Responses to Bravo Divorce Curse-#breakupsbybravo

  1. J40 says:

    I didn’t realize this many couples divorced that were on a Bravo show. I think it’s a damn curse lol.

  2. Kristen says:

    I can’t believe all them housewives got a divorce.
    I see Betheny and Alexis next.

  3. Pingback: Dana’s Un-Botoxed Forehead. | Photo Shopped

  4. Bubba JAX says:

    The whole damn cast of D.C. Got a divorce lol dumb asses! Cat is knocked up by some guy with money, now CAT is going to leave her kids in the U.K. the baby daddy is not going to let Cat take them to live in another damn country. Cat is acting like she belongs on GIRLS GONE WILD TO TEEN MOM .

  5. Bubba JAX says:

    All of D.C . is divorced, what a shame they let the fame get to them.

  6. Bubba JAX says:

    What a shame all of DC is divorced , don’t get me started on why lol .

  7. Pet Lover says:

    My comment didnt post.

  8. Tired of this says:

    I forgot that Whitey and Bobby had their show on Bravo. What was the name of the first show Jonathan starred in?

  9. Hi colleagues, its enormous post on the topic of teachingand fully defined, keep it up all the time.

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